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PDF È BOOK Ghost House FREE Õ NATURALTREATMENT ✓ From the New York Times bestselling author of Halo comes the start of a beautiful and powerful new seriesAfter the loss of her mother Chloe Kennedy starts seeing the ghosts that haunted her as a young girl again Spending time at her grandmother's country estate in the south From the New York Times bestselling author of Halo comes the start of a beautiful and powerful new seriesAfter the loss of her mother Chloe Kennedy starts seeing the ghosts that haunted her as a young girl again Spending time at her grandmother's country estate in the south of England is her chance to g So this was what passion felt like This was what prompted lovers to take wild risks I understood now how invincible Romeo and Juliet had felt Maybe she's born with itMaybe it's Twilightonly worseGrab a bottle of vodka settle in This is going to be a long fucking review guysA beautiful young woman attractive to everyone but herself is torn from her mother She is sent off to a wild rural town to live with a relative she barely knows Her father is distant cold not uite sure of how to take care of a young womanIn this distant cold rural region so far away from the warm landscape she has always known this young woman finds an unsual young man This young man isnot alive “You’re not real are you?Alive” I clarified impatient for the answer“No” He sighed “But you already knew that” He needs an invitation to enter “Do you see it as an invasion?” he asked with a wry smile “You invited me in” He haunts her room I took him in from head to foot only then realizing that he’d appeared in my room without coming through the door He is over 100 years old “I certainly don’t feel young” he replied “Perhaps because I’ve had a century and a half to dwell on my mistakes” And he doesn't want her to suffer his cursed existence “Chloe you have a whole life to live Mine is a half life lurking in shadows trapped by the past I have nothing but an illusion to offer I won’t ruin the life of someone I love” Not exactly You see Alex has golden hair He was tall and broad shouldered with dark gold hair tousled by the wind and a slender body SEVEN REASONS WHY TWILIGHT IS SUPERIOR TO GHOST HOUSE1 The main character Chloe is a bigger Mary Sue than Bella It was years before I realized I was alone in my abilities I would sometimes wonder why me? She is almost an orphan At the beginning of the book her mom died Her dad doesn't care and she is sent off to live with her grandmother where she is pretty much unsupervised throughout the entire fucking book Do whatever Sneak out Who cares It's a vacation She doesn't even have to go to school People? Who are people? She's alone all the fucking time to chill with ghost boy AlexShe is special So fucking special Not only Alex falls into insta love with her on that later but local boy Joe falls in love with her both within like 50 fucking pages of the book on that later you better fucking believe there will be on that later But she's soooooooooooooo special She has special abilities There's nobody else like her At least Bella doesn't develop anything super special until later on This is book 1 people BOOK 1 May’s eyes shone “You can do a great deal More than all of us combined” But then again Bella never fell in love with a man with golden hair I could just make out the bold sweep of golden hair that accentuated his fine featured profile 2 The main character talks and thinks like a 13 year old Maybe all this has been a figment of my imagination Maybe I’m really a patient in a psych ward and this is just a fantasy I’ve created in my head Maybe I never left America Maybe my name isn’t even Chloe Okaythis train of thought isn’t helping Call me unforgiving but when a character is almost 18 claims to be absurdly intelligent and blessed with special special abilities it is pretty reasonable of me to expect her to talk like you knowan intelligent 18 year old? “Are you trying to scare me?” I demanded “Because that’s a dick move” “Fine be a jerk” I shouted kicking at the dirt “But I just want you to know this is very uncool Friends don’t bail on friends when things get tough “Not cool” I told themNot cool Cool Dick move Wiki it Don't bail on me duuuuuuuuuuude What am I watching? MTV? Or maybe I should just get out my walker and cane now being the ripe old age of 30 as I am Maybe this is how all the yong hip cats talk these days Bella would neverBut then again Bella never had the sense to fall in love with someone with golden hair Alex stops his blue eyes startling in the sunlight strands pushed away from his noble forehead like a mane of gold 3 Alex is an 18th century Ken Doll with neither a penis or a brain “We’re not ready Chloe” he answered “We should wait I wouldn’t want you doing anything you might regreteven in a dream” OH MY GOD IT'S HALO ALL OVER AGAIN The main love interest doesn't have a dick He is so fucking pure he might have worn one of those purity rings if they had existed back then To be fair everyone sorta wore purity rings internally when he was alive because virginity was the shit in the 19th century but this is Alex this is a guy who cheated on his own brother with his brother's wife BUT NOOOOOO IT'S PURITY CHASTITY ALL THE WAY WHEN IT COMES TO CHLOEHe thinks all other girls dress like slutsincluding Chloe's friends “Good God” his eyes widened “Why do you carry images of harlots on your person?” And the sad thing is that Chloe doesn't even disagree that they're harlots Alex is such a fucking prude coming from the 19th century yet he thinks nothing of coming into Chloe's room and being alone gasp UNCHAPERONED with her at night So fucking contradictoryAlex is as sexless as Ken As much as Edward But then again Ken never hadoh wait He does have golden hair Just like Alex His wheat gold hair was tousled and took on a pale sheen in the moonlight 4 There is overwhelming insta love and the MC It might be imprudent and it might be irrational but something was happening here even if I couldn’t find a label for it Time and space dissolved around me and I felt like I’d been waiting all my life for Alexander Reade to show up You'll take my word that there's insta love right? I mean I could include all the uotes I have marked down for the luuuuurve but then again I can't be uoting half the book Let me just reassure you that it exists and there's lots of it The main characters are like OMG WE ARE MEANT TO BE DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOU ONCE LOVED SOMEONE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF AND SO MUCH THAT YOU'RE HAUNTING THE HOUSE IN WHICH SHE LIVED IN FOR 150 YEARS BECAUSE YOU'RE TIED TO HER111ONE1Seriously I swear to god there's insta attraction when they meet and in several days she feels like their connection reaches down deep into the sooooooooooooul maaaaaan Groooooooovy dude And he's all I CARE FOR YOU AND YOU ARE SPESHUL EVEN IF I'VE ONLY KNOWN YOU ALL OF 3 DAYS And she who protested so much against leaving California comes to feel like HE IS HER WHOLE LIFE It was as if my whole life was now contained in this house and its grounds I wasn’t even sure I would remember how to place an order at Coffee Bean or navigate traffic on the 405 THE HORROR THAT IS GHOST HOUSEBut then again insta love may be acceptable I mean Alex had golden hair He was wearing the long fawn coat I’d seen once before and his golden hair was swept boldly away from his face 5 There is a completely unnecessary love triangleat least Twilight waited til book 2 “But the thing is Chloe” He bit his lip “I think I might be falling for you I wouldn’t take a chandelier for just anyone” PS A chanderlier literally fell on him impaling him and almost killing him But it's all good because Joe did it for the love of ChloeJoe the half assed version of Jacob without wellthisIn the middle of fucking England you have a cowboy boot wearing private school attending horseman Who's very handsome Who just happens to instantly fall for Chloe because she admires his music He thinks she's special after she utters all of 5 words to him words that are like the euivalent of Uh hyuk hyk hyuk u cool man Lol Chloe so adorkable Fuck you Doesn't really matter if the school next to his is filled with girls one of whom is lovely sweet and desperately wants to love himCause Joe y's only got eyes for Chloe I meant that to rhyme Chloe's fucking perfect Even after she nearly causes him to die his parent's all like “Joe never stops talking about you” Joe’s mother smiled through her tears “You must be very special” She likes Joe She loves Alex What's a girl to do????1But maybe there wouldn't even have been a love triangle if one of the love interests in Twilight had golden hair I knew it was Alex by the way he held himself stiff and upright with the straight fall of gold across his face 6 There were at least relevant female characters in Twilight Ghost House is about CHLOE CHLOE CHLOE Her best friends in California are shallow bitches who are never seen again and only brought up occasionally for slut shaming When we meet them for the first and last time they're portrayed to be stupid fucking California hos without a brain cell in their boobs They use their looks to get ahead Sam’s voice on the other line was shrill and demanding I could just picture her wearing the puppy dog pout she always wore when she wasn’t happy about something It was a face her dad had trouble resisting Recently it had scored her both a new car and a pair of Louboutins She is so much better than her friends and she only hangs out with them becausewell because there's no other option But the implication is there Chloe is superior to every girl or woman in the book I wasn’t sure how the conversation had turned into me consoling them Sometimes I had to wonder how they’d come to be my closest friends Her grandmother is a bossy icy British bitch the euivalent of Hyacinth Bucket pronounced Bouuet from Keeping Up Appearances The old housekeeper wellGod she was creepy with her crumpled body and shadowy eyes I knew I was being unkind; she was probably just old and tired What did I know about her life and its hardships?That might have been cute if she had truly believed she was being unkind but the entire book emphasizes how old and thin and creepy Miss Grimes looks It feels less observant More malicious SpitefulBut it's all good because the only female character that matters falls in love with someone with golden hair Alex is wearing a ruffled shirt and his burnished gold hair is pulled back in its usual ponytail 7 In comparison Stephanie Meyer can actually writeExamples from Ghost House I let out a soft gasp as his body pressed against mine It was cool in a comforting way like when you scalded your hand and ran it under water His touch always brought me relief like he was soothing my body which felt like it was on fire right now a huge chunk of my family had been ripped away like when a tornado sucks out the guts of a house leaving an empty shell His words although intended to offer comfort were like opening a wound that had just started to close over I felt like I was wading into uncharted waters without a life raft Isobel It was the name of someone you wouldn’t want to mess with It even sounded ominous like the tolling of a bell Rory’s teeth were clattering so loudly it sounded like coins falling onto a wooden floorBut then again she never gave Edward a golden head of hair Shame Through the glass panel of the door I caught a flash of a figure striding by in a dark coat his tangle of golden hair falling over his eyes

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Et away from her grief and the spirits that haunt her Until she meets a mysterious strangerAlexander Reade is 157 years dead with secrets darker than the lake surrounding Grange Hall and a lifelike presence that draws Chloe strongly than any ghost before But the bond between them awakens the vengeful sp Pre read Oh wow I thinkthis may be my very first read from the author hereI'm going in guys Seriously I'm taking the plunge Let's hope it turns out well crosses fingersPost read Upon finishing Ghost House I feel a myriad of frustrations along several levels but the one comment I've made that my mind keeps coming back is this If this book had been put in the hands of a capable writer this could've actually been a good story despite how formulaic it was Unfortunately the downfall pretty much 98% of the problems I saw of the novel was its extremely juvenile and lackluster writingFull reviewI feel like I've run a marathon reading Alexandra Adornetto's Ghost House because of the many patience breaks I took to be able to slog through it This is my first read from the author and while I haven't read her first series Halo and notably I don't plan on doing so because of its respective content issues I've read enough excerpts and opinions surrounding the series to get an idea of what it offeredOne note I'll start with in this review is that I'm really drawn to YA ghost stories Liked them ever since I was a kid I think some can be creepy some contemplative some reflective others sweet depending on the content of the workThe thing about Ghost House that I knew going in was that it had a very template PNR structure to it Upon finishing it I would say that pretty much any YA writer could've made this a compelling powerful read in the vein of PNR or a tough subject read reflecting on loss and even having an ending that provides an unexpected promise of reunion You have a protagonist who unexpectedly lost her mother never mentioned cause of death probably would've made it significant if something had been the girl's life gets upended to England she meets a ghost with a troubled past and has an alluring pull to her in ways than one But in the same breath she ends up the target of another vengeful spirit who has ties with the ghost her affections turn toward and there's a bit of a historical story interspersed that tells the story of these two ghosts and the tragic circumstances that befall them And interspersed with that the protagonist has to come to terms with her own loss and sentiments with the people who surround herThat sounds like a compelling template right? And like I said pretty much any writer in the vein of YA could probably make this work in an interesting wayAnyone EXCEPT Alexandra Adornetto Rose pinches brow and sighs I'm pretty floored in the aftermath of reading this because the main problem with Ghost House is the extremely poor writing And there's no excuse for it none at all A lot of the problems I saw in this narrative are things that are textbook Fiction Writing 101 things that can be fixed with thorough editing and just common sense for knowing what makes a narrative move best There are massive infodumps that cut the tension in this book short where it would be potent superfluous tangents that a reader probably wouldn't care less about and formulaic progressions that have very little to no imagination behind them particularly with the template considered And I don't understand why these issues weren't addressed before this book ever hit primetime Chloe the protagonist is a rather insufferable lead to follow when all is said and done She's not as bad when we first meet her considering the loss of her mother and dealing with family issues I kind of felt for her because I had the consideration of the recent loss of my own mother so the beginning had me for Chloe's struggles She shows her naivete in places with the assumptions she makes about British culture and for an American teenager she felt uite awkward for presentation for the most part I honestly thought it was an inaccurate portrayal She comes across as not only culturally ignorant but also uses phrases that seem to bounce between American and something else too formal for the character voice It threw me out than a few times through the storyWhat made it worse was the fact that Chloe's character is constantly assuming and in her own head most of the narrative there wasn't a lot of dynamic actions to be had Details were told than shown and the moments that were shown were superfluous environmental details that did too much bogging down the flow of the story The dialogues between characters were stiff particularly as Chloe makes her way to England ends up instaloving between a handsome ghost that she sees upon the grounds and also instaloving on another living boy who befriends her It's all too convenient and the way that Chloe will go from the immediate encounters that promise fear and peril to random tangents that break the tension really bothered me I mean seriously digressing to contemplations over ghost sex? Come on One of the times when Chloe's brother was drowning she really doesn't do anything but observe in the scene and what should've been a scene with heightened tensions came across as a heroine who really did nothing at all while everyone else was acting around her and felt tedious in its recounting of details But Chloe's has the power to right all wrongs and triumph over evilWaitwrong scenario I'm thinking of Sailor MoonI struggled uite a bit to follow Chloe because for all the clumsiness she had as a character her telegraphing of her clumsiness and the cluttered presentation of that and lack of focus made it a hard read Word to the wise just because you have a clumsy character doesn't mean your presentation of that should be clumsy I struggled through this even when I was at least partially intrigued by the backstory of the ghosts particularly Alexander Reade and his former lover Isobel Alex wasn't exactly a bad character for a ghost but he was too convenient of an LI and Isobel had enough creepy factors surrounding her and mystiue to carry the narrative at least some of the way Not enough but some and that's what saved this narrative from me giving it a half star or even 1 star for the read I'm being extremely generous with saying that because people with lesser patience than me I don't see them even getting past the tedious and formulaic pointsI still feel like the periodic details of this were skipped around and not really accurate to the time for language and set up When it is revealed what led to Alexander's and Isobel's demises it's a tragic circumstance but the juvenile interludes really shortchange the impact of what that presented here Also I saw that the narrative was trying to draw a powerful parallel of loss in Chloe's life with the ghosts here but again the problem is the focus of the narrative On one hand it tries too hard to telegraph this in blunt terms not allowing the emotion to come through on its own and on another it diverts from the pertinent turns of the narrative to Chloe's instalustThe ending is really another beginning in what seems to be a longer series but while I saw a parallel in the ending of this with an anime series I remember watching long ago Fushigi Yuugi I can't really say it was a cute reveal because it was such a long slog getting to that point I was ready to be done with the novel by the time I finished and I think if the narrative is going to carry past this point it's got to gain one major thing in its overarching presentation FOCUS And Adornetto does not have that in her narrative hereThere weren't many specific things I could recall that I was offended by in the overarching narrative maybe a few things about virginity and other odd tangents that made me side eye my reader screen a few times But while it's not the worst narrative I've read it could use a lot of workI think those who have read Adornetto's Halo series or her other books will not have seen much growth in narration from the author here and that is likely to her detriment Ghost House seems to make the same mistakes for narration and follow so much to the template of its genre that it doesn't really stand out in the vein of YA PNR And that makes it a forgettable title despite some points where it could've had promise Unfortunately I wasn't impressed and I'm not sure if I'd pick up another title from the author based on this considering it was such a tedious unfocused readOverall 155 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Harleuin TEEN

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Ghost HouseIrit of Alexander's past love Isobel And she will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who threatens to take him from herTo stop Isobel Chloe must push her developing abilities to their most dangerous limits even if it means losing Alex forever and giving the hungry dead a chance to claim her for their own Really 15 stars To see full review click hereMJ I think this is the year to fuck up with Meg Cabot series First the Princess Diaries series got fucked over by Royally Lost and now Alexandra Adornetto is bastardizing The Mediator seriesWhy? Alexandra Adornetto of all people?What was Harleuin Teen thinking? Maybe they recommend the series to Adornetto so that she could get a feeling of what a strong female character butYou know what I’ve done enough talking I think it’s time to take this review to today’s guest host I don’t own property rights to her or her handsome costar since I’m not the great Meg Cabot but I do envy her sassy sense of dressing her non jerky not so dead boyfriend and her penchant for headbutting ghost Give a hand to Ms Susannah SimonSuze Simon I thought this was suppose to be a lecture on how to ghost bust?MJ It’s actually of a tutorial session I mean you’re going to be teaching someone how to ghost bust Someone grossly incompetentSuze I’m assuming that’s not youMJ Obviously not I’ve watched enough episodes of Ghost Adventures to know it’s a bad idea to provoke ghosts and run around like a girl And oh static is so a spirit on the other side trying to talk to youSuze rolls eyes Reality television So if I’m not here to teach you then who am I teaching?MJ Well Chloe from Ghost House of courseSuze Oh fuckMJ Jesse wouldn’t approveSuze Oh Jesse can deal I don’t want to teach herChloe Why not?Suze Because it’s obvious that you read my story and didn’t listen to any of my adviceChloe I found a boy in my haunted bedroom didn’t I? He has an accent and is British So obviously that’s exciting then your lame o hot Spanish ghost in your bedroomSuze Um my ghost lame No Resounding no Your boyfriend on the other hand what a chauvinist pigChloe He’s old fashionSuze There’s a difference between being old fashioned and chauvinist And your boyfriend or insta crush since all you do is notice how good looking he is is a pig Seriously he says your friends are skanks and you’re totally okay with it? Do you know what I’d do to Jesse if he did that?Chloe Um not be friends with them anySuze No I’d tell him that he needed to get over it or we weren’t going to be together any And Jesse would get over it Because he’s just that type of guyChloe Butwhat sort of relationship is that when you argue and make compromise?Suze Argue? I’m just asking him to respect my friends it’s what a decent person would do And I for one would never trash my friends behind their backsChloe Well they are sillySuze MJ why am I here again?MJ To teach Chloe the trade of the ghost busting business so she won’t get killed Consider it community serviceSuze Why can’t Slater do it? He needs to do some community service I mean he almost sent my boyfriend to hell multiple timesMJ Fine Paul get your ass over hereChloe giggly He’s handsome Now I’m in an actual love triangleSlater SimonSuze Unformed character who thinks pretty peoplelove Let’s talk Paul what do we do when we have a rowdy ghost? Do we moan and let other ghosts try to solve our problems?Slater Hell no We exorcise the son of a bitchChloe Exorcise?Slater And you call yourself a shifterSuze MediatorMJ Actually in this book guys it’s called medium Which is actually a fairly common term But you’re right in the fact that there seemed to be little to no rules when it came to the world building I mean Chloe can just randomly do things like go back in time Of course she has a seizure during this which makes little to no sense butSlater Going back to time is difficult It took us six books And it just didn’t happen random There’s a science behind itMJ I’m just sayingSlater I’m sure you are babeMJ You’re too young for meSlater Actually I’m being aged up in a seuel so if you want my contact infoMJ blushes at her one bad boy literary crush Um yeah I mean no I mean yeah Just to do an interview of course Got to keep a blogger professionalism goingSuze Don’t fall for itMJ I never said I was Though he’s going to be legal though and he is unattachedSuze Jesse was always legalChloe And Alex is legal And he’s perfect I knew as soon as I saw that golden hair those blue eyes that it was meant to be And he always saves me And doctors me up in his own old fashionSuze What did you just say?Chloe I said he fixed my injuriesSuze You so got that out of my bookChloe I bet Jesse didn’t ask you uestions about why women read Cosmo?Suze Actually he didChloe Danced when no one could see you?Suze DidChloe Had weird thoughts about having sex with a ghost?Suze Regrettably yesSlater Ew Suze ew And as for you did you too do anything original? I mean Simon and Rico Suave and pretty vanilla when it comes to the romance department but they did have a bit of a werido relationship that’s only theirs to create I mean couldn’t you do something likego on a picnic on the moors?Chloe But what would we eat?Slater Picnics aren’t all about food Chloe if you know what I mean Hey MJ picnic?Suze You leave her aloneSlater No way Simon But you know you really could’ve done to show off England I get it rains all the time and according to you the food sucks and it’s all about Prince Harry But there’s really to that countryChloe Like what bangers and mash?Suze Like a thousand plus years of history You could do a better job showing said history Have some anglo Saxon ghosts But of course you get your boring Heathcliff wannabe Well he’s probably not a Heathcliff wannabe since he doesn’t kill puppiesSlater Was that really necessary Simon?Suze You can’t ignore details when it comes to ghosts Paul You know thatSlater True But they were living the momentSuze Yeah until his ‘evil’ ex girlfriend or dead girlfriend since they didn’t actually break up was in thereSlater Don’t be too hard on her Maria was a bitch too Remember?Suze But that was different I didn’t blame Maria for all her mistakes Diego was just as responsible for putting Jesse in the ground Isabelle did nothing but cheat on her husband with Alex But instead of Alex getting any of the blame it’s all Isabelle’s fault that every thing went to shit Also I love how she appears this decomposing monster and he looks like a supermodelSlater I personally thought de Silva had a maggot in his nose The evil ones are always uglySuze Yes just look at yourself in the mirror But seriously there’s nothing in the world that tells why Isabelle looks the way she does while Alex looks perfectChloe Because he’s goodSuze Whatever And your medium powers Just randomly come up Aided by supposed paranormal investigators who have no respect for your privacySlater I so would’ve exorcised themSuze A headbutt would’ve done just fineChloe They were just trying to helpSuze They almost killed you You lack common senseChloe So what am I suppose to do then? I mean really?MJ That’s a hard one for me to answer I mean I really don’t have much control over your future Chloe And neither do Suze and PaulChloe Then why are we staging this intervention? It was just for you to hook up with a fictional character wasn’t it?MJ Um no But that was a perk Actually it was to point out the flaws of this book And how eerily similar it was to The Mediator series Which you’d think would be a great thing since that series is probably one of the best paranormal YA series out there The thing is even though it’s a blatant ripoff it still reeks of Alexandra Adornetto’s signature faux pas regarding misogynic views and insta love Though I will give Ally’s new editors this they cut a lot of the purple prose out Oh it’s still there But it’s much bearable nowChloe So this has no purpose? Other than to show what a flop of a character I amMJ Well yeahSlater OOh burn MJ totally taking you out to dinner for that