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MOBI ò DOC Jingle Spells ✓ NATURALTREATMENT õ To protect Christmas this family of wizards will have to use a whole different kind of magic Part of the Winter clan the Evergreen family is considered magical nobility While Evergreen Industries in picturesue Gingerbread Colorado might look like an ordinary office buildingNaughty to get exactly whator whoyou want from Santa Celebrate the holidays with Evergreen siblings Cole Ethan Dash and Belle in this enchanting collection from New York Times bestselling authors Vicki Lewis Thompson and Rhonda Nelson Kira Sinclair and Andrea Laurence To read this review and others like it check out my site at wwwhomelovebookscom I adore Christmas and I have been totally loving reading all the new Christmas romances that have come out this year but I have to admit that this is my first real paranormal Christmas book And I adored it It was so much better then I could have ever expected I have heard of most of these authors before so I had faith that this was going to be a good read and I'm glad I picked it up This collection of stories all takes place in the same world and each author tackled the romance on one sibling in a family of wizards who are basically responsible for Christmas and all that goes with it Naughty or Nice by Vicki Lewis ThompsonSo this is about Cole CEO of Evergreen Industries the cover operation for the wizard family and his college girlfriend Taryn Taryn it seems is a hacker and she hacks into the Evergreen database so Cole hires her to fix the holes in his system Of course Taryn and Cole have a lot of unresolved history and Tayrn is determined to get the answers to the uestions that she's been carrying around for years I love second chances romances and this one was definitely hot and steamy She's a Mean One by Rhonda NelsonThis story is about Ethan and Lark Ethan is in charge of keeping Christmas spirit alive which basically fuels the family's ability to do Christmas magic Only this year it's exceptionally difficult Lark has written a book called the Christmas Lie and basically it's catching on and killing Christmas spirit Ethan is desperate when she books a major network interview so he basically cons her into coming back to Gingerbread I really loved Ethan Lark wasn't my favorite character but she makes a really awesome evolution throughout the story His First Noelle by Kira SinclairWhich brings up to Dash and Noelle Dash works at the company like the rest of his siblings and Noelle is head of security now that her father is recovering from a heart issue The tricky bit is that the two of them used to be married and it ended when she left to join the CIA Again I love second chance romances I really love when it's second chance for people who used to be married These two still had chemistry and you could tell they still loved each other Noelle has serious insecurity issues and Dash and Noelle both have serious issues with communications but watching them work through them was great Silver Belle by Andrea Laurence This one was without a doubt my favorite It's got little sister Belle's secret romance with Nick Santa in the middle of a mid life crisis and a frantic dash to make everything work on a limited timeline Belle is kind of awesome I love that she's a little bit different then her family only drinking coffee as opposed to hot chocolate just little things like that And Nick is really hot but he's also seems to be searching for a purpose in life Not only that but he seems to want from his relationship from Belle who seems to want to keep things on the down low I love watching these two people come together under the Christmas umbrella also I loved the who rogue Santa elements Super cute I think this whole group of stories is super cute a great fun read and I loved that these authors got together and created this universe I love the mix of urban fantasy and Christmas if you love urban fantasy you should totally check it out

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To protect Christmas this family of wizards will have to use a whole different kind of magic Part of the Winter clan the Evergreen family is considered magical nobility While Evergreen Industries in picturesue Gingerbread Colorado might look like an ordinary office b Nice collection of holiday stories Average rating of all 35 Rounded up since no 12 stars allowedNaughty or Nice 4Cole and Taryn's story It was refreshing to see a woman as the computer guru I liked her intelligence They were a couple in college when Cole suddenly dropped out and left She's been left hanging for 10 years bit of a long time to be hung up on someone Luckily he was as well She hacks into his computer system and the rest is historyShe's a Mean One 3Ethan and Lark's story Still didn't find out her first name Lark is her middle Ethan asked and she wouldn't tell him I thought it might be brought up later but no Huh Lark can see the magick of Christmas She and her family thought she was crazy She's been anti Christmas ever since view spoilerA few elements I didn't like the special cocoa how much of her reversal was truly herand kidnapping something Ethan never fesses up to lowered the rating hide spoiler

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Jingle SpellsUilding this is where the magic of Christmas unfolds Above Santa's workshop the Evergreens hold court manage Christmas and sometimes against their will and better judgment fall in love When it comes to love the Evergreens know that sometimes you have to play a little The best way I can describe this book is that if the Hallmark Movie channel wrote a Christmas book it would be Jingle Spells Whether this is a good or bad thing probably depends on your feelings about Hallmark style holiday movies Do you like uick little stories with lots of cute but not much substance If not this is not the book for you In the right mood I like a cutesy holiday movie which was pretty much how I felt about Jingle SpellsThe book contains four connected novellas each one about one of the Evergreen siblings Cole Ethan Dash and Belle The Evergreens are wizards who live in Gingerbread Colorado and are in charge of Christmas They direct the elves who make the toys manage the human Santa keep the world believing in holiday magic and just generally make Christmas happenThough the stories are all connected and should be read in order each story is complete and traces a couple What did I like The premise is kind of ridiculous of course but for some reason at Christmas that kind of ridiculous seems whimsical than idiotic It was funny to imagine what it would take to organize Christmas The siblings have to deal with HR issues with the elves a Santa Claus going through a midlife crisis public relations situations etc It’s an entertaining premise The sex scenes were on the whole hot and interesting which actually kind of amused me in a book with elves and Christmas cheer Despite the fact that each story is written by a different author I thought the style remained fairly consistent throughout Each sibling did have their own “voice” but I didn’t notice any inconsistencies or jarring changes between each sectionWhile I enjoyed myself the stories are very very light on world building and character development Things that are seemingly a big deal like how if people stop believing in Christmas the magic will die are never explained just mentioned There are supposedly other wizard clans but they don’t seem to interact or have much to do with the winter clan There’s no real explanation for why the Evergreens are in charge of Christmas or how the current set up came to be Each story ends VERY abruptly too In some of the stories notably Cole’s and Ethan’s there are some seemingly huge obstacles preventing the couple from being together but then they’re just dispensed with in a couple pages of exceptionally weak explanation leading into a rushed permanent HEA I was left feeling frustrated that just when the stories were getting good they were over which is often the way I feel about Hallmark style movies incidentallyI really only wanted one or maybe two stories– depth less breadth I’m not sure whose story I would like to see most I was very interested in uber smart logical Cole and would have liked to hear about him but Ethan was a charmer and really adorable Dash was sexy and intense and brought a much needed edge to the book if you can call a guy who makes Christmas ornaments and enchants the magical sleigh “edgy” which you probably should not I definitely thought Belle’s story was the weakest As a character she was kind of melodramatic her hero was forgettable and the plot of that book was a bit too cliche and twee which is saying a lot in a cutesy Christmas book I would have preferred a longer story about any of the brothers rather than a rush through all of them like we get hereI’m glad I read Jingle Spells but like a made for TV holiday movie the Christmas cheer is fun but fleetingGrade 325 out of 5