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mobi Ô Firebolt The Dragonian #1 Paperback Ô adrienne woods Ô Dragons Right Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no differentUntil the night a fairy tale killed her fatherNow Elena’s in a new world and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon a PE only way Elena’s going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her ownTeenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales Now it’s time for Elena to believe – in herse I received this book from author on behalf of Reading Addiction Blog Tours for an honest review Firebolt was a fantastic read that kept enraptured me from start to finishElena grows up thinking that dragons and magic only exist in fairy tales And boy is she so in for a wake up call After being attacked by dragons Elena learns four things 1 Dragons are real and murdered her father2 Her father himself was a dragon shifter a Copper variety to be exact3 She is now an orphan her mother left her and her father when she was young4 And that everything she once knew is about to change She is then whisked away to a world where there is a school for people of her kind and normal people are not permitted What? is her kind you may ask? Well she is NOT a dragon She is a Dragonian a rider of DragonsAt this school promptly named Dragonia Academy she meets a colorful array of individuals ranging from other Dragonians like herself and other students who can actually change into dragons The students who have the ability to transform can range from different kinds of dragon breeds and powers Whereas Dragonians harness themselves in learning their roots harnessing their abilities and taking up self defense classesWhat made this story work for me was the support of Becky and Sammy Elena's now besties and Lucian her swoonworthy and now steady boyfriend; and lastly campus bad boy Blake In my eyes Becky and Sammy are the kind of friends you want They are loyal and will stick with you through thick and thin As for Lucian the Prince well nuff said He was literally Prince Charming in the flesh So perfect and understanding Last but not least Blake the moodytempermentaland always PMSing playboy of the bunch Gosh he was so darn hot I'm not so secretly hoping that Elena is his Dragonian as it is supposed that his was killed many years before That will be uite the tryst as same sex dragon and Dragonian bonds tend to be like a buddy or brothersister situations aka BrotherSister Hood whereas opposite sex matchups are partners for life aka lovers Would be uite the scandal don't you think? lolAnyways a lovely lovely read So vivid and imaginative I already can't wait for book 2 but I can already forsee some love triangles and heartbreak for the future It's gonna be good I just don't want poor Lucian too get hurt; he's such a sweetheart But I really really crave for Elena and Blake for the finish Hmmmwe'll just have to seePS Why couldn't Tabitha die and not Brian? Just a thought ; She's such an annoying slore slutwhre

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Dragons Right Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no differentUntil the night a fairy tale killed her fatherNow Elena’s I liked itThe story is entertaining It has some elements that reminisce of Harry Potter although in no way this book is close to that level and the 1986 movie Labyrinth which incidentally I loved as a child The story did get my attention so I intent to keep reading this series There is a lack of character development as well as relationship developments The way the friendships go here is not satisfactory or complete enough Things just seem to be with no built up I believe time should have been dedicated to making these relationships really work and I hope that the second book expands on that The romance is a joke The relationship between Lucien and Elena is instant love I don't know how that happened or why her feelings turned so deep all of a sudden when we haven't seen any depth between the two of them whatsoever Romance is an important part on books for me so much so that I don't usually read YA or UF Fantasy books if they don't have romance in them This book might as well have no romance at all based on its utter lack of fulfillment and elaboration To me it seemed forced and artificial not to say completely unbelievable Besides I have to say that I much would have rather have the romance be between Elena and the brooding but mysterious Blake than between Elena and the loyal predictable and boring Lucien We´ll see how this goes in the second installment Wrapping up the story is entertaining but lacking in personal and interpersonal unfolding Starlight The Dragonian #5

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Firebolt The Dragonian #1In a new world and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon a Prince wants Elena’s heart and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her Oh And th 45 lovely starsThis book really got my attention made me focus on it though I don't have much time these days due to exams allA very detailed story makes you feel as if you're living every incident in the heroine's day getting to know her well the people she intetacts with The writing is not that great at first you get used to it though as the story flowsThings started out with Elena as a bit childish girl she would tear up at anything doubts herself constantly but as you go deeper into the story you could see her grow up infront of your mind's eye Her character really matures she starts to be confident of her self her intellectI really liked the world building at first I thought it messy but as things start to unravel I realised the author has really given alot of time to build her world right to process the history the people of Paegeia in such a detailed manner then she wrote them to us in such a natural way that gives you information with each chapter slowly builds the story world in your mind I really like Elena Lucien Becky Sam Blake I'm for sure going to pursue this series as long as it's this interesting