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Free read Fairytales for Wilde Girls ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ó A deliciously dark bubblegum gothic fairytale from a stunning new Australian talent ‘He's gone the same way as those little birds that bothered me with their awful songs And you will too you and your horrible heart music because you won't stay outWoods That's not unusual Isola Wilde sees a lot of things other people don't But when the girl appears at Isola's window her every word a threat Isola needs helpHer real life friends – Grape James and new boy Edgar – make her forget for a while And her brother princes – the mermaids faeries and m. The time has come to say what I really think And what I really think is I FREAKING LOVED IT I honestly dont even know where to begin So I will subhead Lets do this thiiiingThe WritingAbove and beyond brilliant Allyse's style is one of its own so distinct that you could never mix her work up with anyone elses Theres a touch of the old school about it for me reminiscent of Dickens Austen the like But much fun and uirky Even uirky seems too simple of a word But there's something in the writing that is just above par with whats out there in this genre Young Adult I read a lot of young adult and I do enjoy my cheap easy reading fun But this was something else This was literature in dark young adult form And by gosh I pretty much devoured it in one sitting ok ok I read it in 2 days But it felt like one sitting It would've been one sitting if I DIDNT HAVE TO GO TO WORK ARGHHHHHHHH I'm back Anywho amazing writing Metaphors and the like were mind blowing Some descriptions so out there yet perfect that I actually had to read some passages over again just to get the full impact of what was being described to me Basically I think Allyse's writing conveys her love for literature in everysinglesentence Much like poetry not a single word is a throw away and if it is its been cut The CharactersWhat a rich and bold cast this is For me a lot of these characters are so much larger than life that sometimes I found myself visualising them in anime form They are just so big and loud and BRILLIANTTTT I loved the Princes They reminded me of all good fantasyanimegoodVSevil plights were the heroheroine gets hisher groupfollowersteamsailorscouts yeaaah you saw that coming who have her back and are in themselves amazing and stand on their own as representing something which ties in well with 'The Seventh Princess' fairytale on that later Basically I thought the six Princes were some of the most memorable supporting characters I have come across in reading especially the YA genre No card board cut outs here My favourite prince This could be a random choice but I was really intrigued by Christobelle and I love love love LOVE her illustration LOVE DAMMIT Her backstory her eye patch eyepatch FTW her dark side her unpredictability Just so much awesomeness Oh Christobelle can you write a book just on her Please Pretty please I'll be your slave for a month if you do Miss Near I BEG YOUAlso I really loved Edgar He was so sweet but believable And his moments with Isola were REALISTIC Not smarmy tear my eyes out slowly from the cornyness of it all 'your love is my drug' usual gagfest that YA has to offer This was real genuine teen interestlustcuriositypuppylove going on I dug it Because it was well written and it took its time to develop Cheers to that The FairytalesConfession time These fairytales were written so believable in the style reminiscent of Grimm Anderson etc etc that I actually thought for a while there that breathes in deeply LileoPardieuWasActuallyARealWriterPersonInRealLife starts choking from lack of air sorry sorry Im good Im good blushing STOP JUDGING ME HARRY I REALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS REAL OK I was at one point thinking 'man I thought I was into my fairytales but I am such a hack Maybe if I do a uick google of Ms Pardieu none will be the wiser' Of course I was too busy reading to do said google search and the convo in my head may not have gone down exactly like that but Im trying to keep this exciting ok but then there came a point in the book where Ive clicked that Lileo is another part of the puzzle in Fairytales for Wilde Girls view spoilerI had no idea she was Isola's mum though until the reveal More on that later hide spoiler

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A deliciously dark bubblegum gothic fairytale from a stunning new Australian talent ‘He's gone the same way as those little birds that bothered me with their awful songs And you will too you and your horrible heart music because you won't stay out of my woods'There's a dead girl in a birdcage in the. Am I allowed to rate my own book I suppose it must be so because no celestial Goodreadian deity has cursed me down yetAnyway this is my first ever book It's weird and creepy and lyrical and tender It's got grungy schoolgirls fizzy morsels of pop culture a book within a book and a sinister talking rabbit It's not just for girls Your grandpa would probably love itPlease come say hello to me on my twitter or on here or Facebook or on my Tumblr blog We can talk about books and dead poets and heart wrenching BBC programs and Harry Potter and the multiverse theory

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Fairytales for Wilde GirlsAgical creatures seemingly lifted from the pages of the French fairytales Isola idolises – will protect her with all the fierce love they possessIt may not be enoughIsola needs to uncover the truth behind the dead girl's demise and appease her enraged spirit before the ghost steals Isola's last breat. I was given an ARC of this title at work and it is one of the most perfect books I've read in the last year Perhaps best summed up by the description given on the back cover bubblegum gothic love it it is both traditionally child fairytale traditional and adult dark fairytale in turnsNot one for younger readers as the mental health issues described are disturbing it is one I'll be recommending to teens and adults alike who love fairy stories something uirky completely unpredictable and breathtakingly beautiful An excellent choice for people who are interested in the art of writing too almost poetic in spots and with turns of phrase that are so original but oh so right wannabe authors could learn a lot from Allyse Near's writing