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How to Choose a Husband Read & download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ It's been forty years since the sexual revolution and the women of America have everything they want Everything that is except a husband Women may be schooled in the art of sex but they have failed in the art of loIt's been forty years since the sexual revolution and the women of America have everything they want Everything that is except a husband Women may be schooled in the art of sex but they. Choosing a husband is a slightly disingenuous title since the book is about choosing a sperm donor than about choosing a life partner How To Choose a Husband was a lot about how not to have any goals or identity outside of childrearing than about making peace with marriage Feel dissatisfaction at work It’s totally NOT because you’d be happier in another field your boss is a jerk or women make 74 cents to a man’s dollar It’s because women are only fulfilled by submitting to their husbands and having babies Any happiness women take from professional success or work satisfaction is a result of feminist trickery convincing women that they want to be menMost of the book states and restates that any desire felt for babies and home life is woman’s inner nature asserting its proper place and any desire for any other kind of life or any conflict about motherhood and other goals it’s all due to feminist trickeryThen Venker describes how to act on this wisdom Don’t spend time with your single friends Ignore all presentation of relationships in the media — except for the book of course Don’t focus so much on a career and definitely don’t inconvenience your husband for your career since you’ll be giving that up soon to have babies Make sure your husband feels like a Man by agreeing with what he says deferring to him and by having sex when he tells you to Because all men want sex all the time and women aren’t particularly interested apparently Parts of the book infuriated me but overall it was just such a terribly dull and depressing view of womanhood Subservience to a decision making husband instead of having a friendship between euals and devaluing any career or artistic success as a time filler until motherhood is just too depressing to contemplateVia On AdviceOverall WHAT DID I JUST READ

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Have failed in the art of loveIn How to Choose a Husband social critic and best selling author Suzanne Venker says American women need a detox If they want to be happy or just plain sa. When anti feminist Phyllis Schlafly died last year most people’s reaction was “I thought that old bat died ages ago”As many of you know I wrote a review of the late Schlafly’s book the Flipside of Feminism a book she wrote with her niece Gen X anti feminist Suzanne Venker After Phyllis shoved off this mortal coil I thought “Just who is Suzanne going to use to justify her existence now that she can’t ride her famous aunt’s taint to shame and bitches”Alas I mustn’t be alarmed Good old Suzanne will soldier on and continue to throw feminism and women as a whole under the bus via her various articles appearances on FOX News her “I’d like to speak to the manager” hair do and her books Yep Suzanne has written other books and I just had to review another one for my beloved readers Hence my review of Suzanne’s latest opus “How to Choose a Husband And Make Peace with MarriageNow this isn’t a typical how to find a man and getting him to marry book you’re likely to find in the self help section of your favorite book store or through a uick search on Nope in this booker Venker goes on a totally tizzy about pop culture the media education the household careers and the workplace raising children confused men bitchy women and her favorite punching bag feminismHow to Choose a Husband has two parts Part One named “You Go Girl” contains four finger wagging chapters—The Naked Emperor Never Rely on a Man Slutville and Expectations Part Two offers a 12 step program on how to find a cash register on legs oops a husband and find the one true life for all women life as a wife and mother And if you desire any life beyond a wife and mother well you are truly an awful person These steps include the followingLive an Examined LifeGet Over YourselfReturn to FemininityDon’t Rely on LoveGet a Ring Not a RoommateReject the Green Grass SyndromeMarry the Accountant Not the ArtistKnow Your BodyAccept It You Can’t Have it AllDecide to StayKnow God Know PeaceLearn How to Be a Wife What Do You Bring to the TableAnd in the last tiresome part of How to Choose a Husband Venker provides a list on the “do’s and don’ts” of being a wifeIn “You Go Girl Venker pretty much spews out the same rubbish she and her late Aunt used to dismiss feminism while also dismissing the self esteem movement pop culture getting an education and having a career and recognizing oneself as being a fully sexually human being Needless to say you can just read my review of Venker and Schlafly’s book The Flipside of Feminism to get an idea on how I felt about this part of How to Choose HusbandAnd in the second part Venker’s 12 Step program to finding your Mr Right Wing pretty much is summed up in the chapter titles alone Once again I don’t have to go into very much detail other than to say Venker spends uite a bit of text bitching about a first marriage to a man named Chris that ended in a divorce and Chris probably thanking his lucky stars he was unshackled from Vengeance I mean Venker In fact by the time I finished this part I knew about Chris than I know about Venker’s current husband Damn it Suzie Spew get a grip or therapy or a fucking vibrator This early marriage is dead and buried and now you claim to be in a happy second marriageI also noticed another thing while reading this part Venker doesn’t seem to realize that most women know that marriage is than just being in love fertility lessens as one gets older being married to an accountant is probably a bit secure than being a starving artist then a man can be an accountant and an artist and an accountant can lose his job just as much as an artist can have a successful career as a graphic designer and paint in his free time and nobody including men have it all And if you ask me I think “having it all” is of a media creation than a tenant of feminism I also think most women realize they should be committed to their marriage vows and they should bring good things to a marriageHowever I must take issue with both returning to femininity and knowing God means knowing peace On the first part am I less feminine because unlike Venker I identify as a feminist Or am I feminine because I have long hair past my shoulders and Venker has short hair I’m just so confusedI also deplored her step about knowing peace in a marriage means knowing God Right now I can think of two marriages where the partners for the most part are uite secular and their marriages are thriving and very happy I’d rather throw myself off a bridge than be married to pieces of shit like Josh Duggar or Phil RobertsonSpeaking of reality TV cretins as much as Venker accuses pop culture of corrupting women’s minds she wastes no time using pop culture to advance her point She considers Steve “Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man” Harvey is an expert on marriage Well I guess he is; he’s on his third She also thinks Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey is an upstanding guy because he asks doesn’t demand Anastasia Steel to his controlled submissive and masochistic boo Well now that you’ve put it that way VenkerOriginally Published at the Book Self

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How to Choose a HusbandTisfied they must do a 180 when it comes to their attitude toward sex courtship and married lifeIf they do marriageable men will reappear – and women will find the love that eludes th. I was a feminist and studied feminist theory for 4 years until God opened my eyes and saw the evil that it is While it is true some men are abusers and don't respect women most guys aren't like that and would want to protect women and are ok to get along with The idea that men are bad is propaganda and blown up by the media to perpetuate hate In reality feminism is designed to destroy the family unit demoralize women promote abortion in the name of 'euality' and 'women's rights'Suzanne Venker does a good job of telling us how feminism is a big fat lie Strong and direct to the point If you want to be successful in your relationships with men do the opposite of what the feminist saturated media tells you Her book outlines 12 steps on navigating your way out from feminism and live your life as the woman God made you to be