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FREE DOWNLOAD ò First Russia, Then Tibet ´ Popular Kindle, First Russia, Then Tibet By Robert Byron There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book First Russia, Then Tibet By Robert Byron please download or read online hereK First Russia Then Tibet By Robert Byron please download or read online her. Such an interesting book by an excellent writer who died young drowned in a military ship off Scotland in 1941This text is really two books between one cover; two trips in 1933 to Russia in January and to Tibet in October The edition I read from a Harvard Library is not the one pictured MacMillan and Co Edinburgh 1933 So any page references may be different in other editionsThe Russian piece is most interesting for his almost prescient observations about the USSR use as the purges were starting although he doesn't use that word He also wrote about Russian religious art but as there are almost no pictures it's hard for a non specialist to follow His itinerary was Moscow Leningrad Veliki Novgorod Yaroslavl and Sergievo UkraineBecause of his interest in Orthodox Christianity his comments about political life start from his drawing some differences between W and E Christianity By his description the Orthodox Church is focussed on the attainment of heaven and earth by means of contemplation whereas in the West the goal was to pursue a satisfactory after lifeThus the Russian has always conceived of progress as a mass advance towards an immediate millennium rather than as a succession of steps take by gifted individuals towards objective truthThe individual wedded to objective thought for its own selfish sake was ignored as a permanent factor in the social scheme for the obvious reason that the Russians have no conception of the individual in this senseWe aim at an increasing distribution of material benefits within a framework that preserves the prerogatives of the individual But let us understand that Bolshevism whether it proves economically feasible or not derives directly and genuinely from the Russian view of the universeBut I wish to record a very definite impression on my part of the nervous insecurity and strain that prevails among all educated and semi educated people in Russian members of the Community Party included pp 21 25Tibet is completely different First his account of getting there by air involved a journey of many steps that began on July 28 and ended in Calcutta around Aug 10 At the end of Sept he set out for Darjeeling Sikkim and walked from there to Gyantse Tibet where he and his companions spent a week in October and then back Impossibly high and steep mountains from Sikkim to Tibet lots of snow etc etc British cantonments along the way with officials from India going to Lhasa beyond Gyantse and back on a regular basis Absolutely fascinating I myself took a trip to Tibet in 2002 that included Gyantse but we flew into Lhasa from Chengdu China and travelled across Tibet in Landrovers and it was summer Gyantse else changed in 70 years than most places in the world


Sting things in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of the boo. The first Moscow half is the best Byron writes beautifully worth a read

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First Russia Then TibetPopular Kindle First Russia Then Tibet By Robert Byron There are many intere. Good book Byron is a talented writer this book is a combination of a travel narrative and art history review He writes about his travels in the Soviet Union Russia and the Ukraine in the early 1930's He also introduces Byzantine influenced artworks that were painted in Russia and are located in Russia Great description of these works He also describes well how these works to art were being handled in the Soviet Union where religion was being suppressed but these Christian works of art were still valued as cultural heritage His description of travels and the environment of both India and Tibet are great too You live it with him as he describes it What's striking is the hardship he endured all throughout his travels particularly hardship created by extreme cold and snow I don't agree with his politics which come through loud and clear the seeds of political correctness are evident here Byron consistently denigrates his own Western culture and consistently lauds foreign culture The truth of course is that both have good and bad elements Still this is a good book if you like Russian culture travel narratives Tibetan culture and history