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Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Read ´ 102 µ I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well And besides it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation and two years of writing The others needed no preparation and got none Mark TwainDes it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain 35 starsI have never deemed myself a fan of Mark Twain but I understand that this work is uite a departure for him I enjoyed this book for the mere fact that I did not really know anything about Joan of Arc I found the story intriguing and even touching at times It was a slow start for me and I wasn’t sure I could get through it at first but then it picked up in Part II The narrative was extremely detailed but some of Twain’s humor and great dialogue had me laughing here and there I chuckled out loud when Noel and Louis were discussing how Joan had the gift of the “seeing eye” in which she was always able to perceive a man’s character even though outwardly he presented a different image When asked who she had sent for to take charge of all the new recruits for the army who were described as “unspeakable hellions every one”Louis said “Why she has sent for Satan himself—that is to say La Hire that military hurricane that godless swashbuckler that lurid conflagration of blasphemy that Vesuvius of profanity forever in eruption Does he know how to deal with that mob of roaring devils Better than any man that lives; for he is the head devil of this world his own self he is the match of the whole of them combined and probably the father of most of them” Twain was mesmerized by his heroine It is obvious throughout the book that he loved Joan and this narrative was his tribute to her life It was almost like a love letter in some instances with the language he used to describe her virtues and presence I was taken in as well by her story of unflagging belief compassion confidence and courage in the achievement of her spiritual mission She was an archetype of Christ and other spiritual leaders who were martyred for their cause In some of my research about this book I came across a story about Mark Twain’s passion for Joan of Arc In a recent article by Daniel Crown dated April 3 2012 he writes The book has puzzled critics for over a century Susan K Harris a Twain expert who teaches at the University of Kansas helped produce the novel’s 1996 Oxford University Press edition As she pointed out to me “By the time he's writing Recollections he's not a believer He is anti Catholic and he doesn’t like the French So he writes a book about a French Catholic martyr Ostensibly it doesn’t make a lot of sense”Logical or not Twain's passion for Joan of Arc was longstanding and his public praise of her lavish Writing in a 1904 Harper’s essay he referred to her as “by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced” In the same piece he christened her “The Miracle Child” and “The Wonder of the Ages” On a December night in 1905 the New York City chapter of the Society of Illustrators managed to do something many thought impossible With one calculated stroke they left Mark Twain author and noted uipster speechlessThe writer had just risen to address the group As he began to speak a girl emerged from the back of the room Her hair was cropped just below her ears; her face was angular but radiant Underneath a ceremonial white robe she wore the armor of a 15th century French soldier With eyes fixed on the author she glided up the aisle between the tables carrying a laurel wreath atop a satin pillow A reporter from The New York Times in attendance that night later wrote that the “company smile” Twain had exhibited for most of the ceremony faded By the time the girl reached his table “Twain had every appearance of a man who had seen a ghost His eyes fairly started out of his head his hand gripped the edge of the table” She presented the author with the wreath and he accepted it wordlessly He remained silent until the model exited the room As the seconds ticked away Twain’s audience anxiously awaited his responseWhen the writer finally spoke he did so slowly carefully “Now there's an illustration gentlemen — a real illustration I studied that girl Joan of Arc for twelve years and it never seemed to me that the artists and the writers gave us a true picture of her They drew a picture of a peasant Her dress was that of a peasant But they always missed the face — the divine soul the pure character the supreme woman the wonderful girl She was only 18 years old but put into a breast like hers a heart like hers and I think gentlemen you would have a girl — like thatI am glad I had the opportunity of “meeting” Joan of Arc through the lens of Mr Twain Contrasted with the treachery and evil of her time she was an amazing young woman who embodied all that is good about humanity It was a privilege to have known her and feel of her spirit through the eyes of Sieur Louis de Conte aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens

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Preparation and two years of writing The others needed no preparation and got none Mark Twain. As Americans we are reuired to consider Huckleberry Finn to be Twain's best work It's the book in which Twain confronts racism and first proclaims that a white boy can have a black escaped slave as a father figure Twain confronted much of his America's foolishness in the raft trip down the riverHe also at the end provided an easy answer Jim was not an escaped slave after all he'd been freed Tom Sawyer could fix things without telling this Perhaps one shouldn't criticize Twain for loving a character based on himself much less for writing his own vision Huck was brave enough to decide that he would aid Jim in escape Twain delivered that decision without conseuencesHis Joan of Arc cannot be so delivered He had a history book to follow With no such option twain focused on the humanity behind the story a humanity he so often despised He begins with a story about the destruction of fairies by the adults of the village He is already symbolically foreshadowing the tragedy of Joan's life For doing what is right for daring to be great she must be destroyed Twain wrote this story to criticize humanity at its worst At the same time he allows us through his narrator to love humanity at its best He decries ignorance through his writing as he always doesYou have almost certainly read Huckleberry Finn and perhaps Tom Sawyer If you want to find out why Twain was truly great look at some of his other novels and stories and especially Joan of Arc

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Personal Recollections of Joan of ArcI like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well And besi. Why had I never heard of this book I was an English major I read lots and lots of lesser books in college and no one even breathed a hint that this book existed Thankfully I saw it on a friend's bookshelf and decided to read it myself About this book Twain said I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well And besides it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation and two years of writing The others need no preparation and got none This is a beautiful piece of historical fiction written as though it were a translation of the writings of a childhood friend of Joan who goes on to become her scribe It is very different from the other Twain that I have read; it is free of humor and of biting satire The nearest I can say is that it is like a love songTwain's Joan is kind gentle true patriotic devout humble compassionate courageous Reading this book makes me want to meet her and it makes me want to be like her