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READ & DOWNLOAD Il contesto: una parodia ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ District Attorney Varga is shot dead Then Judge Sanza is killed Then Judge Azar Are these random murders or part of a conspiracy Inspector Rogas thinks he might know but as soon as he makes progress he is transferred and encouraged to pin tGer is set in an imaginary country one that seems all too real It is the most extreme and gripping depiction of the politics of paranoia by Leonardo Sciascia master of the metaphysical detective novel. The beginning was magnificent better than To Each His Own then I found the turn to the political to be less compelling but the ending grabbed 45 stars Definitely worth a read

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District Attorney Varga is shot dead Then Judge Sanza is killed Then Judge Azar Are these random murders or part of a conspiracy Inspector Rogas thinks he might know but as soon as he makes progress h. This is not simply another whodunnit What starts as an apparently straightforward series of killings of judges soon becomes obfuscated by political goings on The very able Inspector Americo Rogas as well as some totally inept colleagues who obligingly block him in every possible way is on the case Subtle humour and irony philosophical ponderings and literary allusions add to the pleasure of reading this excellent novel not to mention a twist or two in the plotThere is a laugh out loud moment when view spoilerInspector Rogas having realised that he is being followed by his own people skilfully includes it in his report to his superiors From the moment the undersigned left the home of the President of the Supreme Court he has had the clear impression of being shadowed by experts—that is by persons particularly fitted for such an assignment as if they might have been trained in an official or private police corps If higher echelons have taken the trouble to make such arrangements for the protection of the undersigned the undersigned can only express his appreciation but at the same time permit himself to observe that such vigilance so costly because of the employment of so many men who work in shifts would be better directed toward the protection of judges If however higher echelons have not ordered the surveillance and are completely unaware of it the undersigned deems it would be opportune and indeed absolutely necessary to take measures whereby eually able police agents devote themselves to tailing the tails” hide spoiler

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Il contesto una parodiaE is transferred and encouraged to pin the crimes on the Left And yet how committed are the cynical fashionable comfortable revolutionaries to revolution or anything Who is doing what to whom Eual Dan. Eual Danger is a short book that is long on ideas The author keeps his writing lean and loaded with thought provoking discussion and contextThe plot focuses on a Police Inspector investigating the deaths of an ever growing number of Legal Officials Judges mostly in an unnamed country During the investigation Inspector Rogas' leads force him to wade into the political area at both the top levels of the government and the top levels of the revolutionary groups As a Detective who simply follows the facts he is ensnared in the politics that truly control things The murders in the book come fast and are given minimal factual attention alerting the reader that than traditional crimes are in play here While this plotline may sound familiar this book exceeds virtually every other crime tale I've read in its adherence to the ever changing political caste system that pervades any bureaucracy In typical crime novels the protagonist usually is given special privilege special backing and special dispensation to rise above his station Sciascia offers no such help here Beyond the criminal investigation plotline and what really separates this book from other crime dramas are the free flowing ideas references and discussions on society justice politics and government The ending turns things upside down but could it have been any different and be honest to the points raised in the bookHighly recommended