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Shards of HonorEmber Aral and Cordelia survive countless mishaps while their mutual admiration and even stronger feelings emer. I'm definitely sold on this series by now These books might be old this particular volume was published in 1986 but they hold up very nicely and address ageless topics some even in a better way than modern books doThis second volume my group and I read them in chronological order is about Cordelia Naismith a Betan captain of a survey team and Aral Vorkosigan a commander of a Barrayaran military outpost They meet on an almost unexplored planet one day and need to join forces in order to survive To their mutual surprise and that of everyone else they learn to respect one another The reason simply is that both of them are honourable people serving their respective society Cordelia's people are a bit advanced when it comes to the role of women and euality less stiff one might say but also kind of unorganized and childish in many instances while the Barrayaran society is patriarchal and militaristic However none of those societies are without fault just the author's way of being realistic There are really bad examples of human beings in both of them The book is full of battles not just mindless action but intelligent war tactics and freuent political intrigue that give it a very nice pace while we also get a wonderful non cheesy romance that progresses nicely throughout the story Cordelia is very much her own women capable and strong but that doesn't mean she can't fall in love with Aral And just because Aral is who he is doesn't mean that he is a caveman who would hold Cordelia back from being who she isThe characters are vivid and realistic the secondary ones such as Bothari as much as the two MCs just like the warring cultures presented Nobody and nothing is perfect there is a semi unexpected turn in the last bit of the book setting the scene for the rest of the series There are some deeper levels to the story as well such as change being necessary and inevitable everyone having to adapt in order to stay true to oneself and do the right thing or sacrifice and costs Cordelia put that very nicely The overall writing pulls the reader in from start to finish and the narrators did a wonderful job in bringing the story to life again despite the age which is a funny remark considering how much I hated a certain psychologist for stating that the romance between Cordelia and Aral was obviously fake because Cordelia was already 34 and Aral even older lolPS This also had the short story Aftermath at the end of the actual novel and it was an interesting insight into what the war had done to both societies and the pychology of people on both sides

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Shards of Honor Free download Æ 105 ß When Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar she is taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambitious and ruthless crew member Aral and Cordelia survive countless mishaps while their mutual admiration and eveWhen Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar she is taken prisoner. Cordelia Naismith is the captain of an astronomical survey ship from the peaceful Beta Colony Lord Aral Vorkosigan is the leader of a secret military mission from the warlike planet Barrayar the title Shards of Honor no doubt refers to the small bits of honor that Aral must cling to as he finds himself a central figure in a massive undertaking that will sacrifice thousands of innocents for the greater good; it also may refer to the honor that Cordelia herself gains and loses and gains again as her fate becomes increasingly intertwined with that of the unjustly infamous Aral also known as The Butcher of Komarr this excellent novel is the first in the massive Vorkosigan Saga which currently numbers over 25 novels and short stories it is also Bujold's first full length work an impressive achievementthe novel is a chamber piece with a galactic background space opera boiled down to two major characters and several intriguing supporting characters with acts of policy and war that become palpable moral and ethical conflicts for those characters it is space opera made intimate and personal; space opera where the psychology of its characters is writ as large and made as important as the various exciting twists and turns of the narrative it is also a romance one that is by turns surprising and moving and life affirming there are no ridiculously giddy or angsty moments that made me roll my eyes Cordelia and Aral are decidedly adults with a whole lifetime of pain and experience behind them watching them matter of factly fall in love was key to my enjoymentit is a novel with some teeth as well its issues are timely and timeless is a terrible sacrifice worth all of those lives to stop the deaths of even lives should nationalism be a thing that we live and die for a thing that defines our lives' trajectories and what is honor anyway a personal thing a public thing the thing that we cling to that gives our lives some kind of meaning some sense of purpose all are interesting uestions to contemplatethe prose is smart clean unfussy our heroes veer towards the nonchalant rather than towards the melodramatic they are life sized not larger than life and so the prose is a perfect match for the characterization the whole novel is excellent and thoroughly entertaining but my favorite part may be the opening third which is basically a two person trek across an unknown planet the reader gets to enjoy interesting bits of xenobiology not delivered via massive world building infodumps while Cordelia and Aral's intriguing and entirely sympathetic personalities slowly unfold to the reader and to each other it was lovely lovely may be an odd word to use for a novel that encompasses war assassination depraved villains forced drug use attempted rape the children of rape a mental breakdown and the abandonment of one's home but Shards of Honor is indeed a lovely thing a uietly moving experience

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By Aral Vorkosigan commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambitious and ruthless crew m. Be warned the jacket blurb describes only a minor portion of the story My version you askLove in the background of space opera Female captain leads research team investigating exotic planet Expedition is attacked and a researcher is killed Hostile man takes woman prisoner and they fall in love while death marching across alien planet Alas Woman and man are soon to be adversaries in an interstellar war and are torn apart by loyalties to their commands Then woman volunteers to captain a near suicide mission and is taken captive again but this time by Maruis de Sade Junior Will she escape Will she reunite with her love Will they overcome obscure political maneuvers and overzealous patriots to ultimately consummate their loveComplete cheese right But it's American style cheese that does so well melted and grilled into a comfort food delight Shards is not particularly subtle or unusual but it manages to be an engaging read While I can't say that I found the same sophistication and characterization that I read in The Curse of Chalion it still had melty goodness For instance there were vampire balloons and giant crabs hard to go wrong there Dialogue was engaging and I find her writing style is a nice balance between world building and action and pleasantly sophisticated in wording and ideas Her characters have nice flashes of humor in the midst of struggle Plot wasn't particularly remarkable but managed an unexpected twist or two The first part of the book the march across the alien world was enjoyable but I found the plot seriously disintegrating towards the end especially when view spoiler Cordelia's people start to suspect her of being brain washed She talks her way onto a freighter And draws on enough funds to cross a galaxy despite being on the run But we gloss over those challenges hide spoiler