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I made a huge mistake No not breaking into Panchard Enterprises I did that on purpose It was the getting caught part that changed everything Instead of prison Peter Panchard offers me a deal; steal something for him and he’ll help me find my little sister Now I’m at Neverly Prep wearing a uniform and trying to get close to Lucas Hook the guy whose safe I need to crack Did I mention the car and mansion and black card that goes along with this deal Or th. Let me start off by telling you what this series is NOT it's not a bully romance it isn't exactly a Peter Pan retelling; only the names of characters come from JM Barrie it's not your average rich boy poor girl love story Ever Lost is basically what you'd get if Paper Princess snuck its way into the RH genre and in the process matured a little I actually like this series better than the Royals The plot centers on Ever a teenager who is hired by a tech giant to break into his rival's house and steal from him In the process she lives in his house with his three teenage sons all of whom are classically hot with some serious attitude issues She attends their prep school where these boys are considered teen royalty Drama misunderstanding and sweet sweet romance ensues Here's why I like this series better than the Royals series 1 The heroes all of them grew up under tough conditions and ended up in the foster system just like the heroine Unlike Ever they were lucky enough to be adopted by their kind hearted and filthy rich mom This background gives the boys some depth they're not just spoiled assholes they're damaged individuals with trust issues and it makes the love story with Ever much satisfying They're all broken pieces fitting together in the right way It's very sweet 2 The portrayal of women the author doesn't fall back on the tired and sexist trash whore trope with her minor female characters Ever's problems are either internal or created by motivated and fleshed out villains not by a horde of bitchy sex demons like in most academy stories I'm so damn happy about this omission I could cry 3 Morally gray characters there's no black and white us vs them mentality when it comes to the heroes and villains in this story Most characters have both redeeming and destructive traits that are consistently demonstrated with conseuences throughout the series I'm talking about Ry's anger issues or Trey's treatment of Mer The villains have a good side and the heroes have a bad side just as all humans do Yes there is a lot of OTT drama in the plot but because I got so invested in the lovely main characters I was hooked by the misunderstandings and the angst I wanted them to get their HEA so badly that I devoured the whole series in a day drama and all

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Ever Lost Lost Boys of Neverly Prep #1E three boys so damned good looking it should be illegal They are the Lost Boys and they definitely don’t want me intruding into their lives Something's going on and I’m sure it has to do with their missing mother Wendi Peter warns me to stay away from his boys to do what I'm being paid for but at every turn the sparks fly between us I have a job to do and a sister to find and getting involved with three guys who are off limits is a bad idea Especially. Buddy Read with the RHRAcademy is still not getting old for me This was a 35 and a good start that makes me want to continue on Which is saying something considering how many Academy types there is to choose from right now It has everything you’d expect ✅ FMC with a history of abuse ✅ Broken but still has a bit of an attitude ✅ Teenage guys with impossible abs ✅ Hint of the bullying trend without actually going into a full bullymance ✅ uniforms that would never exist in real life ✅ Poor kid introduced to high life What makes this one stand out a little from the crowd is the ties with Peter Pan and Neverland characters They are in name only though it’s contemporary so don’t expect any fairies to be appearing I know who doesn’t love a little sprinkling of fairy dust sorry The other little uniue thing I liked was the dirt bikes It made a change from the usual sports and it does make the guys that little bit sexier in my opinion Ever Darlington has just turned 18 and come out the foster system we meet her being uestioned by Peter Panchard after she breaks into one of his facilities She’s given the choice of working for him and attending Neverly Prep school or going to jail She’s not stupid to takes the first offer Ever has a mission of her own and needs something from him too Living with Peter is where she meets her Lost Boys The downsides for me were the relationships with the Lost Boys They needed a bit build up to be believable Ever has been abused and suffers from PTSD when it comes to men invading her space This completely goes out the window with the 3 Lost Boys The instant trust and connection they have is just too fast for someone with a history of abuse I’d have liked for a slower burn and some trust building before the heat began It also focuses heavily on one guy Maybe the others will get their time in the spotlight but this one was Riot heavy X just didn’t want to be left out rather than have any real connection with Ever on his ownEver herself is a mix of false bravado and sassy She talks the talk and has a backbone but crumples easily I can’t make out if she’s hard or soft Does she need protecting or not There’s a lot of character development needed and hopefully that will come in the seuels Its short but entertaining and kept me up at night reading under the covers However when you look closely there’s something missing and it needs a little to reach that 4 stars

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Ever Lost (Lost Boys of Neverly Prep #1) ä I made a huge mistake No not breaking into Panchard Enterprises I did that on purpose It was the getting caught part that changed everything Instead of prison Peter Panchard offers me a deal; steal something for him and he’ll help me find my little sister NowWhen Hook is their enemy But when has a little forbidden ever stopped me I’m Ever Darlington and I've never been very good at following the rules Guilt betrayal and lies make up EVER LOST book 1 in the Lost Boys of Neverly Prep a dark and dirty fast buildmedium burn contemporary RH academy romance based loosely on the characters from Peter Pan Complete at 52000 words All the players are over 18 and there is a cliffhanger but I promise it will be worth i. Ohhh my word I'm a wreck right now LE Bross how could you do this to us Sigh you have completely sucked us in wring us dry and now we have to wait until next month to find out what happens bawling my eyes outYou are uite frankly bloody awesome Now down to the book Lost boys is brilliant Omg is it brilliant That ending my heart is still thunderingThis is one of those books you just can't put down Fantastic storyline awesome characters and Reverse Harem that makes you want to combust All wraped up and written perfectly The lost boys are to die for Ever I love even with her spider web of lies that are spiralling out of control I'm totally rooting for her I really hope in the next book things pick up for her and the boys support her LE Bross you are Awesome your characters are Awesome your writing is awesome and this book is DevineBring on Augaust I seriously have no idea what I'm going to read now because it's gonna have to be good after a book like this5 huge stars from me