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The Minotaur Free download ´ 108 Ú As soon as Kerstin Kvist arrives at remote ivy covered Lydstep Old Hall in Essex she feels like a character in a gothic novel A young nurse fresh out of school Kerstin has been hired for a position with the Cosway family residents of the Hall for generations She is soon introduced to her “charge” John Cosway aD by his mother and sisters as part of the madness that runs in the familyWeeks go by at Lydstep with little to mark the passage of time beyond John’s daily walks and the amusingly provincial happenings that engross the Cosway women and Kerstin occupies her many free hours at the Hall reading or making entries into her diary Meanwhile bitter wrangling among Julia Cosway and her. I wonder if Tana French has read Barbara Vine This is the second standalone written under Ruth Rendell’s penname that I have read and I think there are similarities between French and Vine novels in pacing and style; particularly in the emphasis of character development over plot developmentI really enjoyed the slow burn of the story It is a modern Gothic novel with the Swedish narrator Kerstin looking back upon her time as a nurse companion in the 1960s to an English family who lives in the big house in a small village From the first chapter the reader knows that something awful happened during Kerstin’s time working for the upper class but down on their heels Cosways family who live in a crumbling mansion Lydstep Old Hall I thought the foreshadowing was done well because I was never annoyed by it as I so often am in other books The reveal is very slow but I knew the answers would come in due time

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Four grown daughters becomes increasingly evident But this is just the most obvious of the tensions that charge the old remote estate with its sealed rooms full of mystery Soon Kerstin will find herself in possession of knowledge she will wish she’d never attained secrets that will propel the occupants of Lydstep Old Hall headlong into sexual obsession betrayal and finally murde. This is my new favorite Barbara Vine novel and she's my new favorite mysterythrillercreepy situation author I listened to this one in the car and it was read by a woman who did a lovely Swedish accent but also did terrific yet subtle voices for the rest of the characters It's a story that reveals early in the book that there was a situation a bad situation though you don't know exactly what it is and when it's going to happen And when it finally does it's even worse than you'd imagined Which is great for the reader It's a uiet book with not much action but it's a page turner or an IPod player nonetheless

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The MinotaurAs soon as Kerstin Kvist arrives at remote ivy covered Lydstep Old Hall in Essex she feels like a character in a gothic novel A young nurse fresh out of school Kerstin has been hired for a position with the Cosway family residents of the Hall for generations She is soon introduced to her “charge” John Cosway a thirty nine year old man whose strange behavior is vaguely explaine. I really had no idea what to read first in 2015 I actually felt like I had the reader's euivalent of writer's block especially when reading others' blog posts and tweets about how the first book of the year should be some significant symbolic choice that would set the tone for the year to come I eventually chose The Minotaur almost randomly while reorganising books on my Kindle feeling it would strike some balance between the 'light' sort of stuff I actually felt like reading and my vague aim to read a greater range of books those published prior to the last couple of years those written by authors I haven't read before In any case I ended up finishing Poor Souls' Light first even though I started it after this oneThe story begins with Kerstin the narrator bumping into an old acuaintance while on holiday This is Ella Cosway a member of the formidable family Kerstin came to know in the 1960s when aged 24 recently arrived in the UK from Sweden and newly ualified as a nurse she spent a year working as carer to Ella's brother John After this introduction the majority of the book is told as a flashback to that time albeit always from the perspective of Kerstin's present day self which results in a lot of foreshadowing a lot of 'of course I couldn't have known then' sort of stuffThe Cosway family consists of matriarch Julia usually referred to simply as Mrs Cosway four middle aged daughters three of whom Ida Winifred and Ella live at home and John The latter Kerstin's 'charge' is vaguely defined as 'mentally ill' and sometimes referred to by the family as schizophrenic The other daughter Zorah is a wealthy widow who occasionally descends on the family home Lydstep Old Hall to hold parties and bestow expensive gifts With John's care dominated by Mrs Cosway Kerstin finds herself acting as of a live in companion to the sisters observing their life in the village of Windrose The place and its inhabitants seem perpetually suspended in a much earlier time with everything revolving around the church village gossip and the excitement among unmarried women whenever a new man turns up it's all much Jane Austen than swinging sixties In the midst of this Kerstin is a fish out of water in ways than oneKerstin reminded me so much of someone I used to know even the specifics of many of her conversational asides and the things that interested her about other people that she almost instantly came to life for me and remained a strong vivid very real presence throughout the story How much of this was down to Vine's characterisation and how much was due to me making that personal connection I'm not sure Once the comparison was in my head I found it difficult to detach my perception of Kerstin from existing ideas about the person I couldn't help imagining her to be The Minotaur may be widely described as a gothic thriller suspensemystery etc but readers expecting it to have the pace typical to the modern incarnations of those genres might find it a letdown The story does gradually build to a catastrophic event which is clearly signposted from the beginning and it's full of references to gothic novels and sinister symbols but the bulk of the book involves Kerstin simply observing the Cosways' lives and their family politics The slow burn made it fascinating to me and I actually really enjoyed reading about the family but I can totally understand why some other reviewers have dismissed it as boring the narrative can be repetitive and occasionally lapses into dullness sometimes feeling as if it's been deliberately stretched out to fulfil a reuired word count Kerstin repeats and repeats again her observations on members of the Cosway family; some of these facts Winifred wears too much makeup Ella has dirty nails are stated so many times that they feel burned into my memory However I'm not sure whether this is a deliberately engineered feature of Kerstin's character than padding to make the story longer The fact that she lacks the obvious eccentricity of the Cosways doesn't mean she is beyond reproach and she sometimes comes off as uite pettySlow moving it may be but I found The Minotaur absorbing As a portrait of a 'dysfunctional' family it's as carefully detailed as an intricately embroidered tapestry A dramatic finale wasn't even necessary for my enjoyment of the book to be complete so when it did come I was relieved to find it didn't disturb the euilibrium of the rest of the narrative Not for everyone I wouldn't recommend it universally but this was a good book to start the year off for me