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Finding West True North #1 kindle ¼ eBook ´ Part One in a two part seriesKat Hollister is a tomboy who lives in t shirts and dirty jeans and doesn’t give a shit what the world thinks She lives alone in a small town in Alaska and closes everyone out with only her dog Josie by her side For Kat love and relationships are for the weak anD relationships are for the weak and she is anything but Until one cold night when she finds a stranger stumbling on the side of a dark road a man who has lost his memoryShe gives him temporary shelter against the snowstorm but what she doesn’t count on is This gets a two thumbs up A terrific read

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Part One in a two part seriesKat Hollister is a tomboy who lives in t shirts and dirty jeans and doesn’t give a shit what the world thinks She lives alone in a small town in Alaska and closes everyone out with only her dog Josie by her side For Kat love an In the small remote Alaskan town of Ayashe Katherine Kat Hollister has hidden herself away from people with only her dog for company She's learnt from the school of hard knocks that the best way to protect yourself is to not let anyone in Driving home one night she comes across a stranger out cold in the snow With a snowstorm threatening and the man unconscious she brings him home to her place When he wakes he can't remember his name or what he's doing in this isolated town Written in first person from both Kat and West's points of view in alternate chapters June Gray has written an immensely enjoyable contemporary romance with a side of mystery As flashes of his past come back West discovers himself at odds with his former self For the lonely and unapproachable Kat sharing her house and her days with a man is an awkward experienceMany readers will find Kat difficult to like She's strong and independent but aggressively so with her foul mouth and disdain of people and convention But there's an underlying reason for her attitude West on the other hand is easy to love But as we learn about him he's not uite the guy he appears to beThis is the first instalment in a two parter The seuel Heading East will be out later in the year So for those who dislike series cliffhangers or to be continued you might like to hold off till the next bookThoroughly entertaining with a very nice twist towards the end and a number of very steamy love scenes Finding West is written with a deft and mature hand Good one Ms GraySteam 35

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Finding West True North #1The friendship that blooms This man who has no identity starts to teach her things about herself she never knew and she begins to wonder if maybe she'd been wrong about love and trust all alongFinding West is a 60000 word erotic romance For readers 18 and u It was time for an eBook and has been a while since I'd done erotica so this looked like it might fit the bill And it was free on and about people forgetting who they are and I've been on an amnesia kick so what could be better?It's a simple story loner girl Kat living crusty in Alaska finds guy in a snowbank thaws him out at home and wouldn'tcha know he has amnesia While waiting out the storm they get hot n' bothered then while waiting for the town sheriff to figure out who he is they bonk themselves into oblivion Identity confirms he's a jerk he swears he's changed but she swears he's played her because she's SUCH a lovely individual he leaves heartbroken with an open invitation to his other life and the book ends with a 'to be continued'Frankly? Kat and the author are the emotional and mental euivalents of fifteen year olds The character pouts is belligerent is childish and immature in her interaction with just about everyone It's like Bella Swan's snot nosed bratty little sister not an adult We're told Kat is twenty five but honestly are we supposed to suspend reality and believe that this girl has been SEVEN YEARS stewing over her prom date copping a feel getting pressured for sex? C'mon And we're told that she's so tough she carries a glock and bashes people's noses in with her head but she's still so fragile she's got Prozac in the bathroom and is SEVEN YEARS recouping from trying to slit her wrists over gossip back in high school? Do they even ALLOW people with medications and past history of suicide to HAVE a registered gun? Cuz I'd think noAnd the author wrote in the SAME VOICE for the incarcerated father it sounded like at fifteen year old girl not a concerned parent Bad writing Ms GrayAs if that wasn't enough we have 'West' dreaming of his full name and her full name and upon waking he uses her full name while addressing her but she's never told it to him and it doesn't strike EITHER ONE of them as odd In fact it's like the author forgot that she did that because he has to have ANOTHER flashback later to recall his name yet again ???And then there's the oh so humorous I was just a challenge to you you came here and bonked me and used me crap DUH Unmarried tramp givin' herself up to a total stranger why buy the cow if she's giving out milk baby? StoOpid author OF COURSE he came in and bonked you Just like you walked in and bonked him Hello Like that's not the truth? And she's EVERY bit as responsible and yet the author doesn't seem to register this of course the heroine is so abused At least don't act surprised It's called fornication for a reason and it takes TWO to tango Get OVER yourself if your choice is to imbibe This chick is NOT worth it West Run and don't look backYeah There's a reason it was free Oh and I'm CERTAINLY going to wait for the seuel in which Kat stops pouting in Alaska and packs up to follow West back east to NYC so she can bonk him into oblivion some while denying her part in any of it Sounds like a GREAT read to me NotUm skip this one