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Download Book Ù Firethorn Î Ç Naturaltreatment ´ Introducing a mesmerizing debut in the rich tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley and the powerful narratives of Jacueline Carey—a passionate tale of love and war in which the gods grant a common girl uncommon gifts Before she was Firethorn she was Luck named for heAcred firethorn tree whose berries bring her fevered dreams a new nameand strange gifts When she emerges from the woods Firethorn is a new woman with mysterious powers And soon in the chaos of the UpsideDown Days when the highborn and the low trade places Firethorn couples with the warrior Sire Galan whom she follows to camp with the king’s army There she learns that in her new role as a sheath a warrior’s bedservant she is but one step In the parallel universe where our evil selves have goatees Firethorn would be a romance novel In this one it's something darker and much interesting Some of the elements of a romance novel are present an improbably handsome knight chooses a common woman as his bedmate and sweeps her away from her life of servitude and she accompanies him as he rides off to serve in the King's army Their passion both physical and emotional is intense and sometimes it's not really clear why these two are drawn to each other besides the fact that they're very attractive and the protagonists However Firethorn refuses to sentimentalize the romance between people of different classes or to sugarcoat the invented medieval ish culture Firethorn the narrator seethes with anger at her treatment under the hands of the nobility–often including her lover Sire Galan–and men in general I spent much of the novel trying to decide whether to actually root for Firethorn and Galan's romance or whether the innate power dynamics tainted it beyond repair The novel examines the ways that violence class oppression and sexism interact and reinforce each other If that sounds grim and dull rest assured that the novel is also gripping and beautifully written and know that the protagonist is a woman with many strengths and believable flaws She uses her herbalism knowledge intelligence relationships with Galan and friendships with other women and most of all her spirit to survive in a world that seems set against it Occasionally it does feel like one awful thing after another but as long as you're not expecting fluff it's not out of hand There's surprisingly little magic for a novel classified as fantasy but tons of fascinating world building Apparently the seuel came out recently; I am definitely going to seek it out

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Above a whore By day she uses her gifts as a healer to earn a place among the camp’s women and by night she shares Sire Galan’s bed her desire eual to his But the passion they feel for each other has no place in a world ruled by caste and violence When her lover makes an ill considered wager that chances her heart the conseuences are disastrous and Firethorn will learn how hard it can be to tell honor from dishonor justice from vengeance A fantasy at its most brutalWhat's really fascinates me about this novel is that while it is a fantasy the only magical device revolving around this alternate world is their religion and their gods It's interesting how it plays out as whether or not if Firethorn can even feel them or it's just something of her subconsciousnessInspiration coming from the real life medieval times Micklem writes the character of Firethorn as what plenty of girls who weren't wealthy went through during that period Which was arguably uite a lotRape Prostitution Slaughter Debauchery All written in without a hesitancy there's grit and grisliness all aroundFirethorn's character is different from most heroines in recent historical or fantasy novels She isn't that spunky girl ahead of her times something that is really irking me nowadays People You don't have to set a character completely apart from the age or place heshe lives in to make himher interesting A little realism doesn't hurtFirethorn goes through all the horrors of her world through the conseuences of being a drudge with no family to speak of bad thing when your society is run by a caste system But no matter what her head is held high and she moves forwardHer life only gets better when she becomes a Sheath a sex companion for soldiers for a nobleman going off to war The nobleman himself Sire Galan stands far apart from plenty of the smooth charming love interests in today's novels He is a very flawed man There are as many times that you want to hate him as much as you want to like himMicklem's prose is very delicately archaic but also real and personal and does not shy away of what has to be said ; definitely better than average unlike most first time writers' stories that tend to beThis story is not for everyoneIt's dark It's brutalIt can be horrific even But it's also beautiful

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FirethornIntroducing a mesmerizing debut in the rich tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley and the powerful narratives of Jacueline Carey a passionate tale of love and war in which the gods grant a common girl uncommon gifts Before she was Firethorn she was Luck named for her red hair and favored by the goddess of Chance A lowborn orphan Luck is destined to a life of servitude But when her mistress dies Luck flees to the forest where she discovers the s I am wildly in love with this book It is told through the eyes of Firethorn a foundling mudchild who grows up under the kind but stern tutelage of a Dame of the Blood Firethorn learns herblore and pride from the Dame but after her mistress's death she is adrift Too proud and grief stricken to serve under the Dame's nephew who rapes her btw this is not a cozy book she runs away to the Kingswood She lives there for a year nearly starving poisoning herself on berries in the meantime Finally she crawls back to the mudpeople's village A chance meeting with Sire Galen a bold and handsome knight passing through leads her to link her fortunes to his She follows him to war Their passion for each other is in constant battle with their prideful natures and the vast gulf between their stationsMicklem has written a remarkable book It is not a romance although love and lust play powerful roles in the plot and Firethorn's motivations It is not accurate medieval history although Micklem's detailed and nuanced world seems an alternate to our own It is not even fantasy because it is never clear if Firethorn's herbal remedies and incantations are magic science or coincidence It is an often brutal sometimes sweet tale of a young woman surviving in a society that holds her unclean and unworthy The battles tourneys and love scenes are intense but no so than the roiling inner life of the main character I could barely take my eyes off the pages and in fact I ended up being half an hour late to work today because I needed to finish it