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Journey Into Mystery Vol 1T's devious machinations and undermine the god of fear's plan for world domination But ever the trickster when it comes to Loki nothing is as it seemsCOLLECTING Journey into Mystery 622 626 Thor Spotlight Fear Itself Spotlig. This is well worth investigating even if you like me had no interest in the big Fear Itself crossover event though it has superhero characters it feels a lot like a fantasy comic The obvious point of comparison for me is Sandman Loki here is reborn as a teen and that's a great twist the way he is loved but not trusted and is confined and ordered about by certain characters is very true to the teen experience even for teens who haven't you know been a supervillain in a past life I especially love the Loki Thor interactions The tone here is by turns mythic and playful and that's just right for a story about a trickster god I laughed and laughed at Loki's discovery of the intarwebz via his Stark phone Obvious fake is obvious indeed

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Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 characters Ô 108 ½ The shadow of Fear Itself looms over Asgard and only Loki holds the key to stopping the impending war between Odin's army and the Serpent With Thor imprisoned by the All Father and the rest of Asgard mistrustful of the young reincarnation of the god of mischief Loki takes what help he can getThe shadow of Fear Itself looms over Asgard and only Loki holds the key to stopping the impending war between Odin's army and the Serpent With Thor imprisoned by the All Father and the rest of Asgard mistrustful of the young. Full disclosure I read issues 622 626 digitally on Marvel Unlimited But according to the blurb this volume also has Thor Spotlight Fear Itself Spotlight included in itwhich I couldn't find But it would have been a real pain in the ass to review each issue separately so just go along with it ok However if you get the actual volumeother stuff is included I'm so jealousAfter reading Young Avengers I was fascinated with the new Loki and I wanted to find out how hewell got to be this incarnation of LOKI A friend of mine recommended this Thank you Sesana You were right this was a great place to startuick Highly Abbreviated BackstoryThe old Loki was mostly responsible for the Siege on Asgard In an unbelievable turn of events he was also the one who sacrificed himself to stop it After Thor came back from the 'dead' he resurrected Loki'cause he missed his annoying little brother And guess what Now he really is an annoying kid Anyway reading this didn't answer all of the uestions I had but it was a good startLoki is trying to figure out who he really is Or who he really is this time around The first part is all about a Big Secret he discovers about himself and the second half is all about him trying to do what he thinks is right for Thor and Asgard In a very Loki sort of wayOne of the main reasons I wanted to read this one was to discover how Loki and Leah knew each other After all she was pretty pissed off at him when she caught up to him in the Young Avengers I was a bit disappointed on that front since nothing happened in this one that would have explained her later actions I guess I'll just have to keep going with this title to find out the whole storyAnd yes I will certainly continue with this one It did get a tad Asgardy but surprisingly that didn't turn me off this time around It's not Har De Har Har funny but it does have uite a bit of humor infused with the plot and that sort of thing keeps me happy OverallGood plot good art good dialogueRecommended for fans of Loki

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Reincarnation of the god of mischief Loki takes what help he can get from his new avian advisor Ikol the undead Tyr God of Battles and a bloodthirsty Hel wolf and journeys to the underworld There he hopes to best the Serpen. The humans of the Internet are uncouth When I said I was an Asgardian god they called me a trollYet another series that has undergone major events since the last time I was paying attention to the Marvel Universe So apparently Loki died and got reincarnated as a younger version of himself who is Thor's adoring little bro again Except everyone remembers him as the evil god of chaos who almost destroyed Asgard regularly Loki wants to prove he's a good guy except he's still LokiWhile not being entirely caught up on events I didn't need to be This book has a mythic feel that fits the best Asgardian storylines where Thor co resemble gods than superheroes And cute fourteen year old Loki with his pinchable cheeks prophesied since the beginning of time to be a villain unto the end of time is a living uestion mark Can a god with all that mythic baggage actually turn out differently And is he reaaaaally acting with noble intentionsThat is what is most intriguing to me because as young Loki goes about trying to rescue his brother Thor who a pissed off power mad Odin has thrown in prison he proceeds to go on various uests in which he screws with everyone from Surtur to Hela to Mephisto to Garm to the Midgard Serpent Even at fourteen he's already learned to use that trickster tongue of his to sow chaos The kid is already playing Let's you and him fight with hell deities far ancient than himDire newsYou've already brought 'dire news' LokiDirer newsAnd he obviously is also already starting to play a long game Which he claims is for all the best reasons But he is still Loki and you can see even if he isn't trying to bring evil spinning mischief is like breathing for him and it's uickly spinning out of his controlReally enjoyed this I am sure Loki being Loki he'll have to go dark eventually Which makes it all the poignant that right now he's very much a kid who just wants his big brother Thor to pat him on the shoulder and tell him he done good