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Free read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Srinath Perur A delightful travel bookThis entertaining travelogue around ten conducted tours co. Travel books are often a compendium of clichés If the ‘when to go’ ‘how to reach’ concerns are ever transcended it is the ‘majestic beauty of the mountains’ or the ‘vastness of the ocean’ that is tritely commented upon apparently granting solace to the writer who is trying to escape the ‘hustle bustle’ of a megalopolis As if confronting the picturesue to escape the hectic life was all there was to travel If the book in uestion is sufficiently post modern in conception it will make a big deal of the virtues of traveling solo of backpacking on budget and so on Indeed travel as an exercise in self discovery is a hip notion these days But the fact ignored is that the seemingly simple problems of ‘knowing oneself’ or ‘coming to oneself’ or ‘being at peace with oneself’ are lifelong metaphysical projects whose essence cannot be delivered in toto over a two week trip to Ladakh Travel in and of itself will not ‘save us’ In fact if indeed it does provide something akin to solace and leads to a superior understanding of the self then precisely because such deliverances aren’t permanent because life as it is must be returned to travelling can become an imprisoning habit making larger liberations difficult because of the tastings of smaller gratificationsThus it is problematic to conceive travel as that which leads to self enhancement and perhaps better to return to the less attractive idea of travel as an exercise in knowing the outer world If the traveller believes that knowing the world has a value in and of itself that subjecting herself to the objective world as it exists is a worthwhile activity then travel can be said to be approached in the right spirit And if in the process of assimilating realities that were hitherto unseen her self consciousness does experience an expansion then all the good One travel book that belittles clichés and stays clear of any dogma recent or modern about the virtues of travel is Srinath Perur’s ‘If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai A Conducted Tour of India’ The book published in 2014 is a collection of ten essays detailing travels undertaken by the author with ten uniue groups of people The groups are mostly composed of Indians and most travels are in India Perur travels to Tamilnadu’s temples in buses full of retired government servants to Europe with a desi group to Uzbekistan with a group of sex tourists to Pandarpur on a pilgrimage called Wari and so on The essays are mostly journalistic so that the tone can be wry in the face of absurdity or reverent in the face of piety Perur narrates as someone who observes precisely to the degree that invites reflection On the rare occasions that Perur tells us what he felt in a given scenario he has the good sense to break through the ironic veneer so that what is delivered seems like zen wisdom Recommended

Free read If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai A Conducted Tour of India

characters If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai A Conducted Tour of India ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ A delightful travel bookThis entertaining travelogue around ten conducted tours contains myriad riches of hanging on to a camel in the Thar; rediscovering music on the trail of Ntains myriad riches of hanging on to a camel in the Thar; rediscovering music on. I'm guilty of initially judging this book as just a uick summary of touristy group tours the author had gone on and was trying to make a uick buck with a book in the currently in subject of travel As the 10 chapters show the canvas is colourful the subjects even varied and I'm delighted to be proved wrong1 “The Grace of God” is a temple hopping tour across Tamil Nadu with retired government servants2 “Saare Jahaan Se Accha” is an escorted Europe tour with a Desi group3 “Desert Knowledge Camel College” is a conducted tour of Rajasthan with a camel safari4 “Foreign Culture” is a cruise through the backwaters of Kerala with a small group of foreigners5 “Memorial For The Victims Of Repression” is a conducted sex tour to Uzbekistan among a group of repressed Indian men6 “Santa Claus Aa Rahe Hai” is a slum porn tour of Dharavi7 “According to Their Own Genius” is a freewheeling tour of Assam and Meghalaya8 “The Same Water Everywhere” is a Kabir Yatra with folk musicians across Rajasthan9 “Real India” is about a walking tour of villages in Madhya Pradesh looking for local innovations and meeting people10 “The Taste Of Sugar” Perur undertakes a Wari the ancient walking pilgrimage to PandarpurGroup escorted tours are the bread and butter of India's tourism industry and operators spend hours in carefully designing the itinerary and the inclusions jamming in as much as possible to ensure the best paisa vasool for the customer Ironically conducted tours are also looked down as a very touristy thing that those travelling on them just want to check off it's just not travel And yet as this book shows there are reasons for travelling and it's not always about seeing sights and having local experiences It's also about wearing clothes you usually can't being with your spouse away from your joint family being in a place where you're not being judged or taking that first trip as a couple in 25 years of marriage which I think is a psychological validation of having finished their 'responsibilities' and so can now indulge themselves this oncePerur is brilliant in being that proverbial fly on the wall observing without passing judgement remarking with amazing wit and insight often turning his gaze inwards when looking out at the places he's travelling and the people he's travelling with The diversity in the tours means that there's enormous variety in both the experiences and in the travel companions entertaining and enlightening us with anecdotes personal stories and perspectives While the book is a delightful travelogue it's also thus a charming sociological portrait of India and her people

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If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai A Conducted Tour of IndiaThe trail of Kabir; joining an ancient pilgrimage; and hunting for sex in Tashkent. My travel book binge this year continues with Srinath Perur’s first a collection of travelogues about traveling in groups and I must say that I didn’t come to it with any great expectations And the first piece in the book sort of confirmed that for me I found the writing very ordinary the observations obvious and didn’t feel the need to read But I persisted and felt the book grow on me It took me a while to get used to the fact that the travel part in Perur’s book is not about the places themselves but the people he was traveling with This is difficult for a reader like me to take because place as an idea is so important to me And that is why we read travelogues to get that sense of place writing can paint and evoke Just that this is a different kind of bookEnjoyable it certainly became; as we go on to Uzbekistan and Aditya Chopra’s Europe you smile and laugh at the travelers and their uirks You know them so well you know what they are going to do yet you enjoy it
Though I can’t for the life of me imagine going on a conducted tour to a hill stationPerur’s writing is understated It doesn’t shout or gather attention to itself; it’s just there He’s a very good storyteller but I still believe that some depth in the pieces would have made them substance There are several places in the book when he gives you that little nudge that little push that makes you pause and smile But in the end the book is essentially about who we Indians are and become as we travel as we leave the comfort and familiarity of places we know and venture out together We reveal ourselves to be sometimes obnoxious sometimes carefree sometimes irritating sometimes plain stupid but always interesting travelers 

We’re a complex layered people but the fact that so many of us choose to travel with others says something about us Like when in a bus in Europe we play Antakshari and always always sing Saare Jahan se Accha