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DOWNLOAD Relic By Douglas Preston 108 ¼ Just days before a massive exhibition opens at the popular New York Museum of Natural History visitors are being savagely murdered in the museum's dark hallways and secret rooms Autopsies indicate that the killer cannot be humanBut the museum's directors plan to go ahead with a big bash to celebrate the new exhibiXhibition in spite of the murdersMuseum researcher Margo Green must find out who or what is doing the killing But can she do it in time to stop the massacr. Relic is the first book in the Pendergast series co written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child I'd heard of the books and knew they were highly recommended but I never dove into them Recently a blogger friend suggested I give the series a chance thanks Mae so I ordered Relic from the library and read this 1995 hit Now I need to watch the movie although I hear they dropped a key character What This first book combines a bit of supernaturalevolution with science thriller and suspense fiction and I'm glad I took the chance on it Let's dive into a few detailsRelic starts out with a mysterious jungle scene Some objects have been stolen from a local tribe A few team members are missing We learn they're from NYC's Museum of Natural History and they're trying to get back home with this amazing find Fast forward a bit it seems everyone from the trip has died in the last few years Now in present time the crates from their expedition finally arrive at the museum and a new exhibit will open with some of the objects That's when the murders start happening again and the creature killing people has strange claws for a modern beast Is it human Is it an animal Is it the end of the worldWe follow 4 or 5 key museum employees trying to figure out all the connections then the FBI agent Pendergast comes in And he's uite a hoot What a great personality Loved him but he needs to be even over the top I am curious how he evolves in future books I'm so glad he has a chance to battle the other FBI agent Coffey a painfully awful but well written character I also found myself thrilled by the setting A majority of the book takes place over a week in the museum While learning about history and many of the other artifacts we also learn about how the building was remodeled and connects underground Very cool stuffI enjoy that the books were co written It felt seamless to me I liked many of the characters and the chase murder scenes You have to suspend a little disbelief at the creature's birth process for coming to life but that's the fun aspect Rather than a straightforward thriller there is an evolutionary fear happening and if there's a monster that might have some supernatural capabilities I'm all for it I am really psyched for how the book ended Although the plot is resolved for how it all came together a nice little monkey wrench was thrown in setting up book two the subplot might be even important than the first one I can't tell if the hint at the end will turn the entire book upside down or just give us another intense mysteryLooking forward to reading seeing if I am fond of the series the writing the style or all of it Based on other input it keeps getting better will be back again soon with #2

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Lways and secret rooms Autopsies indicate that the killer cannot be humanBut the museum's directors plan to go ahead with a big bash to celebrate the new e. This is another book series of books I was introduced to by my late wife we were married 34 years before she passed so there were uite a few books we ended up sharing sometimes to the surprise of each of us I introduced her to things like epic fantasy she introed me to things like well PrestonChild or Koontz I am surprised not only that I liked it them but that I decided to give it 4 stars This is a surprisingly absorbing read and the Pendergast character while he could have ended up a caricature works very well You come to know him and like him even if it would be a lot like being friends with SupermanThis book can be enjoyed on several different levels and you can think about it or not pretty much as the mood hits youSo no spoilers a threat from the jungle invades the museum It turns out to be than what we might first think of as a threat from the natural world at least the natural world we're familiar with This is a bit of a genre bending title and comes closest to a cross between horror and urban fantasy I suppose the closest comparison I might make would be with the repairman Jack books Of course Jack is a somewhat believable human than Pendergast who seems to be a master of all disciplines eastern and western and tough enough to make the incredible Hulk pale green if he happened to know what he was up against in the tall painfully thin Special Agent in unrelieved blackLots of fun lots of action pure brain candy Pretty good book Enjoy

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Relic By Douglas PrestJust days before a massive exhibition opens at the popular New York Museum of Natural History visitors are being savagely murdered in the museum's dark hal. Sometimes I really want a hot dogI don’t care that it’s filled with crunchy bits of pig hoofs or that it’s encased in a horse’s transverse colon or even that it will provide enough sodium to last me for the next 75 years I just want to bite into that thick juicy tube o’ meat and let the uniuely succulent flavor of indulgence course through my veins even as it drips greasy trails of superfluous yumminess down my chin That’s kind of how I feel about thrillers I don’t read them all the time but every once in a while the mood strikes and I just want—nay NEED—one It doesn’t matter that it may be full of clunky expository dialogue or stock characters or logic defying plot twists; as long as it’s taut and tense and keeps the pages turning I want it in my literary gullet And boy did I treat Messrs Preston and Child like a hearty Oscar Mayer Selects Smoked Uncured Angus Beef Frank vis à vis insertion into said gullet I charred them to perfection slathered them with ketchup and just about swallowed them wholeRelic was exactly what I was in the mood for a dark and mysterious page turning thriller one set IN A MUSEUM no less I’m hard pressed to think of a perfect setting—one that incorporated history and myth in eual measure and one due to the date of its publication that didn’t rely TOO much on new fangled technology to play deus ex machina with one notable exception that I shan’t spoil This is the kind of thriller I especially like—there are nods to character development even if they don’t necessarily go anywhere and the central investigative figure—FBI Agent Pendergast—is both entertaining and compelling a fastidious Holmes archetype with a southern drawl and just the tiniest bit of menace It was creepy it was engrossing it was set IN A MUSEUM did I mention that Because that really was a stroke of geniusrooms full of dusty old relics access to a warren of tunnels underneath New York City a gathering place for super smart academic types well suited to chasing down clues of both a historical and scientific naturebrilliantit was in short a worthy read and I will undoubtedly check out Mr Pendergast and company’s next adventure Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go wash the fetid goat stink out of my clothes because there’s a lot of that going on in this story And it’s kind of gross But an effective descriptive device