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Jag Pandemic Sorrow #1Broken reality And she hated everything I stood for To her I was just one of “those guys” and she’d rather be buried alive with poisonous snakes than give someone like me a piece of toilet paper to wipe their ass with Brutal Life Is Brutal And it is just a giant pain which is why I chase after anything to make it numb anything that can fill this void I just want anything that can make me not feel I just don't want to fee. 35 Stars

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review Jag Pandemic Sorrow #1 Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB æ WARNING This novel contains explicit language sexual situations and is the story of an addict This material is intended for a mature audience My name's Jag Steele I’m the lead singer and guitarist to the band Pandemic Sorrow and I have a drug problem Well I mean it's not rWARNING This novel contains explicit language sexual situations and is the story of an addict This material is intended for a mature audience My name's Jag Steele I’m the lead singer and guitarist to the band Pandemic Sorrow and I have a drug problem Well I mean it's not really a problem – unless you count the fact that I almost made my heart explode from all the blow I shoved up my nose a few weeks back That was my introd. “Broken”“Nah princess I’m a shattered fucking mess”“You’re my perfectly flawed shattered fucking mess” Jenny ABSOLUTLEY FLOORED Here was a rock star book I could really sink my teeth into A no holds barred gritty account of the struggles of a flawed hero in a true sex drugs and rock and roll tale A rock star story that was told with a realism that gripped me from the first page and never let go “We’re both just a fucking mess hug Chasing after things that’ll kill us” Stevie J Cole depicted her story with a vividness that had me experiencing first hand the highs lows frailties temptation and an intensely loving yet dysfunctional love story where I lived and breathed every moment right alongside the characters There was an undeniable truth in the telling of this story that enabled me to actually feel every written word This author NAILED IT “That shit sucks the life out of you It takes away ambition it takes your soul and it takes away everything you love” Roxy and Jag’s story is no hearts and flowers romance though it indelibly touched my heart Their story is honest it’s gripping and it’s one that had my emotions reeling I constantly flipped between anger sadness exasperation hopefulness joy love confusion It was a roller coaster and I relished every second “I want something different I’m not asking for a fairytale I just want anything besides a nightmare” Told with a truth that bordered on uncomfortable here was an author who ‘showed’ me her flawed characters as she made me ‘feel’ me every despairingly ugly part of Jags need for his next fix I experienced the warts and all struggle of a man constantly warring with himself between the love he feels for a woman who means everything to him and the drugs his body craves Witnessing him teetering on the precipice of a downward spiral as the lines between Jag Steele the man and Jag Steele the rock god persona became blurred damn near broke me‘It only takes one instance one encounter to make you uestion who the fuck you are’I unashamedly wept at times as I lived the constant conflict indecision and struggle with these characters throughout their story Jag was a moving gritty compelling and sometimes uncomfortable account of the darker side of life in the spotlight that had me transfixed from the first to last page My heart was desperately willing Roxy and Jag to prevail This author got it so right Ahhh the epilogue Perfection Sheer bloody perfection‘Drugs or her bliss or pain; which one would I rather have’An absolute recommend from me Gitte what did you thinkGitte Bloody brilliant; absolutely BLOODY brilliant I enjoyed every single aspect of this story and didn’t put it down once as I sat reading completely transfixed with the life of Jag Steele This isn’t glam rock with a drug addiction that’s been beautified and written as an afterthought nor is it masuerading as a rock star story Rather this feels like an honest depiction of the true constant struggle and the desperate ugliness of an illness An illness that at times can be veiled in glorification It’s real and in no way is it pretty you’ll see this if you scratch the surface hard enough It never will be pretty and it truly isn’t It’s an illness which doesn’t discriminate nor is it a part timer that every so often rears its pissed off ugly head “People like us have to live one day at a time” At times JAG felt so exceptionally personal and devastating that it made for hard reading I felt like I was watching someone’s life crumble before my eyes The emotion was intense; the human aspect heartbreaking frustrating and unbearably morose This is realism fictionalised It was also incredibly exhilarating; sexy and passionate The baring of souls and the hope rising like the phoenix out of the fire was extraordinary and gripping “Don’t let the past be a harbinger of your future You’ve got to learn who you are” JAG is so incredibly raw and desperate It’s ugly with its naked glare on drug addiction in the music industry and conseuent fucked up relationships Yet it showed courage resolve and had such a fighting spirit ignited through love in the midst of chaos and stigmatization‘Everybody’s broken chipped damaged and we just have to find the one person that can accept our flaws and love them the one that can take the ugliest part of us and paint something beautiful with it’This story is bold and ambitious; it has the heart of a lion as it steers the reader away from false distortions BRAVO Stevie J Cole for writing with such dedication to have me the reader go through a multitude of emotions; from anger to tears of absolute heartbreak to the sheer beauty of love and self realisations I cannot recommend JAG highly enough This is a story that begs to be read and vividly experienced as two broken souls go on a journey of healing and self empowerment‘I thought I was in control; but a stallion a wild horse like that can’t be told what to do I was never in control and I knew I’d have to fight to keep that damn horse under control for the rest of my life’ Reviewed honestly from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks✦✦✦ TB Blog TotallybookedBlog✦✦✦ Come say Hi TB on Facebook✦✦✦Follow us TB on Twitter✦✦✦Check out TB on Pinterest

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Uction during my first stint in rehab I'm messed up If you asked anybody who I am there’s a list they will go down Famous rock star legend drug addict womanizing man whore but if you asked me I wouldn't have the first idea of what to say because I don’t know who Jag Steele is Really I’m living every other damn person's dream and all I want is reality Roxy Slade that girl was my reality My brutally flawed and beautifully. Wow Just un fckn believable What a story The pain and heartbreak in this story went beyond any assumptions I had when I first read the blurb I thought “rock star with womanizing drug and alcohol abuse problems That’s been written before but because I’m half way addicted to rock star books I’ll give this a shot” Well Stevie completely proved me wrong not only did she bring the REAL out of this story she put the WHOLE book in Jag’s POV I don’t think I have ever read a story like this one written with such gut wrenching honesty coming completely from the man in all the years I have been readingJag he is the epitome of rock star god He’s sexy an ass hole and heading on a track to being in the hall of fame A stench in rehab happens from time to time and even though he says he doesn’t have a problem you can read his thoughts and know he really really does I was shocked by the words spoken and how he could go from this amazing brother boyfriend and musician to someone I wanted to straight punch in the face For about 35% of this book I had a lovehate relationship with Jag I honestly didn’t know what to do about where his story was going Stevie gave us a background and flashbacks for times when they are needed to understand how things came into play and who certain people are so I appreciated not feeling lost and thinking “well shit what just happened” Nowfor the love interest we have ROXYI LOVE HER Stevie didn’t just give her to us on a silver platter or should I say for the first 20% of the book you have to actually work for her You have to take Jag’s journey with him to understand what kind of man he is so when you do get ROXY you know how she will affect his story and how important of a role she will play Roxy is feisty take no shit from anyone leave me alone and let me either love you or just go the fuck away kind of girl LOL There’s some baggage to her but who else could you have chosen for Jag’s lost soul There story isn’t for the faint of heart it’s not beautiful it’s a struggle between hope and drugs trust and lies sex and a friendship They don’t get to go day to day with support from their peers; no people hate them together and have no real emotion no matter how great of a girl Roxy isyou will see what I meanAll in all I loved Jag with a vengeance this is a re read for me and even though Jag does get his HEA Stevie left the story wide open to letting anything happen I know I didn’t touch on the other characters of this book but there’s a reason for that and I feel it would give away too much if I did I know for a fact we’re gonna get from these characters so just read this book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do5 STARS