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For the Love of a Soldier doc ☆ reader 9780425264232 ☆ Victoria Morgan ☆ From an enthralling new voice in historical romance comes a heartfelt tale of love deception and redemption in the face of mortal dangerCaptain Garrett Sinclair the Earl of Kendall has returned to England a changed man ANd dissolute inebriate in order to forget it But Garrett has also made powerful enemies who want him deadDesperate and down to her last pound Lady Alexandra Langdon has disguised herself as a man for a place at the gaming tables But when a hard eyed handsome man wins the pot he surprises her by refusing her money Indebt I pretty much feel the same as Catie did Review later if I get inclined Yes it was funny but in a cutesy kind of way that won't appeal to all readers Karla and Bavr that means you The sex was a bit TMI for my tastes especially when I didn't warm up to the main characters nor did I find much sexual chemistry between them Alex's big secret was pretty easy to guess as was who was behind the murder plot

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Ed she divulges an overheard plot against his life and promises to help him find his foes for a priceBut even as Alexandra fights her growing desire to reveal herself and her heart to the determined Garrett she cannot shed the fear that the cost of her alliance with the earl may be a price too dear her own secret betray Maybe this wasn't strictly a one star read but I was bored and annoyed when I left it and the rating reflects that Also all the reviews here are positive and I wanted to share why this didn't work for meThe prose was fine the pacing seemed good no one was mind numbingly stupid or dickish but I was strugglingWhat started to annoy me at first was the constant desire Or maybe it wasn't the desire but rather the constant thinking about it I didn't feel it I just got annoyed At one point they are in a carriage and are being shot at and our hero takes the time to kiss the heroine I was sort of expecting it nothing in this novel was in any was novel but I expected a hard short kiss before he charged the enemy That seemed in keeping with the characters and the situation But what happened was a long hot kiss that made our soldier hero completely forget his surroundings The surroundings that consists of men shooting at them It made a lie of a how our hero was told as a competent soldierAnd as a soldier and veteran of Crimea he of course has PTSD And this also annoyed me I got the impression that PTSD was used as insta angst It wasn't deeply felt but made me think of how annoying tropes in romance can be and wonder how come PTSD has become so popular I should have been feeling the hero's anguish but instead I was pondering the irresistible lure of PTSD for the modern tortured hero It gives him a reason to brood a properly heroic back story and it's an emotional problem which can highlight his masculinity while the heroine can be properly feminine and care for him and cure himIn this novel that is apparently literal I stopped at the halfway mark where the heroine had just decided that her experience in reading to wounded soldiers ualifies her to cure the hero by getting him to talk to her sighThis can be an effective dynamic in a romance it had anguish vulnerability and deep caring but here it just felt like a gimmickThe set up is that the hero asks the heroine to help him find the killer who is after him after she has overheard a plot They enter into this business arrangement she clearly states that sex is not part of the deal She says she is not susceptible to seduction he takes that as a challenge and goes after her This really bugged me She is half starving and destitute when he meets her She is dependent on the money he is paying her How is it okay for him to pursue her so aggressively? They have a conversation where he says she can just say no but that does not make their situation eual He has all the power and he just powers on She had not given any real indication that she is open to his advances until he kisses her which she of course adores I kept waiting for her to put him in his place The they end up at a small hunting lodge because it rains That situation is soooo clichéd it was difficult to keep reading due to the constant eye rollAnd the scene that I'm stuck at? He had a nightmare and she rushes to his room in the middle of the night Every plot point was something I've seen before and seen done better Everything was predictable Cross dressing heroine that the hero feels inexplicably drawn to? Check Former rake but now the heroine is the only one he wants? Check Selfless heroine who tried to save her father's estate? Check And the list goes onThere was just not a single element in this book that I haven't seen a million times before And what was there simply was not compelling enough to make me not care that I had seen it all before Instead it hit my top annoyances which are power imbalance and mental lusting

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For the Love of a SoldierFrom an enthralling new voice in historical romance comes a heartfelt tale of love deception and redemption in the face of mortal dangerCaptain Garrett Sinclair the Earl of Kendall has returned to England a changed man As a survivor of the legendary Charge of the Light Brigade he has spent months as a remorseless rake a For the Love of a Soldier is that rare thing; a début novel that reads as though the author has a stable of books to her name alreadyThe plot is a fairly simple one Lady Alexandra Langton a young woman on the verge of destitution decides to risk everything she has left the sum of one hundred pounds at the gaming tables in a desperate attempt to increase her funds But of course ladies were not allowed to indulge in “deep” play and so she has to disguise herself as a man in order to gain entry to the sorts of events at which she will be able to gamble large sums of money I have to say that I dislike stories in which the heroine dresses as a man and manages to pass as one without suspicion but to the author’s credit she made it work here by indicating that Alex has done than simply cut her hair or wear a suitPredictably however her gambit doesn’t pay off and she loses at cards to Captain Garrett Sinclair Earl of Kendall a man with a less than savoury reputation But Garrett sensing her desperation and believing her to be little than a boy returns her money to her telling her that while he will comfortably take money from a man he will not ruin a boySimultaneously annoyed and relieved Alex later inadvertently overhears two men plotting to murder the Earl of Kendall and seeing a way to repay him for his earlier gesture Alex warns him of the dangerBelieving her to be his only lead – and still thinking she is a boy – Garrett insists that Alex accompany him home but they are set upon along the way During the fray Alex is knocked unconscious her disguise is dislodged and Garrett discovers that she’s not what she seemsThe assassination plot drives the story forward but this is no adventure romp because the real heart of the novel is the growing friendship and romance between Garrett and AlexVictoria Morgan has chosen to set her story in the 1850s in the aftermath of the Crimean War which is not often referenced in historical romance so it’s a refreshing change Through the eyes of Captain Garrett Sinclair we get a glimpse of the true horror of war He’s a war hero a survivor of the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade that act of glorious against all odds bravery that was immortalised by Tennyson in his famous poem But glory and honour is not what we are shown Garrett has been traumatised by his war time experiences and is suffering from what we would today recognise as PTSD and he also carries around a huge chunk of survivor’s guiltLike many veterans – then and now – he does not talk about the war; he wants to bury everything deep inside so that he never has to go through it and re live it All he wants to do is to forget and we learn that in a vain attempt to do so he spent much of his time after leaving the army gaming wenching and drinking rattling around Europe in aimless depravity Fortunately for him however he realised that wasn’t helping he needed to be in control; and so he sobered up and eschewed the wenching concentrating instead on the gamblingHe’s wealthy has many estates and a good eye for business; he’s also utterly gorgeous with a uick wit a gift for innuendo and a strong sense of honour Alex is the perfect foil for him She gives as good as she gets in their verbal sparring she’s loyal and strong without being stubborn for the sake of it and sensing the darkness buried deep down wants to help Garrett any way she canShe’s had some experience of working with soldiers and veterans having spent time working at the Chelsea Hospital and although she knows she can do little than listen she also knows that ‘just’ listening seemed to have helped many of the men she knew I’m pleased to say that the author hasn’t chosen to present Alex as Garrett’s “cure” because as anyone who knows anything about PTSD will know that just doesn’t happen Rather she presents Alex as someone who works out when to push and when to leave him alone; she knows he needs to talk but that he needs to do it in his own time and the scene where he finally unburdens himself packs a real emotional punchAmid all this talk of war and horror however the reader will also find some of the funniest dialogue it’s ever been my privilege to read in a romantic novel The exchanges between Garrett his sister and brother in law are freuently hilarious as they tease each other constantly – and it’s clear that there’s an incredibly deep affection between them Garrett enjoys getting a rise out of Alexandra too and comes to realise that for the first time in years he’s starting to feel something like happiness and attractionIf I have one uibble with the story it’s that Alex’s backstory is rather flimsy as are her reasons for rejecting Garrett towards the end of the book On the positive side I suppose it means that the solution is simple and Garrett does indeed get things sorted out uite uicklyI really can’t recommend this book highly enough The writing is intelligent the characterisation is excellent and the dialogue just sparkles Garrett is one of the best flawed heroes I’ve come across in the genre and the romance between him and Alex is warm and tender as well as being enough to get any reader a bit hot under the collar – the scene where they finally make love is one of the sexiest and most sensual I’ve ever readComing from an established writer For the Love of a Soldier would have been uite something As a début it’s an incredible achievement and I’m eagerly waiting Victoria Morgan’s next project which I believe is scheduled for this Autumn Edited 22 March 2013 My other review of this title is now up at All About Romance