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text ✓ The Book of Negroes Ï Lawrence Hill S South Carolina Years later she forges her way to freedom and registers her name in the Book of Negroes a historic ledger allowing 3000 Black Loyalists passage on ships sailing from Manhattan to Nova Scotia This spellbinding epic transports the reader from an African village to a plantation in the southern Un Abducted by slave traders as a young child Aminata is a survivor She is taken so far from home that her ultimate vow is to get back This is her powerful story that will make you laugh tear and jump for joy all at the same time Powerful Moving Memorable The Book of Negroes will stay with you long after you have read itI couldn't put this one down I know it seems like such a daunting read and the font is tiny but trust me you'll fly through this There are times it's heart breaking so I had to pause and not read it for a day but I couldn't wait to get back to it The characters are so vivid and so real The amount of research that was put into motion is clearly evident when you're reading her harrowing journey You can't help but feel like you went on this journey with her The story is one of survival and also one where our main character can't call anywhere else home Aminata is one character to admire that's a fact I'd give this a billion stars if I could Such an excellent book I cried tears of sadness and joy all at the same time Now I can finish watching the rest of the TV show adaptation The writing is excellent and the story and the characters and just everything about it screams classic RATING 55UOTES“I prayed that this was a dream but the dream would not relent” 33“That I decided was what it meant to be a slave your past didn't matter; in the present you were invisible and you had no claim on the future” 215“I knew that it would be called United States But I refused to speak that name There was nothing united about a nation that said all men were created eual but that kept my people in chains” 349“It's about than land It's about freedom Negroes want to make our own lives” 411“I had learned that there were times when fighting was impossible when the best thing to do was to wait and to learn” 424“They did not attempt to enslave us but nor did they set us free” 433“Sometimes a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all” 461“Who was to blame for all this evil and who had started it” 473

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The Book of Negroes epub Ú Mass Market Paperback ¶ lawrence hill ¶ ACE for 9781443408981When Aminata Diallo sits down to pen the story of her life in London England at the dawn of the 19th century she has a wealth of experience behind her Abducted at the age of eleven from her village in West Africa and f Ited States from a soured refuge in Nova Scotia to the coast of Sierra Leone in a back to Africa odyssey of 1200 former slaves In The Book of Negroes Lawrence Hill transforms the neglected corners of history into a brilliantly imagined novel already a Canadian classic that has been embraced throughout the worl My expectations were set really high for this one It sat proudly at the top of my to read pile with an imposing 440 average across close to 1400 ratingsNow I'm not one of those dinks who look to read popular novels see Da Vinci Code pinheads just so they can turn their haughty noses up on them and knock down averages but I'm afraid my rating will knock this average down just a notch Not because I'm a pinhead but becauseThe Book of Negroes lacks what I need in a novelTime and again when I read these types of novels I can't help but hold them up to the bars that were raised by Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance or Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns Particularly A Fine Balance That novel tore my heart apart Mistry had developed those characters so well that with every turmoil or setback they came up against I hurt with them I rooted for themI damn near cried for themThe slave trade is one of the truly dark stains on our history All of those wasted lives and families torn apart forever How could this story of a girl sold into slavery and sent halfway around the world be anything but tragicWhile I felt for everything she had gone through and felt for her losses the betrayals I didn't feel a whole lot for herThe Book of Negroes reads like an autobiography but this is a novel I need novels to be rich in character development to engage me enough to care not only what is going on with them but to care about them as if I know them There are rare exceptions to my rule Brian Lumley's Necroscope series for one and hey if you're the type of person who will read everything from Book of Negroes to Necroscope well you are a kindred spirit to yours truly Anyways but by and large strong characters are IT for me and I found Hill to be somewhat lacking in this skill There are some authors out there Stephen King is one John Irving is anotherwho can paint a vivid picture of a character with the subtlest of details or uirks in the space of one paragraph that will stick with you through the entire story I found through this story Aminata relays these terrible things that are happening to her and I felt like nothing than a bystander albeit feeling sadness that these types of things really happened much in the way I felt it when I learned about this in history class I also found his prose to be just a little too simpleAnyways I'm rambling here and or less repeating myself Bottom line I liked the story I had hit a point with about 100 pages to go where I was anxious to move on to something else but I stuck with it and I'm glad I didHill did touch me emotionally with the last few pages so don't think that I didn't feel anything at all for Aminata I just didn't feel it a whole lot through most of the story There I go repeating myself againOkay Good story Thinly developed characters Recommended for those interested in this point in history And there were parts to the story where the plight of her people really hit me Oh yeah and I loved reading about what New York City was like in the late 1700s Follow Broadway to the woods That's rich

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The Book of NegroesACE for 9781443408981When Aminata Diallo sits down to pen the story of her life in London England at the dawn of the 19th century she has a wealth of experience behind her Abducted at the age of eleven from her village in West Africa and forced to walk for months to the sea Aminata is sent to live as a slave i UPDATE 199 Kindle special today It's soooooooo GOOD Lisi my best friend since Jr High School Thank you for last week end NOTE If you have received your mail I have started this book which you told me I MUST MUST read I started it this morning WOWI'm hooked already WONDERFUL just as you said Thanks Ilyce luv ya'Hi to Ken' WOW I could not stop thinking about this story even when I wasn't reading it I'll be thinking about this book for a long timeThe Book of Negroes is a real historical document which lists names of slaves who chose to leave the United States to go to Canada had to be frighteningThis book is packed filled with history and struggles for survival Slave trades my God what a journey you're taken on by excellent writing of the author Lawrence HillThe storytelling is TOP UALITY absorbing page after page Amazing characters indomitable heroine times places human suffering and eventual freedomIts a long thick fat paper back book but I enjoyed reading EVERY WORD I 'couldn't skip over anything Very impressive epic novel Cheers to Lawrence Hill