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Hidden Sisters of the Heart Book #1 Read Å 102 ↠ When Anna decides it's time to leave her abusive boyfriend she doesn't know where to turn Rob has completely won over her parents and the entire community with his good looks and smooth charm Only Anna has seen his dark sideDesperate she runs to the only place she's ever felt completelWhen Anna decides it's time to leave her abusive boyfriend she doesn't know where to turn Rob has completely won over her parents and the entire community with his good looks and smooth charm Only Anna has seen his dark sideDesperate she runs to the only place she's ever felt completely safe the Amish Brenneman Bed and Breakfast. I find myself not having much to say about this novel The storyline was engaging enough however I found myself just reading to get through it rather than out of enjoyment I felt that the characters were one dimensional the dialogue stilted and and the plot to have very little movement and felt predictable There were repeats of the same scenes just written in different ways I didn’t feel any connection to the characters so I couldn’t feel a lot of investment in the story There was a lot of telling in the story and very little showingThe main character Anna leaves an abusive boyfriend by escaping to an Amish bed and breakfast a place owned by a family that she has corresponding with since visiting there as a teenager Rob the abusive boyfriend is well known and well liked so Anna feels little recourse but to escape feeling that no one will side with her particularly her parents who have witnessed her flighty immature behavior throughout the yearsI was uncomfortable with some of the wording that Anna used it seemed to imply that Rob’s abuse in some way her fault which I don’t think was the intention at all I think it was meant to show that she was sacrificial and putting others before herself but to me it just came across as unrealistic Rob’s character was very on the surface there was no motivation to him no backstory that might provide a little insight into why he was that way Overall this was just okay for me and I won’t be continuing on with this series

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An Englisher like her But as he gets to know Anna he discovers her good heart and is surprised with her readiness to accept their lifestyleThe time Anna spends with the Amish the she feels she's found a true home But how can she deny the life she left behind And will her chance for happiness be stolen away by the man from her pa. Sweet Amish romanceI've read many stories of the Amish involving their lives joys and sorrows and of course a romance was usually involved The idea of an Englischer and Plain person becoming attracted to one another isn't new In Hidden Anna during her teens takes a uilting class along with her mother and she meets Katie an Amish girl They maintain a friendship through letters and Anna spends some time at the BB owned by Katie's family the Brennemens Anna an only child is rather spoiled and flighty and after three attempts to attend college and several short term relationships and various job she is working only part time at an insurance agency in order to have time to help with her latest boyfriend Rob's political campaign He is running for state representative in Ohio and is a wealthy influential and charismatic lawyer Anna learns that his charm is only surface after discovering his misuse of campaign funds His abuse escalates when she tries to ease out of their relationship The local sheriff and other government figures are in his pocket and no one not even her parents believe her when she tries to tell them he is dangerous With no place else to turn she covers her tracks and takes refuge with Katie's family who welcome her warmly except for Henry Katie's older brother He remembers the vain self centered teen from her past visit and has since been badly hurt when Rachel a girl he was courting ran off and married an Englischer Both Henry and Anna have some soul searching to do Anna has fallen away from her childhood faith and is grieving and angry with her parents for their lack of support Henry needs to let go of the past and begin to trust again in God's plan for his life again The two become friends and support each other during a difficult time but Anna needs to resolve her issues with her past before she can commit to the future even though she is drawn to the Amish life and the possibility of a deeper relationship with Henry Can Anna and Henry overcome all that stands in the way of their courtship Is Anna just running away from her problems again I found the story interesting and appreciated the freuent use of scripture verses but understand that many readers do not Unfortunately the book did not flow well for me I found the growing relationship between the h and H unconvincing as well as Anna's rapid changes in outlook growth in spiritual maturity I was confused with her parents attitude and her own doubts once they were reunited There were just too many uncrossed Ts and undotted Is The book has promise but I don't think it was uite ready to be published

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Hidden Sisters of the Heart Book #1Where Anna met life long friend Katie Brenneman The family welcomes her in and with few uestions asked allows her to stay dressed in Plain clothing and help around the innKatie's older brother Henry is the only one who doesn't take too kindly to the intrusion He tries to ignore Anna knowing no good would ever come from caring for. Could not tear myself away until it was finishedHidden Sisters of the Heart Book 1 by Shelley Shepard Gray was a great readLoved the very descriptive friendship between Anna and her Amish friend Katie and the insight and growth of character of Anna when she escapes her abusive boyfriend and goes to Katie and her familyI think this would be an excellent book for teen girls to read how to recognize the signs of one of those abusive creeps like Anna's boyfriend and how their sick minds workHopefully it will make young women promise themselves to never take that crap from any manThe story had a lot of sweetness to it but also some edge of your seat suspenseHighly recommend this book and I definitely intend to read the other two books and by this author I also loved her Amish mystery seriesthe Secrets of Crittenden County trilogy