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Free Kill Me AUTHOR Stephen White doc ¿ reader 9780525949305 Æ Stephen White Þ THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT New York Times bestselling author Stephen White has written a new breed of thriller Throw out everything you think you know about twists turns and surprises Get ready for the next big thing GetGo away after readers have raced to the last page Readers will be asking each other “What would you do” “If you could sign up—really—would you” Raves for KILL ME Michael Connelly says “Stephen White has always been a rock solid writer But this book should turn heads Big provocative and downright gripping this is his best yet” Jeffery Deaver says “ Kill Me is that rarest of creations—a thinking person's thriller In this age of the same old same old fiction White's novel stands dizzyingly above the pack The concept is uniue and brilliant the writing is sharp observant and wry White's trademark and every page of this compelling tale is filled with perfectly realized human emotion—about life death and family Superb” Review of Kill ME Stephen WhiteThis book rated a 2 star at the beginning a 5 star half way through then fell off near the end for a 3 star overall Cut out 75 pages make it believable and it would have been a solid 4 star readStarts off a little too slowly with endless discussions on how an obscure organization will take care of terminating someone’s life when the situation dictates The unnamed principle character signs up wants in and even when initially rejected insists on signing his own death warrant one that has a no cancellation clauseSo you know what’s going to happen and it’s easy to anticipate that some event will trigger an abrupt change of mind And it does somewhere after page 150 the warrant is activated the situation dictates action and yes there is a change of heart This is the part you have been waiting for and it the story kicks up a gear ramps up the tension and your inSuddenly I was involved devouring the words chewing up the sentences and gobbling down the chapters The pages flying right up until the point where the believability factor or in this case the complete lack of it for me as a reader kicked in

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Ome of the most contentious issues of our time the human yearning for connection between the choices we make about our lives and deaths Intelligent and relentlessly paced Kill Me is the smart kind of read that fans have come to expect from Stephen White Kill Me brings Alan Gregory face to face with the most challenging case of his career As always White's characters are indelible and the dialogue is dead on but Kill Me is fresh and thought provoking in a way that's so uncommon in crime fiction Kill Me delivers on all the promise of White's earlier work and then raises the bar in an unforgettably inventive tale of life and death This is the book that you won't be able to put down but to the point this is the book that won't As I read this I told friends I’ve been reading a really great book and as I was getting deeper and deeper all I could concentrate on was the hope that writer—and this was my first time reading him—didn’t fuck up the ending after doing such a great job on the premise and build up of the story It was poised on thebrink for uite some time It really could have gone poorly I am VERY pleased to announce though that I was not disappointed in the slightest and the ending of the book was not what I thoughtexpected it might be—good or bad—and most importantly I walked away from the book truly glad that I’d read it and very satisfied with the entire thing The book is Kill Me Here’s the premise This guy this incredibly rich successful guy goes on a ski trip with his buddies and has a terrible accident He’s VERY fortunate to survive with only minor injuries but that accident and the combination of a friend of his recently having another thrill seeker accident that left him in a vegetative state in a hospital bed prompts him to sincerely tell his friends that if that ever happens to him that he wants one of them to kill him They hem and haw as guy friends will when a serious topic is forced upon them during play time but it’s a serious reuest So one of his friends approaches him later and tells him about a secret organization he knows about who is set up to do just what he’s asked You set the parameters and if you cross the threshold of those parameters they will kill youOur hero a control freak jumps at the chance and signs up He is also hasty and foolish in setting his parameters which isn’t wise because once payment is made the contract cannot be cancelled or revoked I don’t want to give the whole plot away so I’ll stop there but I’ll tell you that this book is one you should find and read immediately There were a lot of things that impressed me about it The storytelling is impeccable It’s a really great story It’s interesting it makes you think; it’s exciting; it’s mysterious The story alone is worth the read This is a book where the writing and the structure of the book are amazing as well and they actually play a part in the storytelling This book is not told in seuential order It’s not a linear plot You jump all over the place in time and this is a DANGEROUS writing style because in the hands of a poor writer or one that doesn’t know where he or she is going in the end it almost always becomes a distraction and screws up the flow of the storyIn the hands of a good writer though it can be brilliant In this case it is brilliant Every time you can’t wait to turn the page and see what happens next in a linear context White moves you to another time and place and once he gets you going you go from cliffhanger to cliffhanger and can’t even be disappointed about leaving one story arc because you get to find out what happened in the last one I just can’t even stress how well it’s done And in this case the excellent technical writing plays a major role in the excellent storytelling and the combination makes for a brilliant bookI think the thing that impressed me most was the way this book brought up so many great issues and classic literary themes man’s inhumanity toward man the value of life and hope it’s a morality play it’s a Greek tragedy—it’s so full it could have easily burst but it never does And all this in a serial book All this in the 13th book in a series where in most cases it’s nothing than formula writing rehashing an old story in a new way That’s not the case here This is fresh and new You can drop in never having read another book in the series and not miss out on anything In fact Dr Alan Gregory plays only a very minor role in this book—and important one but a minor one This isn’t his storyIf this hadn’t been part of a series it would have been received uite differently And for all I know it was well received—I truly don’t know But this book should be MUCH popular than it is now There should be a movie—a movie is a no brainer here Steven Soderbergh needs to direct it The name of this book should be as easily recognizable as the Dan Brown books that were such a rage a few summers ago I know a lot of people think that was crap writing but the story was compelling and it captivated people This book is superbly written and the story is just as compelling and it has all those elements people love though nothing religious or spiritual in a good book and it honestly needs to be popular than it is now

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Kill Me AUTHOR Stephen WhiTHIS ONE IS DIFFERENT New York Times bestselling author Stephen White has written a new breed of thriller Throw out everything you think you know about twists turns and surprises Get ready for the next big thing Get ready to meet the Death Angels We've all been there A loved one or a dear friend becomes desperately ill or is tragically injured Someone—maybe even you—says “If that ever happens to me I wish someone would just kill me” What if you could choose when to die But once you decide you can't change your mind Ever No matter what Welcome to the next step in the evolution of suspense fiction to an in your facewhat would you do topical thriller Kill Me is a brilliantly conceived roller coaster ride that zeros in on s 45 Kill Me is a very distinct and unusual book which starts slowly but soon hooks you in by creating a perfectly brilliant dialogue by the main character talking to a car salesman; this alone is well worth the read Although the author doesn’t give a name to the main character he becomes a patient to psychologist Dr Alan Gregory The “patient” genuinely doesn’t want to die but he is determined to never be left in a vegetative state should an accident or health issue occur He embarks on this task by asking friends to kill him if he becomes incapacitated and unable to do it himself Before long a mate suggests he should get in touch with an off the radar group who will without hesitation kill him for a substantial fee Since the “patient” is extremely wealthy this has great appeal and conseuently he makes contact with the secret organization called the Death Angels Kill Me is an extraordinary uniue novel and was uite the ride