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Free read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Laurell K. Hamilton R and Federal MarshallMy life is complicated than ever caught up between obligations to the living and to the undead Now there is a vampire serial killer preying on strippers And I've been called in to help the poli. I think this is it for me When I started reading this series it was for a great crimeactionparanormal book And then the Richard vs Jean Claude thing started and I was all for some romance I don't mind a sex scene thrown in here or there they liven things up in the right places But somewhere around book 10 or maybe a little before I lost my great action novel and apparently started reading erotica with the same series name This book start out relatively strong Someone dies and Anita is called to the scene It feels like old times again and we start out with a good mystery to think about Then it gets put on hold for almost the entirety of the book so Anita can have sex with every male that crosses her path I honestly don't know why she bothers to get out of bed in the morning or evening I suppose let alone get dressed What leaves me baffled is she's STILL cringing over all of it Christ let it go I realize she can't help a lot of it and she's learning to deal But I feel like it's either she's having sex or complaining about having sex or arguing with someone about having sex The part where we learn that Nathaniel likes to bake is a relief by comparison Anyway sometime in the last maybe 150 pages or so the author remembers that she started a plot somewhere in the beginning and maybe she should conclude it before Anita's legs fall offI'm going to read the reviews for the next books and hope I find something promising because I loved the first few It would be a tragedy to find that the series just keeps going along this vein or somehow just degenerates even

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Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #12) Read & Download » 104 ☆ An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel 'The bride was a witch who solved preternatural crimes The groom raised the dead and slew vampires for a living It sounded like a Halloween joke but it wasn't' When I'm not up my elbows in sacrificial An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel 'The bride was a witch who solved preternatural crimes The groom raised the dead and slew vampires for a living It sounded like a Halloween joke but it wasn't' When I'm not up my. I don't think I've ever been so relieved to finish a novel since it ate so much of my time In my hardcover version there are 658 pages of the smallest type I've ever seen in any other hardback To say the least it was painfully longNot that I care how long a book is If a book keeps me interested enough I'll be happy to read thousands of pages But Incubus Dreams is painfully slow simply because not much is going on If you've ever readheard an interview with Laurell K Hamilton you've probably heard her go off about how all her books are a full meal and such but over the huge duration of this novel she somehow manages to not resolve the main storyline the vampire serial killers She had plenty of room to resolve a fairly simple murder mystery and somehow she couldn't That's not a full meal to me And even if she did resolve it the plot wasn't that interesting to begin with Strippers in the area are being killed by vampires By LKH standards that's pretty dullPlenty of reviewers warned me about the large amounts of sex going on in this book so I wasn't too shocked to find that Anita has sex with everyone Pretty much every main character with a Y chromosome has sex with Anita in this book along with a few extra men no one has even heard of before But really these sex scenes don't have a lot of sex actually going on It's a lot of talking about sex before and after they do for example Jean Claude Richard and Anita are naked in a bed and feel the need to talk about what they plan on doing for fifty pages before actually doing it Oh and of course if Anita happens to have sex with a perfect stranger we get a twenty page narration consisting of Oh that probably wasn't a good idea I'm just tired of the whole idea of the ardeur which is bad since it was only introduced three books ago mainly because it's getting in the way of the mysteryactionsuspense plotsAnd what was up with the terrible spellinggrammatical errors I've never seen so many blatant spelling errors ever in a book Do these editors not spell checkThere's just something about this book that feels off I'm not sure what it is but this novel is definitely not up to par with others in the series While I wouldn't recommend skipping it there are some significant developments in relationships Anita's powers etc I would not go into it with high expectations

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Incubus Dreams Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #12Elbows in sacrificial gore I've got serious preternatural issues to deal with Psychotic shape shifters duplicitous vampires and sexually deviant were leopards And that's just my friends I'm Anita Blake Vampire Hunte. Incubus Dreams Wherein Anita Gathers Superpowers Like Beads at Mardi Gras and in much the same way you earn beads at Mardi GrasI tried to do live updates in the comments while reading this but had to stop just over halfway through the book I thought it would be fun but it wasn't At allI wish I could identify a plotline for you here; there's something about murdered strippers but that can hardly count given it's only present for about ten pages at the start of the book and then a few chapters at the end In between there's a vast plot wasteland where no one mentions the murders at all AT ALL You could be forgiven for forgetting it entirely Halfway through the book we graze past Animators Inc for two totally unrelated mystery hooks but then abandon both of them to return to nothingnessBut if the murders aren't the central plot then what is Horribly we're left with Anita's internal monologue about her new powers and the multiple supernaturalsexual relationships she has with any number of worshipful abjectly submissive men I started reading this assuming that this would be bad but I had NO IDEA it would be uite this bad I absolutely hate prolonged unpacking of unearned emotional torment and that's basically all that happens in this book Much of it is spent justifying three ways Much of it chest thumps about how manly Anita is and how she wears the pants in all of her relationships and how her boyfriends are wifely Not subtly either full on conversations about it repeatedly And off we go circling the drain indefinitelyBut how on earth do you fit so much tormented angst into one book By ramping up ardeur of course This piece of supernatural bullshit was introduced a few books ago but now it goes into overdrive and forces Anita to basically go into heat every 6 hours Which means lots of sexy opportunities to sleep with people and then dive into chapters of long tormented defensive thinking about the act I guess you could say the central plot is Anita controlling that but she doesn't really She just flails and we get eyeball searing sex scenes and what I thought was going to be a bad but entertainingly outraging read turned into something that ended up feeling like an endurance test I felt sick upon finishing this I think because it was so much effort to keep reading when my brain was actively trying to shut down and throw me into a coma You know the sickness you get when you stay up 72 hours in a row on a project and by the end you're not sure if you're going to vomit or pass out Felt like thatLet's do a tour of the characters shall we Jean Claude spends much of his time either talking to Anita on the phone or in her head and I have to imagine this makes him a pretty useless Master Vampire if he's checked out for much of the day coaching his girlfriend on every single thing that happens to her Nathan appears to have adopted Stepford Wives as his own personal bible Micah is there Honestly all of the men in this book just sort of trail after Anita asking if she's okay offering to sleep with her chipping in with advice about pretty much everything and putting up with her freuent tantrums Richard is the outlier and that's because he continues to behave like a psychotic teenager who just had a growth spurt and has crazy impulse control issues The number of times Richard appears on the scene and should basically be shut down with Not your business turn around and get out is infinite but Anita never does she just delves once into his multilayered bullshit He's been having the same issue for about ten books This is boringBefore I head into spoiler territory let me just note that Laurell K Hamilton appears to have discovered the word spill while writing this 12th dear god installment in this series It's used to describe anatomical features to describe hair to describe body parts emerging from pants to describe candles falling into a bath At one point I counted four instances on a single Kindle page It only appears in sex scenes and it can feel like it's the only verb used in those scenes Totally weird but given the uptick of simple spelling errors in the second half of the book I'm guessing the editor stopped reading too soon to notice the problem I'd usually say something like she should give back half her fee but let's face it the woman's suffered enough Call it hazard pay and have done with itAnd now the details view spoilerWHERE DO I START Well Anita has sex with Damian and forms a triumverate why the uotes because Hamilton can't spell that's why with him and Nathaniel who knows how or why So much of what Anita does supernaturally happens by accident which is ridiculous In this book alone she manages to gain healing powers beautifying powers clairvoyance she somehow gets a new slave vamp there are I'm not remembering just throw the entire sink in there She also has sex with a couple of club vampires And Micah of course And oh god okay my brain just cringed because I'd forgotten about the RichardJ C spitroast scene but that's in there too Ugggh And before that she has sex with Nathan while he is a catman And then she buys him a frilly apron and pearls so he can cook biscuits in the kitchen I've probably forgotten a few sex scenes but you'll have to forgive me because sometimes when I read something really bad my brain tries to protectively wipe my hard drive I'm hoping it takes care of that RichardJ C scene soon because I never want to recall that ever again hide spoiler