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Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory #1Of wins and a lot of attention the good kind But now I have nothing My life is circling the drain The only spark of light that exists for me is my new forbidden passion If my st I loved the details and explanations about horse riding training and grooming A lot of it was based off of the author’s personal experiences I appreciate that the author took bits and pieces from her background as a rider so it all of it felt very authentic Some of my favorite parts of the book were the ones where Tea was dealing with Schweppes and Cameo Tea’s relationship with the horses made me understand them The writing was consistently good throughout the book It was easy to read easy to follow The plot was solid and well constructed I loved the characters and found myself rooting for each and every one of them Even the horses had their own distinct and endearing personalities And the dialogue was so realistic Seth was just the most adorable brother Dec as flawed as he is was a great character You could feel his frustration and confusion very well and it made me feel sorry for him Tea was very relatable and it was easy to empathize with her even though she sometimes had lapses in judgment But hey we all have our moments rightRead the rest of this review on Reading Good Books

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EBOOK ¾ EPUB Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory #1 ä Ï NATURALTREATMENT ´ WINNER 2018 Winnie Award for fictionWhat if you had to choose between the life that you love and the love of your lifeLast year I had it all Two jumpers on the show circuit a lot of wins and a lot of attention the good kindEpfather finds out he will kill me My twin brother my only blood relative in the world has already begged me not to But I can't help myself If it can't be horses it has to be thi “Blaze of Glory” is a very luscious saga with plenty of conflict This story moved along uickly Tea and her twin brother Seth live with their step father; who adopted them when their mother fell ill They board and train horses as a family business Tea is a bit stubborn but a very tempestuous 17 year old She seems to be determined to put herself in harm's way at times Whether she is standing up for her horses or her brother she is a force to be reckoned with She is at home and the world melts away when she is on her beloved horse Blaze Together Tea and Blaze dominate the horse jumping competitions they enter Tea's life is thrown into turmoil yet again when tragedy strikes She seems to be in a downward spiral Then there is Jaden Her step cousin back in the picture Tea uickly becomes confused with her desire for Jaden and her emotions become complicated and unclear There are some very mature and detailed make out sessionsI really liked the way Tea's character is developed throughout the story It was hard to put this book down I was constantly pulled in as she slowly made her way through the ups and down of her life to become a confident and amazing young woman There was only one time I jerked myself willingly away from her story That was because I saw what was coming and I did not want to be a part of the tragedy that was about to hit That didn't last long though and I was right back emerging myself in the devastation that befell her in that moment It is difficult to read with tears in your eyes With that said I must say the author did a fantastic job integrating readers into Tea's personality and life from her point of viewhttpsweepstakeloverblogspotcom2

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WINNER 2018 Winnie Award for fictionWhat if you had to choose between the life that you love and the love of your lifeLast year I had it all Two jumpers on the show circuit a lot Have you ever read a book you want to love but just can't Blaze of Glory is one of those books for meTea is seventeen and on her way to a promising career in horse jumping not sure that's the right term Her life revolves around her family friends and horses until one day she gets into an accident and her career is put on hold as she struggles to find her way back While she's struggling her hot 23 year old polo playing cousin Jaden steps in to play her protector from the bad choices she makes in her life And through their experiences together they develop a very strong bond platonic at first and then than platonic in Tea's mind The first half of the book is centered around Tea's love for horses and the second is centered around Tea's love for JadenThis review is hard to write because I really liked the story and I loved the characters but throughout the book I was pretending and creating a plot of my own to get over some fundamental flaws I had with the book which is why I think I enjoyed it so much But there are a few things that I just can't get over personally which also means I can't recommend this book to anyoneFirst this book is written for a young adult audience The main character is a 17 year old girl meaning the ideal audience for this would probably be teenage girls The last uarter of the book is about Tea and her sexual relationship with a 23 year old man The author through Tea treated sex like it wasn't a big deal and was just something that other people were doing so she should too I completely disagree with this and wouldn't want my teenage daughter to read it If this book were written for an adult audience and dealt with an adult relationship I would be much lenient on the author And I know sex is everywhere right now and teens are out there having sex but it doesn't mean that we need to write or read books where it's just something that you doAnd second I had a huge problem with the Tea and Jaden having a relationship when they are actual first cousins I tried over and over again to convince myself that it didn't matter because they weren't related by blood but they were related by adoption making them legal 1st cousins It does matter and completely jaded my opinion of the storyline I'm not sure why Jaden couldn't have been just like a cousin or just like a brother someone's best friend etc not an actual relativeIf you can get over those two fundamental flaws this book may for you Like I said when I imagined Tea and Jaden as just a man and a woman not a teenage girl and her cousin I loved this story and found it hard to put down I also loved the characters and the way they were so well developed But for me the two things above ruined the book for me and I really can't recommend it I will probably read something by M Garzon in the future because I enjoyed the writing but only if the storyline is one I can get behind 2 stars