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EBOOK ½ EPUB Gentlemen Prefer Mischief ì 9781402276347 FREE î EMILY GREENWOOD ☆ It's going to take a dash of mischief to bring these two togetherIf it hadn’t been for the haunted woods Lily Teagarden would never have spoken to her neighbor Viscount Roxham Known to the fashionabD the careless rogue who broke her fledgling heart But sightings of eerie lights among his trees are causing her trouble and she needs his helpIntrigued by this prim beauty who was once an ugly duckling Roxham agrees to investigate though hardly has he begun when she m My Rating 255An okay read Gentlemen Prefer Mischief was a sweet historical romance with an interesting mystery I didn't love it but I did enjoy itRoxham was super sweet He was wonderful and adorable and just perfect He's very lighthearted and a fun character He could be as sweet as sugar But don't underestimate him He was incredibly clever which he needed to be in the situation he was in He was the saving grace of the book I thought he was great and I adored himBut Lily I didn't like At all She was mean and judgmental and she really needed to get off her high horse She acted like she was so perfect and she had to spend all her time on others And not in a good way In a sanctimonious way that made her see all the fun in life as frivolity and everyone who had fun in their life as frivolous And the way she treated Roxham She was so mean to him And I couldn't understand why I couldn't figure out what made her hate him in the first place Just because she had a youthful crush on him that he didn't return She never even said anything to him so it's not like he broke her heart I just couldn't understand her issue with him She was very unfair to him Roxham was a gentleman at heart sweet and kind But she was determined to think the worst of him And because of that she hurt him several times The only bright spot is that near the end she finally realized how wrong she had been and knew that she had to be the one to make amends That made me soften up to her a bit But I still didn't like herThe romance was sweet and steamy Even though I didn't like Lily I still thought she and Roxham were sweet together Mostly because Roxham was so adorable with how he was determined to win Lily over And the chemistry between them was hotThe plot was well paced but a little slow in some parts I was kept interested the entire way through And I thought the ending was very sweetI had my issues with Gentlemen Prefer Mischief but I still did enjoy it It was a nice read but I definitely did't love it I don't know if I would recommend it I suppose if what bothered me wouldn't bother you then go for itI received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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It's going to take a dash of mischief to bring these two togetherIf it hadn’t been for the haunted woods Lily Teagarden would never have spoken to her neighbor Viscount Roxham Known to the fashionable world as Lord Perfect to Lily he’s a man she can never respectan SettingRegency EnglandSteam Factor Mild HotBook 2 in the Mischief TrilogyWith strange lights flickering among the trees in Mayfield Woods and rumours that Lily Teagarden's sheep are possessed her now meager income is disappearing fast So now Lily will have to seek out Hal Waverly the new Viscount of Roxham to help her out Halamused agrees to look into the mysterious lights but he is also intent upon taking the starch out of Lily by showing her that pleasure can be fun and that passion as well is nothing to feel guilty about Meanwhile though she gives him pause to think about what it means to be Viscount Roxham Both of them will have to come to a meeting of the minds and look toward a future filled with respect trustand love A devilish charming ex army Captain and a righteous young lady a mysterious haunted woods and a cast of delightful supporting characters made up for a nicely written and sensual emotional read While I enjoyed the read it didn't give me the Wow factor but it was better than the first book I must sayI'm looking forward to getting back to my Oldie historical romances once I get them unpacked While I find some of the newer romances good they don't really carry me away to another place like the Bodice RipperHistorical romances of the past do But I still like cracking open a newer one once and a while for now just to see if it can do almost the same

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Gentlemen Prefer MischiefYsteriously undermines his efforts The mischief she throws in his path awakens his sleeping heart just as his touch stirs a passion she can’t accept But Roxham is the last man to whom Lily would surrender and it’s going to take everything he’s got to win her love I have reached a conclusion that I really enjoy house parties in regency romances there are just so many opportunities for the couple And yes of course there is one here why would I mention it otherwise ;Lily is really prim and proper But she had to be the one who kept it all together While Hal is carefree and reckless He was never meant to be a viscount She had a crush on him when younger he crushed those feelings well not crushed but teased it out of her They are such an unlikely couple But she needs someone who makes her let loose and he needs someone that teaches him valuesThe romance oh tease tease anger and banter They have a long way to go and the they argue the they want each otherThere is also the hunt for some lights in the woods but mostly it's about these two arguing and making it very fun to readA light fun romance