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Heaven author V.C. Andrews review ã 3 Ö Of all the folks in the mountain shacks the Casteels were the lowest the scum of the hills Heaven Leigh Casteel was the prettiest smartest girl in the backwoods despite her ragged clothes and dirty facedespite a father meaner than ten vipersdespite her weary stepmother who worked her like a mule For her Meaner than ten vipersdespite her weary stepmother who worked her like a mule For her brother Tom and the little ones Heaven clung to her pride and her hopes Someday they'd get away and show the world that they were dec. I've often not been a big fan of VC Andrews books due to their incestuous subject matter although the writing has always been poetically gothic and beautiful and I admire Andrews herself as an author who's led such an interesting life I'm unsure if this is actually one of her works or her ghostwriter's but Heaven in many ways mimics the eerily uaint innocent writing style of Andrews' Dollanganger series although its main character is a lot human I personally found and easier to relate to and the setting stands out as much less polished and realistic Heaven does once again deal with disturbing subject matter child abuse family dysfunction poverty and rampant greed but through it all main character Heaven's resilience as she struggles to protect herself and her siblings living with her redneck father in the mountains it makes for a very admirable character who does what she has to do to survive although much of it is traumatic and upsetting Heaven wants a better life and like Cathy and Christopher of Andrews' Flowers in the Attic she's determined to find it While this book seems to in many ways copy the formula of Flowers in the Attic with its gothic abuse and cruel parent figures Heaven is one I'd recommend for readers who weren't as charmed with the glamour and wealth of the Dollanganger series who might be looking for a down to earth scenario The themes may bother some readers and I also found them a bit off putting but the character development and vocabulary made up for it in spadesAs a side note I love this hardcover edition from the 1980's released in Britain with a cloud stencil and pretty coloured stars all over it It really gives off a retro aesthetic

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Of all the folks in the mountain shacks the Casteels were the lowest the scum of the hills Heaven Leigh Casteel was the prettiest smartest girl in the backwoods despite her ragged clothes and dirty facedespite a father. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest The Casteel series was the last of the family sagas that VC Andrews had a hand in before she died and her ghostwriter took over It's impossible not to compare it to the Dollanganger series especially since both approximate what you'd get if you decided to adapt a bodice ripper for the not so discerning young adult audience On a scale of one to trash this ranks a solid Bertrice Small the writing is just as melodramatic and Andrews regularly and predictably makes out parental figures to be abusive the same way that Small could be counted on to make all of her villains libertines and deviantsHEAVEN is about a young girl named Heaven Leigh get it Casteel She lives in the hills cramped in a small shed with her four other siblings grandparents father and stepmother She is the only child from her father's first marriage; her mother died in childbirth and her father kept her on a pedestal in his mind No other woman can match up not even his daughters or his new wife so he mostly ignores his children abuses his wife and is a regular attendee of the local den of ill repute despite the fact that they're all starvingHeaven catches the eye of a rich boy because of her beauty and this is a trope of Andrews's too there's always a soft and sensitive boy hero figure to whisk the heroine away from her wretched life until he proves to be just as disturbing as everyone else only better at hiding it Logan doesn't have a chance to show off any true colors he might have though as Heaven's father gets an STD and kind of loses it after his wife has a deformed stillborn child; he gets the brilliant idea that the solution to their money problems is to sell off his children for 500ea to local rich people in the areaHeaven gets sent off to live with a woman named Kitty but her nickname could be Mommie Dearest She lives in a house filled with creepy ceramic animals and everything is pink She has violent mood swings and living in Casa de Crazy you could find yourself having your hair lovingly combed out one minute only to be thrown into a scalding hot Lysol bath the next note pretty sure this Lysol name drop in the book was #notsponsored Her only solace in this house is Kitty's young husband Cal but his feelings towards Heaven as you would expect aren't exactly pureHEAVEN was a good book and by a good book I mean it told a good story even though the writing was arguably not good It reminded me a lot of the stories I used to read on FictionPress back in the day with its long laundry list of soap opera plot devices and the fact that virtually every character in this book except for the good ones were villains I hated Kitty and I also hated Heaven's siblings especially Fanny and Our Jane Tom was also creepy and he and Heaven definitely had a Flowers in the Attic vibe going on and I'm worried about what might happen with their relationship in the next book Logan will be back I'm sure but whether he stays nice and heroic is anyone's guessIf you're into bodice rippers and vintage sleaze I really can't urge you strongly enough to pick up VC Andrews's books There is nothing uite like them and you can take

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Heaven author V.C. AndreEnt fine and talented worthy of love and respect Then Heaven's stepmother ran off and her wicked greedy father had a scheme a vicious scheme that threatened to destroy the precious dream of Heaven and the children forev. Her stories might seem sensational even trashy but at least V Andrews was talking about the ugly This and Andrews other books made my ugly feel less lonely it kept me company at night when my ugly was creeping outside my bedroom door demanding a sandwich from his cooperative wife before he moved on to complete his nights work In an era when the misery memoir was not so present before child line and the wider acceptance of abuse in the home she unconsciously kept a lot of abuse victims company when no one else wanted to know Weird thing but when I started facing up to my past ugly I gave all her books away now I want them backNow studying literature I am wondering about her place among writers Is it really trashy Or is it highlighting the long history of oppression and abuse of women It plays on real fears the book was written years ago but we still live in a world where it is still not as safe for a female to walk down the same street alone at night as it for a male Heaven is a good character there is something about her that makes her strong appealing and memorable As a witness to the ugly with a family that belongs Jerry Springer show or a soap I refuse to be ashamed for having V C Andrews entire collection in my literary past and I thank her for being there