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BarabbasN the hill of Golgotha Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god Christos Iesus is carved on the disk. Barabbas is the guy who was acuitted in Christ's place and so the only person Christ literally died for And so perhaps he might invite a parable for the whole Christian world Personally I can't see this book as a parable though Personally I think the story is called Barabbas because author talking about humanity in general needs a person around whom story could pivot the word always reminds me of Ross around and Barabbas happened to be a good choice Since he is living because Jesus died for him he has a very direct connection with him he is closer to Christ than anybody else and can't get him out of his mind But this connection exists only in blind side He hasn't talked with same and has seen him only in the last moments when he was being humiliated and suffering miserably for having spread the message of love Plus Barabbas himself has a past filled with hatred his father was a bandit his mother gave him birth cursing the world Jesus was to bless his own brother tried to kill him and he is himself a bandit Naturally he finds the idea of 'loving one another' lunatic And thus even miracles he comes across aren't enough for him to believe in a messiah he doesn't understandAs I said Barabbas is only a pivot thoigh the story is just as much about characters around him Despite being the Son of God Jesus doesn't seem to have bother considering much as to who shall have the luck of being in his divine presence during his tour de Earth; asking total strangers to his scriptures to follow him and so on there is hardly anything to suggest they deserve it Just think some Roman soldier must have got the chance to nail Christ divine hand to cross and we don't know the name of notorious fellow This seems a common problem with other Abrahamic messiahs too God decided to put Mohammad in a desert too Mosses was an exception being born in a royal family of one of best civilizations of his time but he uickly corrected it by taking his folks to deserts Anyways the point being that like Barabbas the early Christian folks seem to be mere everymen lacking any charisma whatsoever So what chance than did the followers had of understanding the divine message Christ's 'love each other' is a riddle to people living in times when physical violence is common slavery is exercised people enjoying torturing victims whether it be crucifixion or stoning It is so far beyond everybody's head that understanding is not the way to it All that is left despite miracles and all is faith Such are troubles for Barabbas in his path to believe for he wants to believeBefore he was acuitted he had to live for days in dark prison with nothing but the idea of a painful and humiliating death to look forward Now that he is free he has that awareness of inadeuacy of powerlessness of a human and his short life Like Lazarus whom too Jeses saved the 'saving' hasn't restored him to what he was before There is this craving in him to believe in something And unlike many of us modern folks he doesn't have any alternatives in forms of the philosophical system nor is he gifted in any art forms or has a family to support And so like a star crossed lover he keeps in turns refusing and returning to Christ While there are miracles in the book they only serve to raise uestions Christians are constantly persecuted but that doesn't The book has one foot each both in boats of belief and lack of same and it manages to balance brilliantly

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Barabbas is the acuitted; the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth crucified upo. 455It amuses me sometimes the way people judge books They'll ban them for epithets they'll ban them for sex they'll ban them for witchcraft More often than not they'll ban them for raising uncomfortable uestions in the minds of children who have not yet been conditioned to follow the proper path Ignore and if you cannot ignore condemn until you can and if you cannot condemn until you can Eradicate You could ban this book for any of those reasons much as you could ban the Bible Either one poses much danger than most literature deemed unsafe For one has resulted in millenia of misguided atrocities and the other is well A glimpse of the New Testament's birth before all the context before all the history before all the rules Of what could have resulted without itThe New York Times and Time Magazine both referred to it as a parable I really have to wonder how seriously they took it It's true that it's not that long and has religious underpinnings The 'conveying a truth religious principle moral lesson or meaning' part though To put it succinctly in comparison to this 'parable' nihilism seems vastly definitive even encouraging At least the latter has an end goalI will admit to bias seeing how I was raised Catholic without once grasping the concept behind it all The uestion has always fascinated me though The meaning of existence And what a broad field it is Sophisticated existentialism misinformed agnosticism misinterpreted atheism The hydra of faith It's all very fascinating really To see what extensive lengths humanity has gone to in its attempt to reconcile the matter of its wandering in the world All the shields it has built up between it and the dark If this book doesn't make you uestion whatever shield you have chosen I would be worried It doesn't matter that this is framed within the context of one of many religions It is a human story subject to the facts of life the whims of fate and the maelstrom of the mind Ultimately it is cruel and strange and will not divulge its secrets for the truth is that it has no secrets to divulge What it has is a chain of events that could mean one thing or another unless perhaps you missed a lesson here or heard something incorrectly there and maybe that person really wasn't the right one you should have listened to or it was that one happenstance that really messed things up and if it wasn't for that one specific moment in time you'd know exactly what you were supposed to do and how things were going to happen and what it all meantChitterings in the voidYou know what go ahead and think that this is a parable Settle on some kind of conclusion at least and get it out of your head It's not conducive to living this kind of talk Banning is a bit much but temperance Yes Temperance is a must

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Barabbas Read & Download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Barabbas is the acuitted; the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth crucified upon the hill of Golgotha Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god Christos Iesus is carved on the disk suspended from his neck but he cannot affirm his faith He cannot pray He canSuspended from his neck but he cannot affirm his faith He cannot pray He can only say I want to belie. Barabbas is a poor wretch You have to feel sorry for him for through no will or desire or intention of his own he finds himself in the center of one of the most momentous events in human history his life is spared and Jesus is crucified but this resurrection of Barabbas only makes his life difficult as he's unprepared to process all the metaphysical implications of the event He's actually constitutionally incapable of understanding metaphysics; all he understands is life and the fact of death he prefers to live because he fears death but suddenly he's thrust into a social web of metaphysicalreligious subtleties that he simply can not understand yet he must deal with because there's no way for him to avoid it he can't just slip back into his previous life There's nothing mature or sophisticated about Barabbas's viewpoints He's not an atheist exactly since to be an atheist reuires some struggling with God issues He's just a man who has a simple small materialist vision of life; and a simple basic fear of death The course of his life after being spared brings him into contact with believers but he can not believe Yet because he happened to be present at certain events in Jesus's life he ends up fortifying the faith of others who didn't see these things firsthand Barabbas seems to slightly alter his stories to please who's listening This may be a commentary on the foolishness of people who's faith is strengthened by anecdotal evidence alone but it also demonstrates the power of pure faith regardless of the basis for it This is one of the major themes of this book faith versus lack of faith and how one or the other affects an individual's relationship with death There's no real stand on the veracity of Jesus as the Son of God or the claims of his followers It's the story of a poor wretch who finds himself in a world that is suddenly beyond his understandingLagerkvist's spare and simple prose is the perfect medium for this subject matter There is nothing extraneous in the text and this starkness throws all that's written into a clear desert like light that easily passes through the bookmind membrane with very little distortion so to stimulate the maximum amount of thought and allow free contemplation