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Characters Ï FIREFLY Author Whitney Hamilton 107 Ö Grace Kieler had a comfortable life in Charleston until the outbreak of the Civil War After losing everyone but her sister and surviving the Great Fire of 1861 Grace found herself in the uniform of her dead Confederate brother Henry her sister donning the gray of their little brotheRother Henry her sister donning the gray of their little brother Will Both fought at Antietam but only one survivedAfter the war Grace still living her life as Henry tries to find work during spring planting near Shepher. Such a heartfelt book I didn't want to put it down 45 stars

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Dstown West Virginia Henry finds himself on a farm owned by a blind widow Virginia Klaising As Henry's secret becomes harder to conceal the two realize they have something precious an unspoken candor that reveals the sou. When you first get this book preempt all the other books you're currently reading because this one is worth your undivided attention The only downside to this book is it needed a better editorAfter 2 pages though the content stole my attention This book really grabbed my emotions and connected deeply with me Anyone who's felt love andor loss before can easily connect Since I've lost some good friends lately it was hard at times to tell whether or not I was feeling my own feelings or feeling what the characters felt as strange as that may seem There are many beautiful turns of phrases and amazing ideas that sound poetic but unlike poetry those ideas can be understood easily Like I said just a book that connects on a very visceral levelThis book is than beautiful writing though The author's great eye for historical detail makes it even pleasurable to read but this book also deals with the lack of job opportunitieschoices that women faced in a rough era and how women couldn't really function without men unless they became one The book also deals with modern issues and shows that gender and sexuality are fluid and can't be defined in rigid terms This piece shows how it's possible to fall in love with someone whom one is not supposed to fall in love withWhether or not you're into dissecting books' themes and meanings this is just one hell of a read and well worth it I'm proud to have it on my bookshelf and will re read it someday

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FIREFLY Author Whitney HamiltGrace Kieler had a comfortable life in Charleston until the outbreak of the Civil War After losing everyone but her sister and surviving the Great Fire of 1861 Grace found herself in the uniform of her dead Confederate b. It seems that everyone who reviews this book pulls a different thing out of the text that struck them; for some people that was a connection with the humanity of the characters; for others there was a craving for focus on the relationships available Certainly the book held a certain yerning for honesty that few other lesbian novels could match; an elegant dappled painting of the times and the people moving within themBe advised that my poor rating was given out of anger Alas; academics are a tough crowd to please when writing historical fiction and for me this novel's little inaccuracies and some infuriatingly serious ones kept jolting me out of enjoyment If you're not in flagrante delicto with Clio this probably won't impact you much but for especially historians well You're in for a fun ride State's Rights no mention of Lincoln's election hardly any black people fundamental tactical and doctrinal misunderstandings inaccurate euipmentsupply silence about home problems like the food riots etc The book does try but it reads like someone read a Southern Apologist wiki page and then jammed some key battles into the narrative and called it good Everything was just fractionally wrong they're called minié balls god fucking damnit I just can't take mini balls any But honestly and truly no matter how well written this book is going to anger a lot of people for good and decent reasons Any Civil War novel with only a single black person and that one an Uncle Tom kind attached to her caring white family that sort of book deserves our complete condemnation Its silence is dishonest The closest this book gets is GraceHenry's uncle who appears briefly and who is we are told an abolitionist This mention is pathetic is done solely to explain the breech with the rest of the family and goes nowhere More telling are the soldiers the author has talking about going to war for State's Rights Yeah the State's right to regulate what exactly Read the Declaration of Secession of Mississippi and then talk to me againPushing aside the huge gaping sucking moral chest wound that is this book's myth of the Gallant South pushing that aside don't push that aside this is a good book Things done especially well was its ability to capture suffering the reader is forced to consider what it means to be structurally powerless while white; soldiers foraging from the land steal from characters who have nothing to give families are radically disrupted through death and separation widowed women have their property default away from them that's actually not historically uite correct but in a local context might well have occurred Those moments where you are confronted with exclusively white human suffering are where the book is at its most sublimeNote how the plot isn't mentioned; that's because there isn't plot in that there isn't a narrative story; instead the book tracks across time in the truest sense following characters as change marches ever onward This leaves it feeling sweeping but fractured The war only lasts half the book for instance and peace is declared abruptly; the romantic interests only meet half way through the book It is of a character study than anything elseVirginia truly had an appalling time By the time the other character Henry walked onto her land I was ready for her to catch a break Henry and Virginia actually have a beautiful chemistry the kind shared between people who have been worsted by a hard life without being broken by it Henry's fall by that point in the novel has been spectacular from the graceful scion of a wealthy Charleston slave owning family to a wandering male identifying fur trapper Their romance isn't really romantic so far as it is a wending they have come together and found strength than was available apartI gave the book stars for its writing I took stars away from the book for its history I should have taken stars away because the myth of the Gallant South is intellectually and historically immoral But so long as you keep that firmly in your mind as you read this it's a decent novel Three stars