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My name is Dove Hendry Mine is Kingston AxtonI was captured by darkness She has always been oursThey groomed me for Midnight Mayhem Like a trained possession weak against their control She has been conditioned with our blood for years She just doesn’t know it yetBut Midnight Mayhem was the stained glass that concealed a very dark culture A culture t “Strip Little Bird Show us what you’ve got” King whispers just as he shoves me back to my feet “Dance like you fuck Like exactly how you taste” Amo Jones didn't come to fucking play fellas Ever wonder what would happen if Cirue Du Soleil went rogue and ended in an orgy? In Peace Lies Havoc was a thrill ride amongst many other rides pun very much intended It was addicting and full of angst that had me on the very edge again pun very much intended The story was dark and gritty and never had me losing interest Before I start my review I should probably mention that Amo Jones books are not for everyone They weren't for me either until I tried this book on a whim because I am a die hard fan of the circus romance trope I read a book by her last year that just did not sit right with me I still hold strong to the points I made in that review but this just went to show me that surprises do really happen Part of my reluctance to often try authors that I have had bad experiences with again is the fact that I alike many others loathe writing negative reviews Because who really wants to sit down and write all the things you felt were personally wrong with something? I was so captivated by this book it was almost dramatically ironic Almost I stopped breathing when I felt him behind me his breathing on my nape “We’ll be back for you Little Bird” The Shadow pressed into me from behind his hard chest to my back “I’ll always be back” I don't want to give a summary or a blurb to what this book is about because to be uite honest I still don't know It's a clusterfuck of emotions and stories that are so bizarre you might actually believe them I think I'm uite scared of Jones' mind because if she managed to whip up this story who knows what else she's capable of? I mean this was a dark captivity romance set around a travelling sexual performance company had characters that made me want to hide Then there was the mind games angst games murders gangsmobs plot twists stockholm syndrome if you can call it that and a seriously underrated trailer driver Oh and let's not forget this little nugget; “Heads I suck your pussy until you scream to show this fool how a real man fucks Or tails I cut off each of your fingers and fuck you with them Both will have you screamin’ baby So what will it be?” Cue the nervous laughter This wasn't perfect I definitely found myself getting frustrated with some plotholes and annoyed at some of the events that unfolded I wanted Dove to fight back harder and not be so oblivious but then we might not have our storyOverall I was so hooked The Brothers of Kiznitch are psychopathic and deliriously yummy even though they shouldn't be If you're a fan of dark romance and haven't already read this gem trust me you won't regret it Also just a noteI need Kohen's story I need Val and Rose to get together and kill all that sexual tension already Kyrin and Kenan make my heart melt and we only got a second of them Intimacy is just like murder; they both make your heart race and your palms sweat while leaving your thoughts in disarray but then when you’re done you’re left with the remnants of someone else’s soul or blood on your hands Amo Jones doesn't make any stops with this book It's a rollercoaster from start to finish and I was left with my mouth hanging open not knowing what the everloving fuck I just read I'm kinda still speechless don't let the review fool you Trigger Warnings Assault Abduction

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In Peace Lies Havoc Midnight Mayhem #1Hat she is about to become the center ofThe Brothers of Kiznitch come in fours and they’re not happy about me being hustled into their acts Or are we? Careful Little Bird A warning is a warning for a reasonMind tricksStuntsDeceit PowerBut there’s something uglier that has been haunting me for years upon years So ugly that I have never seen its fac 25 stars ✧no book has ever made me confused than this one did it truly was a complete mindfuckim soooorrryyy guys i really did try to like this cuz of the hype but i just couldn't the concept of this book is SO interesting and the edits on ig are so beautiful that i just wanted to read this but honestly? i loved the edits than this book i don't know if it's the hype that made me have high expectations or just the whole darkcircus romance thing but i probably should've had no expectations whatsoever because i don't think this book was all that again SORRYi have no idea why but the main thing that annoyed me was Dove's reaction to the whole thingto summarize on how Dove h reacted when she was kidnapped sexually assaulted forced to live in a rated R circus where there are orgies and leave her whole entire life behind live with guys that she knows wants to kill her and finally falls in love with a guy that she knows hates her and again wants to kill her this was her reactioni mean issa mood but still she was just super chill about everything and that annoyed me to no end like girl freak out for once have some realistic emotionsi've read some books with kidnapping and a whole lot of YA fantasydystopian books and the heroines there ALWAYS freak out and tries to escape as you should when you're being kidnapped and forced to live another life did the heroine react how any person would react? noo she literally just went through everything and was like this is my new life? k cool she wasn't even asking uestions she wasn't curious she wasn't trying to escape and it was just so unrealistic listen listen i know this whole book is unrealistic but emotionsreactions no matter the genre should at least be realisticanywho rant is done and i just wanted to get that off my chest so let's move on as to why this book didn't work for me so SPOILERS AHEAD➳ romance King and Dove's romance was just a whole cycle with no development it goes like this 1 boy says he hates girl and wants to kill her2 girl ignores3 boy says you're mine and shows off his abs4 girl thinks he's hot and lets him touch and kiss her forgetting he hates her and wants to kill her5 boy says forget that happened i hate you 6 girl ignores7 repeatso basically King gives her crumbs and Dove eats them up because betraying body syndrome and continues to let him treat her like shit giving in easily because she's horny yeah no thanks oh and let's not forget when major spoilers the whole time King thought the h was her sister meaning he thought he was fucking his soulmate's sister because he didn't know the h was actually his soulmate this whole time until the 70% mark you see how there's no development here? and let's not get started with the orgy scene➳ OWOM drama spoilers speaking of the orgy scene for those who want to be warned the h gives one of the bros of kiznitch a bj in front of the H to show she's not jealous or something there's no scene of H here with OW but it was implied they probably did something few chapters later h sees OW leave H's room the same day they hooked up but they didn't do anything I'm worked up and under fucked thanks to Kingston But apparently Val was good enough for his royal penis this bugged me because thinking that H slept with OW h still let him touch her and they even had sex for the first time after this that's annoying ➳ writing going back to my rant at the beginning the emotions of the characters didn't seem right especially when it comes to the afterthoughts after important events the inner monologue of Dove was like going through the motions kind of inner monologue as she just brushes things off easily that it made the character feel unrelatable and almost apathetic about EVERYTHING honestly Dove has the most nonchalant thought process i've ever readwhen she got hurt or jealous when he saw King and OW? didn't feel her jealousy when she had a flashback about possibly having a sister? didn't feel the shock and curiosity when she found out who her true mom is? didn't feel anything why? because of how the writing conveys Dove's emotions i just didn't feel anything ➳ characters because of the writing style i couldn't connect with the characters at all if the emotions and reactions aren't shown properly how can i be emotionally attached to the characters? so basically the book is like this character development smut the only characters i liked were Killian Keaton Rose Kohen love a psychopath and Delila they made me not want to dnf this book ➳ what i liked the aesthetics reminded me of that carnival episode in euphoria and i fucking love that show and the makeups of the bros of kiznitch reminded me of the joker from the dark knight and that's my favorite movie of all time everything that i wanted to happen happened in the last 30% of the book i FINALLY connected with the characters i finally see a development between the MCs and the plot finally moved forward but it was too little too late so am i still gonna continue with this series? uhhyeah i still like the whole aesthetic and concept and the next book is about Killian and apparently this dude is like professor x so im all for thathere's me hoping the next books will be better fingers crossed

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Download In Peace Lies Havoc Midnight Mayhem #1 Book È ´ Naturaltreatment ☆ My name is Dove Hendry Mine is Kingston AxtonI was captured by darkness She has always been oursThey groomed me for Midnight Mayhem Like a trained possession weak against their control She has been conditioned with ourE I never had to I’d hear his whispers through my internal screams feel his shadow brush against my nightmares He was my the monster that tormented meAnd maybe lived under your bedWhen I started Midnight Mayhem his presence fadedHis whispers were silencedHis shadow dissolving without a traceI wondered why that was She didn’t have to wonder for lon “Welcome to Midnight Mayhem We are not a circus we are not a carnival and the only thing that you should be afraid of losing tonight is your sanity” I’m speechlessLiterally This book MY GOD I loved this book So many raw emotions come with reading this masterpiece It’s dark and intense The plot twist leaves you with your mouth hung open and I can promise you won’t see it coming So many layers to this story I enjoyed the lead up to peeling each layer back a discovering that what I thought I knew as always with Amo I knew nothing I love how Amo always leaves me guessing and then slowly revealing the details and making it all come together for the perfect dark romance story The Brother of Kiznitch are storming into 2019 taking hostages and leaving no panties dry They’re all mouth watering and all so uniuely different Each with their own demons and broody dark attitudes You will not have a hard time telling these men apart And by the way throw all you book boyfriend out because you will only need these four Dove the beautiful dark ballerina She comes with many demons but don’t think for one second she won’t be your heroine of the year Her passion and fight are marvelous She very uniuely different then most woman we read on today Kingston is the perfect mysterious broody bad guy He’s the villain you down spiral into love for No one writes men like Amo and she just upped her game with Kingston You’ve been warned He’ll own you from the first mention of him When I heard about this book I was eager to get my hands on it Everything I dreamed Amo brought forth with so much then I could ever imagine I loved this book so much I never actually wanted to leave it This is one of those stories you will absolutely fall into a vortex where all you see is this magical world the author has painted I’ve never read anything uite like it and I’m here telling you it one of Amo’s best books to date You can just see the passion and the piece of her soul she left to creat this masterpiece We need then five stars for this book WARNING BOOK HANGOVER IS STRONG