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Celestial PetsCreated pure and innocent the newborn angel Fae’s only crime is loving the mortal realm too much She wants to see to touch to tasteand to know All of which leads to her fall from grace when she meets the demon brothers who give her all she desires Cravis and What is it like to never have touched or been touched To never have had tasted the pleasures of the world Feel the juice from a ripe piece of fruit trickle down your chin as you savor its flavor Experience euphoria as a lover worships your body What if you have never experienced the kind of pleasure that comes with a bit of painWould you go madAnd if you were denied all of those things only to experience them all at once would you not also go madBianca Sommerland delves into this possibility with Celestial Pets Evil’s Embrace Everything about this story is enchanting intriguing and uniue With its paranormalfantasy elements its sensual BDSM theme and alluring characters I found that Fae’s story not only captivated me but held me hostage until the very end What I wouldn’t do to get into the mind of this author Her imagination with this story took me by surprise giving me something totally different from what I’m used to with a paranormal readSommerland transports us to a sensual world where one newborn angel is thrust into a world she has craved from afar experiencing sensations and pleasures she has never known One would ask one uestion from herWas it worth itLust Gluttony Greed Sloth Wrath Envy PrideLet the sinning beginI enjoyed getting pulled into this story I loved reading something different from this author Ms Sommerland always blows me away with her decadent story telling always leaving me and my emotions in a big puddle of feels Whether it’s a dominating alpha male hockey player or sexy demon brothers with a healthy sexual appetite this author knows just what it takes to keep me wrapped around her little finger Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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He can go through it being taken from him once again The demons will claim the angel but many dangers threaten the Fallen Hunted by the Virtues and lusted after by the damned Fae may be protected as a cherished pet But she will soon learn she’s worth so muc I'm not very well read with Angels Fallen and Demons but this really gave me everything I need in a story It was difficult for me to differentiate between characters in the beginning but once everything started to unfold and build I caught on uick and couldn't put it down I even shed some tears for themYou're worth any sacrifice I have to makeohhhhh be still my heart Seriously this story gave me a bit of everything I needed I need a little dark and depravity I need to really connect with the H h and in this case I really fell in love with Cravis Travis and FaeMy heartwhewCheck it out and I promise you'll enjoy it

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Celestial Pets reader ë Kindle Edition Read å Created pure and innocent the newborn angel Fae’s only crime is loving the mortal realm too much She wants to see to touch to tasteand to know All of which leads to her fall from grace when she meets the demon brothers who give her all she desires Cravis and Travis toy with the young angeTravis toy with the young angel out of boredom but losing her awakens something inside them that they didn’t know they could still feel While Travis begins to learn how precious a life can be Cravis struggles with the fear of how fragile love is not sure if I really loved this world of angels fallen angels and demons It started a little slow but I got completely sucked into it and by the end I was sad to see it end I would love to see about this world and there were a lot of others that I would love to read about as well as Cravis Travis and FaeThere were many facets to this world of angels and demons but it wasn’t loaded down with details simply explaining it to you it was written so you figured out the world you were in as you read the story I really liked that because sometimes too much detail takes away from a story for me I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Cravis and Travis at first I mean that little thing after their first time with Fae wasn’t giving me high hopes Fae was very naïve in the beginning but not so much that she didn’t stand up for herself the only way she could at this point She really was clueless of how to survive in this new world she was thrown into but she knew what she truly wanted out of her new life Fae got some hard earned lessons before going back to Cravis and Travis but she got an even harder one when she came back to them I was loving Travis Cravis not so much at that moment But they both truly redeemed themselves in this story and I felt so much for them I was so upset about Cravis towards the end and it hurt knowing what he did for them it turned out to be the ultimate sacrifice but it was so worth itI really loved the characters in this story well some not so much but most of them I really can’t say too much without giving things away so I’ll just say that I loved these demons and Fae and that I truly would love to see out of this world There were several side characters that I absolutely fell in love with for their sacrifices for these three I hope to see them all again