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kindle á Heart of Dracula Immortal Soul #1 Ò Kindle Edition ☆ naturaltreatment ✓ Boston 1897Death comes to the city heralded by a crimson moon and screams in the night The Vampire King has come to claim the city unless he can be stoppedMaxine Parker has lived a solitary life NoHemBut as she is thrust into the middle of a war between the enigmatic and alluring Vampire King and three stalwart hunters she learns she cannot kill what is already dea This Was AmazingVampires have been my very favourite since I was 13 and picked up several series of books including The Vampire Chronicles There is something to fascinating about them Unfortunately vampires in novels have been done so much and have increasingly lost that fascination and allure and demoted to pretty boys with six packs who just happen to have fangs Vampires areother They do not look human and they are not driven my human morals Any rationalbyuman should find thembdeeply disturbing yet some sick and morbid fascination draws us to them anyway There is also something incredibly tragic about the figure of the Vampire I think this is what I always found Ann Rice did so well walked that line between inhuman monster and sympathy Well this book was utterly delightful and refreshing because Vlad is exactly how a vampire should be and I loved every second of it If you've read any of the author's books before then you know they are classified as villain romance in that the hero of the talents very much the villain I am always impressed that while the characters are horrifying they are sympathetic as well I also loved Maxine Everything about her was so interesting and her attraction gland understanding ofbVlad made so much sense based on what her life was like I think this might be my favourite book of the author's yet Dare I say move mover Book 2 AonIf you love proper vampires and can deal with villains then I think you'll love this

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As lived a solitary life Not because she wishes to but because she has no choice Her empathic ability has rendered it impossible for her to touch anyone without killing t When one of my favorite authors writes a Dracula retelling you bet I'm going to read itand love itHeart of Dracula has a heroine who is uite different from the ones that I've previously seen in the author's books Maxine Parker is an empath and her gift is also a curse as it sets her apart from others and makes it difficult for her to touch others She can literally kill people with her touchgave me Shatter Me vibesAnd though she hasn't let her experiences change her she's still lonely you know In comes a group of hunters who seek her help Dracula has come to lay claim to Boston and the vampire hunters think that she could help them in locating and defeating him Just by seeking her out they've put her in the sights of the vampires and there's no way out for Maxine so she agrees to help them Little does she know that Dracula has found her now too And how hard he'll find it to let her goWhat I loved about this book other than the characters was the fact that the storyline and everything is completely original We've got elements of the original Dracula in here but everything else is completely new and it's like the events in Dracula took place before this one So that was uite refreshing and I was pulled in by this vivid new world that Kathryn Ann Kingsley had createdMaxine was an amazing protagonist She is a little naive and sheltered but that doesn't make her meek or stupid She knows when to take her stand and when to let things go She's also very intelligent and I loved the way she viewed the world and the people around her “All we are in the end is a product of our context” She continued to circle her fingers along the wood grooves thoughtfully “A series of events that surround us and define us You are what you are because of the life you have lived Some of it was your doing much of it was not But it is what created you all the same”I loved watching her grow and become stronger in this book The she interacted with the hunters and Vlad the bolder she became She was pulled in by the possibilities that Vlad offered her the ones that she'd never thought were possible and at the same time she's not blind to the danger he presents I loved the interactions between Vlad and herVlad is so ancient and mysterious but at one point you do feel sorry for him too It won't justify all the actions and the pain that he's caused but one can't help but root for him to get the girlAnd come on he could charm the pants off a grandma with declarations like these “When this world burns to dust and the sun swallows it whole I will have seen all of humanity come and go before me I can control the nature of the world around me I am expert in what is real my darling If you are a dream then it is one from which I do not ever wish to be woken”How can one not fall in love with Kathryn Ann Kingsley's villains LolHe has almost beat Aon from the top of my list I'll have to read the next book before I make the final judgement PPlus there are so many tidbits sprinkled here and there about his past and there definitely must be a reason for him to capture a city everytime Can't wait to find out I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Heart of Dracula Immortal Soul #1Boston 1897Death comes to the city heralded by a crimson moon and screams in the night The Vampire King has come to claim the city unless he can be stoppedMaxine Parker h I love this author I love this Dracula and the heroine is not so bad herself As always I can't wait to read the next one