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Book ↠ 2000 Tunes Ë 468 pages Download ↠ “He started to sketch a face A random face With dark eyes and hair Just any old face He made the chin too small and drew over it but then it looked like a double chin That wasn’t appropriate for Ah He had been drawing Sam”Mark Hopton’s an outsider obsessed with Manchester music“He started to sketch a face A random face With dark eyes and hair Just any old face He made the chin too small and drew over it but then it looked like a double chin That wasn’t appropriate for Ah He had been drawing Sam”Mark Hopton’s an outsider obsessed with Manchester music He knows the dates facts band members lyrics histories and places He can join them in complicated webs of association because he knows the secret everything’s connected Music’s his escape into a better worldOh man he needs After enjoying Cold Fusion 2000 so much I was looking forward to Drinkwater's next book and this didn't disappoint It has everything I have come to expect from Drinkwater's writing Dialogue that nails the metre and manic exuberance of the Manc tongue Perfectly realised rudderless 20 somethings stuck in empty jobs and flats A dash of magic realism in the form of a 'Kathy Burke impersonator in the flesh' The obligatory dig at Stretford 'Crammed by day dead by night Morrisey grew up in Stretford No wonder he was miserable' Manchester music holds this book together as it holds Mark's life together But dig deeper into this seeming love letter to the Manchester music scene and starts to read like an obituary All the good music gone The Hacienda closed The Conti faded captured here before the lights go out for the last time a year laterMark makes endless connections between the music he loves 'It's like a pattern for me It's all for me it's all connected' But these patterns form a web as sticky as that woven by his family that fixes him in the past so he can't see the future He is ' Lost in music' and only when he realises that going over the connections is as futile as repainting double yellow lines on a transient skin of a city that doesn't care can he move on Only then can he live the words of one of the bands he loves 'The past was yours but the future's mine'

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That Love is fool’s goldMeanwhile Samantha’s been caught up in a hedonistic lifestyle of cigarettes and alcohol with the 24 hour party people but now she’s had it up to here with Mancunians Cheaters weirdos and two faced scummers the lot of ’em When the drugs don’t work it’s time to grow up but no one’s going to take her for granted again Don’t look back in anger? Screw that She’s never been one to walk away2000 Tunes is a meditation on life family friends growing up and following your drea Earlier this year I read and loved Cold Fusion 2000 so couldn't wait to read 2000 Tunes Karl Drinkwater describes the two novels as 'partner books' and although they are both set in Manchester in the summer of 2000 each is a standalone story and can be read in any order2000 Tunes is perhaps a straightforward novel but that doesn't make it any less involving and though a fairly long book I read it in little than a day I was born in the same year as Sam and so as well as enjoying what is an engaging deceptively complex love story I also loved the sense of nostalgia I felt remembering a time when we drank Bacardi Breezers downloaded Windows 2000 and discovered that Sunny Delight could turn your skin orange Of course with a title like 2000 Tunes it's inevitable that music should have a hugely important role to play and I loved that each chapter is also the title of a song with little notes demonstrating the links between bands or the Manchester Music Association MMA to use Mark's terminologyMark is obsessed with music from Manchester although his interests are narrowed to the 90s indie Madchester scene He still mourns the closing of The Haçienda and uses his impassioned knowledge as a crutch working out connections between bands to calm himself when he becomes stressed or anxious He's a bit of a tragic joke figure at first and it's impossible not to pity him particularly when it becomes obvious that he is very different from his violent father and brother As he begins to realise that he can be different and to make tentative steps towards recognising his self worth I grew to love this gentle kind man He works for the same company as Samantha Sam Rees who initially appears to be a very different person to Mark She seems to be as confident as he is shy and forms a formidable double act with her best friend and drinking partner Emily However as the book progresses it soon becomes evident that her life is chaotic than it first appears and that she is as lost and confused as he is Emily is seemingly fearless and unapologetically herself; she doesn't always give the best advice to Sam but she is a fantastic characterA series of mistakes misunderstandings and missed opportunities follow as they both try to discover what it is they really want from life There is a striking contrast between their respective families while Mark has been dragged up and is constantly mocked and threatened by his dad and brother Sam comes from a close loving background However she came to Manchester to escape the sense of claustrophobia she felt back in Wales but since the death of her beloved Mamgu grandmother she is increasingly drawn back to Neath Both have potentially huge decisions to make about their future and there are some deeply poignant moments as they reach their respective crisis points Although I'd say that Cold Fusion 2000 is the ambiguous of the two stories there is a really touching scene later on in 2000 Tunes which reveals that not all uite as it seems here either Manchester is almost another character and those who know the city well will love the affectionate yet realistic depiction of the place This is a book with real heart and so it is entirely right that the beat of music is felt throughout its pages; we all know how songs have the power to bring us together and to transform us and so it is that 2000 Tunes is a beautifully written perceptive novel about love belonging and change This is no fool's gold it's the real stuff and I loved it

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2000 Tunes That escape His dad’s in prison his psycho brother’s only one step away and they’re twisting his melons trying to make him risk his freedom by smuggling drugs It ain’t easy saying no when family and their shady contacts can be bone breakingly persuasive Heaven knows he’s miserable nowThe summer sun does bring one ray of light he secretly admires Samantha a beautiful Welsh girl at work Watching her is like listening to music it strengthens him she’s his wonderwall of true faith He’s happy with It would be easy to consider this novel a romance it certainly has all the best elements of one The will they won’t they scenarios and the draw of life pulling them apart and together for example But this really doesn’t do the book justice The characters are beautifully layered and flawed certainly not your usual romantic heroes that you would expect There is a wonderful depth to them that the author has created as well as growth through the story which doesn’t culminate until the end I found myself flipping through those last pages to get that satisfying conclusion I hoped was coming It was not disappointing But in eual measure this story is a literary work utilising nostalgia and music from Manchester as a main character in the novel Leading us through the arc of the character driven story with a fresh tune in every chapter I must admit to being nervous about this element when I first saw the book mainly because I worried the book might be stuffy or difficult to follow because of this Instead it only added a beautiful flavour and gave it a personal touch I hadn’t expected Add to this the wonderful readability and you have a story that I highly recommend