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Now for the first time the exuisite Fables covers by James Jean winner of multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards whose diverse clients include Prada and Pepsi are collected in one extraordinary volumePerfect for any art book library or Fable. Eisnein's No10 Favorite ArtistArtbook Check Out No11 Right HERE Go Back to No1 HERE Fables The Covers by James Jean I've bitched at length and often about the cheap terrible production values of DC trade paper backs and 'deluxe' hardcovers; and the Absolute editions though well constructed are very over priced For these greedy fuckhead maneuvers and many other comic book related crimes I can only shake my head and let James Jean do the talking for meBut I'll give them the credit they deserve on this one 'Fables The Covers by James Jean' matches the very high standards of art book publishers like Rizzoli Hatje Cantz and Thames and Hudson There is absolutely no reason to bitch about this book which includes James Jean's entire cover run on 'Fables' work that justly earned him multiple Eisner awards and made 'Fables' seem like a better series than it actually was I'm kidding to some extent It was an enjoyable enough comic up to the end of the first storyline with it's Pinocchio related twist That's also about the time Jean's run ended after 75 issues and a dozen or so trade paperback covers That's also about the time I checked out An example of Jean's fine art from 'Rebus' 'Toymaker'The covers stand up beautifully on their own Fresh out of art school Jean's portfolio earned him his gig for DCVertigo and he proved to be well worth taking a chance on His art unuestionably helped make 'Fables' Vertigo's biggest hit since 'Sandman' and made Jean one of the most sought after illustrators of the 00's He began with full oil on canvas paintings for the first few issues but switched to the mixed media approach he was part of popularizing in the illustration world This included oils acrylics andor colored pencil work being scanned and combined with computer graphics coloring formatting and finishes 'Fables The Covers by James Jean' includes the completed cover on the right with sketches preliminary paintings and the artist's comments on the left This is just one example of Jean's remarkable talent not just as the artist but as the book designer; using what is often just a blank page with a couple lines of text for the title date and media to instead feature a wealth of fascinating insight on his creative process well that might seem pretty obvious but it's not For many years the kind of detail necessary for the plates faithfully reproducing photos of the art reuired one image per page hence the name I have many many artbooks dating back from the late 90's to a week ago and not one artist thought to do something like it I say without exaggeration that with this book Jean produced one of the very best monograph designs I've seen Another feather in his increasingly gaudy and bird like cap 'Ballad' work from 'Fables' and um something elseThe dust jacket has the rough pencil sketches for the cover painting printed on the verso for fuck sakes A 2 sided dust jacket The cover is canvas board with paint embossed decorative details and a fantastic illustration within the impressed frontispiece The paper is primarily archival arctic white 150grm2 stock very nice There's also a fancy little paper change for the appendix very cool Everything from the end paper graphics to the tastefully decorative margin borders are flawlessJean has since moved away from a ridiculously prolific career in illustration for a ridiculously prolific career as a fine artist Both his illustrative triumphs and his first few years of gallery work are collected in the monograph James Jean Rebus published by Chronicle As much as I love 'Fables The Covers by James Jean' 'Rebus' features a far complete survey of Jean's first decade as an artist and illustrator; the paintings and drawings it collects form an undeniable testament to an artistic genius who hasn't yet found his plateau The one area it neglects entirely however is Jean's seminal work on 'Fables' and for fans of Jean both books are absolutely essential Jean has his faults; for example he apparently can't answer even the simplest uestion without spouting embarrassingly lame and pretentious bullshit often coming across as a total douchebag Considering his close friendship with David Choe the shit talkin' ass kickin' occasionally criminal comic graffiti fine artist who famously decorated the Facebook H for a 'small' stock share that ended up being worth well over 100 million I'm surprised he isn't a bit 'down to earth' Whatever I'm not too interested in what artists have to say usually From 'Rebus' For serious Jean fans this book is one of several hard to find early books that Jean honed his designer chops on a plastic spiral bound 115 x 16 landscape format book that collects his best illustrations on Bristol board with perforated edges each of its pages suitable for framing His idea for including process work on the verso for the 'Fables' monograph came from the first two 'Process Recess' books This one is the second and it was already out of print and expensive when I found a copy several years agoEisnein's No10 Favorite ArtistArtbook Check Out No11 Right HERE Go Back to No1 HERE More Art book Reviews More Comic book Reviews More Novel Reviews

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Fables Covers by James JeanSigned and annotated by the artist this deluxe oversized hardcover includes ten vellum sleeve inserts an embossed case and other fine art details that make Fables Covers by James Jean as elegant and uniue as the Fables covers themselves. This is an art book so there isn't much reading involved in this book Reason I'm just going to review it now rather then wait later This is the second edition of a book that came out years ago that I really wanted but never got the time to get it Thankfully James jean and Vertigo remade this bookI really love Fables It's my favorite comic book Own all the volumes and all the spin off trade available so most of these covers I've seen already Why did I get this then Because the pages are bigger and crisper to see Noticed stuff I never noticed before Like did you know Legends in Exile features a pig on ever cover Never really actually stopped and looked a this covers beforeJames Jean's art is just amazing though In my opinion Fables always has the best overs for comics But Jean's remind me of vintage 1920s art or something you'd actually see in a fairy tale book Even his non Fables art has some kind of magic to themI'm not sure about the previous edition but this one as all the covers he did for Fables the trade paperbacks 1001 Nights of Snowfall Jack of Fables and other goodies Even if you don't read Fables and looking for a good art book I recommend this

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SUMMARY ☆ Fables Covers by James Jean ï Now for the first time the exuisite Fables covers by James Jean winner of multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards whose diverse clients include Prada and Pepsi are collected in one extraordinary volumePerfect for any art book library or Fables completist this volume includes never before seen sketch materialS completist this volume includes never before seen sketch material along with insightful commentary and remarkable insights into Jean's creative process Also included is a afterword by celebrated Fables writercreator Bill Willingham De. James Jean is absolutely exceptional He creates some of the elaborate complex and uniue covers in the comics industry each one of them containing a lot of info easter eggs and references that are easy to miss the first time This book among others serves the purpose of giving the reader the time and scale needed to absorb each cover as it deserves Buy this on digital form it cuts off a lot of the magic I'll surely do James Jean your charisma played a major part to what the Fables series came to be Each of it's issues was extra magical with proper amounts of foreshadowing when it had your work on the first page After you left on #81 the series albeit still great lost a bit of its magic I hope I stumble upon your paintings again