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kindle ✓ Jurgen A Comedy of Justice Paperback ↠ naturaltreatment À One of the most talked about works of the 1920s this compelling fantasy recounts the odyssey of a middle aged pawnbroker who regains his youth for a year of amorous adventures Jurgen's allegorical journey leads through a supernaturalS witty and irreverent landmark of modern fiction contains the full text of the revised and definitive version of 1926 together with 13 striking full page illustrations by Frank Pap Perhaps of my readings of Goodreads of 2017 Jurgen was the borest of my readings Jurgen is the 7th novel of the cycle The Life of Manuel The reason because i read this novel is that i would want to investigate one thing and this novel was not The Golden Compass was written by Philip Pullman This novel is very influenced of the european literature of the 17th century and the 18th century I thought in the german novel The adventurer Simplex Simpliccissimus was written by Grimelhausen without transcendence and high moral register of the german novel I was thinking in the Voltaires novels Candide and Zadig the novel of fantasy journey I was thinking in the Faust was written by Goethe The main character has contact with the devils and the magic and he recovered the lost youth and he has an affair with Helen of Troy The main character Jurgen he wants to escape of his wife Lise who eliminate his capacities a overnatural creature kidnaps her and Jurgen starts an Odissey to recover her without glad The main chacter has the chance to have an affair with Guinevere Ainatis The maid of the Lake Cloris a Driad Helen of Troy a vampire Florimer while he travels around several magical realms between them the Inferno and the Heaven The main character is a phantom as the Baron of Mulchausen and he invented stories Jurgen rises in the status scale he become emperor and the inexisted Pope John XX The novel is very misoginist indeed their strikes against the marriage reminded me the skecth of the spanish producer Jose Luis Moreno Wedingiad James Branch Cabell is very influenced by one o his masters Mark Twain certainly the women who read this novel will not be very staisfied especially femensThe only passage who entertained to me because as Ceravantes and Pliny said there are not a bad book which has something good In this case the passage of the main character striking the puritanism and defending Poe Whalt Whitman and Mark Twain the inferno is a parady of the Dante`s book Divine Comedy no it is not the Da Vinci`s Code or Inferno of Dan Brown The novel is a hard strike against the christianity we can look in his passage by the inferno and Heaven without this novel would have been forgotten because this novel get old really bad and it is very bored The main problem is that James Branch Cabell is heavy i interrump the reading because i slept reading it and when i continue the reading i have to pass several paragraps running because i want to finish inmediatly to pass other book The author want to become Mark Twain but he is not as funny as the genius american writer neither he is George MacDonald he drank of pures spring the german romanticism for this reason their world are believable and he is not Lord Dunsany Only for the mixture of Greek Celt Athurian and Jew myth and to typewrite several words did not convert in the king of the Epic Fantasy Tolkien not George RR Martin besides i do not understand why in a fantasy world he mixed element of mythology He employs really bad the mythology he reminded me to Salman Rhusdie in Children of midnight James Branch Cabell is a uriosity but very bored and he is not the Wavian`s predecessor this honor is for Edwin Abott Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald I hope to pass interesting booksuizás de los libros ue he leído en Goodreads este haya sido el más aburrido de todos Parece ser ue Jurgen es la séptima novela del ciclo la Vida de Manuel El motivo por el ue lo leí es ue uería comprobar una cosa y finalmente pude comprobar lo ue buscaba pero pese a alguna sátira o burla Jurgen no es la Brújula dorada de Pullman Es una novela ue bebe mucho de la literatura del siglo XVII y el siglo XVIII Pensaba en el parecido con El aventurero Simplex Simplicissimus de Grimelhausen También pensé mucho en las novelas de Voltaire como el Cándido o el Zadig y tiene también algo del Fausto de Goethe porue igual ue el héroe de la novela de Goethe el protagonista Jurgen uiere librarse de una mujer ue lo anula Lisa y le ha impedido triunfar y un personaje demoníaco se la lleva y emprende una odisea para recuperarla sin mucho entusiasmo y tiene la oportunidad de cortejar Ginebra Ainatis Cloris Helena de Troya y una vampiresa mientras viaja por diversos mundos en busca de su esposa El protagonista es un fantasma ue como el Barón de Mulhausen se inventa historias y va ascendiendo llegando a ser emperador y Papa el inexistente Juan XX La novela es muy misógina de hecho sus ataues contra la vida matrimonial me recordaron pero sin su gracia a las matrimoniadas de José Luis Moreno James Branch Cabell bebe mucho de uno de los maestros de Branch Cabell ue es Mark Twain Ciertamente no saldrán muy satisfechas las mujeres ue lo lean sobre todo las feministas El único pasaje porue como dicen Plinio y Cervantes no hay libro tan malo ue no tenga nada bueno es el pasaje de los Filisteos dónde ataca el puritanismo porue la novela tiene mucho de crítica contra las religiones organizadas sobre todo el cristianismo lo ue se ve en los pasajes de Jurgen por el Cielo y el Infierno Creo ue sin eso esta novela habría acabado en el olvido Lo único bueno la defensa del autor a Poe Whitman y Twain contra el puritanismo de la época El problema es ue el autor libertino Branch Cabell es aburridísimo Yo tuve ue interrumpir la lectura y reanudarla meses más tarde y después cuando continué su lectura había pasajes en los ue me aburría El autor uiere ser Twain y no es tan divertido como Twain ni tampoco es George MacDonald con su evocación de mundos ni Lord Dunsany y no tiene la prosa bella de los ilustrados franceses y alemanes Por mucho ue mezcles como Rhusdie en Hijos de la medianoche mitología en este caso mitología griega celta Artúrica y judía no te convierte en el nuevo Tolkien porue Cabell no tiene esa habilidad Así ue Branch Cabell es una curiosidad pero muy aburrida y no el precursor Waviano porue antes ue él estaban Abott Carroll y George Macdonald Ojala pueda pasar hacia conuistaslibros más interesantes

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N's allegorical journey leads through a supernatural dreamscape to romances with Guenevere and The Lady of the Lake and confrontations with God and the Devil This edition of Cabell' ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureJurgen an aging pawnbroker who considers himself a poet and a “monstrous clever fellow” sets off to find his missing louacious wife — not because he likes her but rather because his family and friends say it’s the manly thing to do While searching for Lisa he enters a strange land and charms Mother Sereda into temporarily giving him back his youth and good looks Then he uses his renewed vigor to lie and philander his way across a magical landscape “dealing fairly” with all the women he meets as he half heartedly searches for his wife Along the way he meets dozens of historical and mythical creatures and people including ueen Guenevere shown in the picture first introducing himself as a duke then promoting himself to prince king emperor pope and eventually for a moment even GodDespite being a vain and hypocritical rogue Jurgen has a sentimental heart though he can’t seem to be faithful But he is never content even when he’s married to the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen or even when he’s sitting on God’s throne Thus the story of Jurgen is about man’s uest for meaning pleasure and purpose Jurgen is full of human insight and amusing social satire and for a novel written in 1919 is oh so impolite Much of the symbolism and metaphor is crude and puerile double entendre of the “big upright lance” and “remarkable powers of penetration” typeYet James Branch Cabell rhymes with “rabble” writes in a sardonic voice which is beautiful and genuinely clever and funny especially when Jurgen talks about women I am looking for my wife whom I suspect to have been carried off by a devil poor fellow Love’s sowing is agreeable than love’s harvest You talk and talk no woman breathing euals you at mere volume and continuity of speech but you say nothing that I have not heard seven hundred and eighty times if not oftener “You have a wife then” says Jurgen who was always interested in such matters “Why but to be sure Either as a Christian or as a married man I should have comprehended this was Satan’s due And how do you get on with her” “Pretty well” says Grandfather Satan “but she does not understand me” “Et tu Brute” says Jurgen “And what does that mean” For the devils he found esteemed polygamy and ranked it above mere skill at torturing the damned through a literal interpretation of the saying that it is better to marry than to burn When Jurgen asks if it’s possible to get divorced in Hell the devils say no because “we trafficked in them for a while but we found that all persons who obtained divorces through our industry promptly thanked Heaven”I also found it amusing that Jurgen a pawnbroker with a paunch backs up his arguments with fake scholarly citations and uses the study of mathematics to seduce intelligent womenEven a well educated reader will miss most of the allusions in Jurgen unless armed with a source such as David Rolfe’s Notes on Jurgen These notes also point out references to Cabell’s previous novels about his fabricated world of Poictesme Fortunately understanding of all of these allusions isn’t reuired for enjoyment of the story but they elicit chuckles when discovered and could be a source of much diversion for those who like to spend time studying these kinds of thingsBack in its day Jurgen was deemed offensive by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice which tried to get it banned This of course only increased Jurgen’s popularity The Vice suad lost their case because superficially Jurgen seems harmless enough and according to Cabell and his publisher complaints about the recurrent references to Jurgen’s big staff majestic scepter upright lance and amazing sword which seem to meet a lot of veils sheaths clefts and other dark places along the way prove only that Cabell's detractors have dirty mindsPerhaps the real issue behind the outcry against Jurgen however is its disrespect of Christianity and in particular the Roman Catholic Church For when Jurgen is sent to Hell he meets Grandfather Satan and learns that Hell is merely a construct developed by men who think so highly of themselves that they feel that their bad deeds were so influential that they cannot be forgotten and must be punished for eternity The devils that Jurgen meets are hard pressed to keep up with people’s demands for torture lament that Hell’s population is increasing and look for ways to stop the influx When Jurgen gets bored of Hell he talks his way into Heaven and finds that it’s just a figment of his grandmother’s imagination His discussions with St Peter cast an ill light on Catholic bishops and popesJurgen is in the public domain and can be downloaded for free at Project Gutenberg I downloaded the mobipocket version and stuck it right on my Kindle Besides being free Jurgen is an interesting and thoughtful novel which is worth reading not just for entertainment but as part of the history of fantasy literature

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Jurgen A Comedy of JusticeOne of the most talked about works of the 1920s this compelling fantasy recounts the odyssey of a middle aged pawnbroker who regains his youth for a year of amorous adventures Jurge It is not easy for the perceptive critic to doubt the literary permanence of James Branch Cabell One might as sensibly deny a future to Ecclesiastes The Golden Ass Gulliver’s Travels and the works of Rabelais as to predict oblivion for such a thesaurus of ironic wit and fine fantasy mellow wisdom and strange beauty as Jurgen– Burton Rascoe Literary Editor at the New York Herald Tribune 1921Well I’ve run into a bit of a problem with this review The thing is it’s a bit too longSo I’m going start out instead with a short flow chart summary which may save you from having to wade through the full review Are you interested in the history of the SFF genre If so you should read this book Cabell may be forgotten today but he’s one of the truly seminal figures in the genre and this is his most famous novel Neil Gaiman has called Cabell his favourite author; Robert Heinlein and Jack Vance began their careers by unabashedly trying to emulate him; James Blish Lin Carter and Poul Anderson contributed articles to a journal devoted to studying him Roger Zelazny sent in letters Michael Moorcock and Ursula Le Guin agree for once in praising him Fritz Leiber Gene Wolfe John Brunner and Terry Pratchett are just a few other writers believed to have been influenced by him Are you interested in the history of American literature or the history of 20th century literature If so you should read this book Cabell was routinely considered one of the half dozen or so titans of American literature throughout the first three decades of the century HL Mencken called him the greatest living American writer; F Scott Fitzgerald put him third in his personal canon after Joseph Conrad and Anatole France Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis are just two examples of writers who boasted of Cabellian influences and when Lewis became the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and mentioned in his speech the other American writers of his era who might have been eually deserving Cabell was the third name to come to his mind uality aside the court case surrounding Jurgen was the literary cause célèbre of its day making it and Cabell icons for a generation Oh and he was the author Mark Twain chose to read on his deathbed Are you looking for a hilarious light read If so do you find writers like PG Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett funny If so read this book Are you looking for an insightful study of the nature of human existence or at least human existence as it might appear from a very particular personal perspective If so read this book It wasn’t the icon of a generation for nothing Are you interested in the Mediaeval Romance or in Victorian Revivalism In Malory and Rabelais and Bunyan and Scott and Tennyson and William Morris and TH White But you don’t mind them being made fun of a little If so read this book Are you interested in cultural and sociological modern history and would appreciate satire directed at early 20th century American society If so read this book Do you like beautiful prose And do you like the prose of Wilde and Chesterton If so well it’s not a must read but if you have the time I’d certainly recommend it Do you need your books to have a strong driving plot with no time for diversions and amusing episodes Well don’t worry too much since it’s not a long novel – but it may not be perfect for you Do you need gritty authentic realism Must everything be dry and serious Does everything have to happen next to a kitchen sink and should dialogue be conducted through grunts than through speeches Then this may not be the book you want Do you want your books to have a clear wholesome sense of moral certitude and respect for upright conventional s Then the fact that this novel was banned and the author prosecuted for indecency might be a clue that this one may not be entirely up your alley Are you now strongly tempted to go and read Jurgen If so go and read Jurgen Go Like I say it’s not a gigantic book and this is a very long review so you’re probably better off just reading the novel right now You can always come back for my thoughts about it later If you aren't immediately likely to have time to read the book but you are considering maybe one day getting around to adding it to your TBR pile then do please feel free to read this reviewFull review but fair warning it's long can be found over on my blog