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All of AJ’s dreams seemed to be coming true when her parents bought her a pony of her own but the reality has turned out to be uite different Suib is young and difficult to ride and without enough knowledge and support to know how to fix things AJ feels like she’s just going around in circles without any hope of ever improving Then a chance encounter leads her to Katy who has practically grown up on horseback and has a string of talented jumping ponies The two girls uickly become friends and soon AJ is making the kind of progress she’d only ever dreamed w This is the first book in Kate Lattey's Pony Jumpers Series and it's adorable If the rest of the series goes along like this I'm in for a serious treat But let's stop fawning all over it and talk sensibly for a secondFirst Fence is the story of AJ an overhorsed rider trying to get it together with her pony the rambunctious and naturally talented Suib AJ comes from a non horse family and is one of five children so her support network when it comes to the euestrian world isn't the strongest and most of the time she feels like she's taking on Suib alone Her parents can't help and everyone at her barn seems to think Suib is only an annoyance not worth the time or effort to train Her fortunes turn when she runs into Katy and her mom both obsessive euestrians with ponies They immediately see what's up with Suib and through them AJ starts finding workarounds slowly showing improvement Katy and AJ become thick as thieves but soon the uestion becomes who is Katy really there for? AJ or Suib?The majority of the book is dedicated to AJ coming to better work with her pony so the horse element is strong with this one Younger horse loving teens will definitely see themselves in AJ as she struggles with the best way to train or otherwise figure out Suib But it also does an excellent job of showing the start of a friendship between two very different people and the hiccups that can cause Katy and AJ are nothing alike In fact their one thing in common seems to only be the horses So that crux of the story is exceptionally hard for AJ to muddle her way through I especially liked AJ's family despite all of the kids having names starting with the same letter So often you see books about kids desperate for horses who have to go around their parents' refusal through completely unrealistic subterfuge to get a horse This is a realistic portrayal cash strapped too big family did everything they can to get AJ that pony but AJ is on her own after that This is certainly no horse story fairy tale Kate Lattey shows realistic horse ownership and I think readers will appreciate that No riding princesses to be found here and no magic fixes Everyone works for what they have and there's no one who knows that better than a horse girl Definitely reading the rest in this series On to book 2

eBook First Fence Pony Jumpers #1

First Fence Pony Jumpers #1Some stubbornnaughty ponies in your time you describe their behaviour very well Ah horse people Outwardly wealthy inwardly scraping money together Your characters are so believable I loved this So glad it's going to be a series About the PONY JUMPER series Each book in the Pony Jumper series will focus on a new character and tie into the books and characters that have gone before Set in New Zealand the series incorporates information about training and riding show jumpers that will hopefully give help and guidance to readers as well as each telling a great sto AJ feels that her dreams have come true In First Fence she finally has a pony of her own Suib her grey Connemara cross is far from perfect – he is strong and a handful to ride He does however love to jump And AJ loves her gelding wholeheartedly as much as she is struggling to control himRead at

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eBook Ô First Fence Pony Jumpers #1 Ü Kindle Edition Read í Kate Lattey Ä All of AJ’s dreams seemed to be coming true when her parents bought her a pony of her own but the reality has turned out to be uite different Suib is young and difficult to ride and without enough knowledge and As possible As the world of competitive show jumping is opened up to her and Suib begins to show his true potential AJ starts looking forward to a fun season ahead But there’s something that Katy’s not telling her and it’s going to change everything between them Reader comments for FIRST FENCE REALLY GOOD Love it So well written and also very instructive for the young riderreader I love your characters human and euine AJ is learning at the speed of knots and so would your young readers be Your writing is fabulous it flows so effortlessly You must have met This is the type of book I longed for when I was in elementary and middle school a book with strong heroines who are passionate about what they do riding I particularly loved the New Zealand setting It was nice to be a part of a world where children are allowed a certain amount of freedom of motion no 'helicopter' parenting and also the freedom to make mistakes on their ponies The two main protagonists AJ and Katy are both likable yet have very distinctive personalities The details of riding a course and bits are informative yet seamlessly woven into the story And I particularly liked the fact that while the scenes of the two girls schooling their ponies are funny and delightful who wouldn't want to live with world weary Katy and her farm full of sale ponies with shows every weekend they are also realistically and believably written The book is filled with the tiny details about clothes food and social rivalries that are so important to the perspective of girls of this age group yet as an adult I was never bored and read the entire novel all the way through Now on to the second