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The Death of Vivek OjiA dramatic and deeply moving novel of three generations coping with secrets violence and grief against a backdrop of political and social unrest They burned down the market on the day Vivek Oji diedOne afternoon in a town in southeastern Nigeria a mother opens her front door to discover the lifeless body of her son wrapped in fabric on the welcome mat The story of that child Vivek Oji is the story of two families from disparate cultures who came together in a time of upheaval and of Vivek’s struggle to be true to a sel NOW AVAILABLEFreshwater was a very stylized bit of emotional brutality whose jaggedy flow i loved but totally understand why other readers might not this one though—this is how you win book awards court book clubs AND make your goddamned name this is an undeniable stunner you’ve read the title of this book so i don’t need to worry that i will spoil anything by saying that this is aboutthe death of vivek oji in both the literal and figurative senses but it is NOT 248 pages of him gasping out his last breaths while his skin cools and his heart stops—his death; the how and why of that single moment is not the primary focus it's like the maypole around which the colorful narrative strands of vivek's before and after are wrapped the details of his short life and what losing him does to those he leaves behind like your own death you never forget his is there looming but it's only the anchor; the backbone holding all the storymeat in placeit’s very confident and unhurried in its storytelling; nonlinear without being confusing full of empathy and tenderness beautifully written and accessible with some of the most relatable depictions of grief i've ever read It was impossible not to miss him when I was with her; it was as if someone had driven a shovel into my chest then levered it out again taking up all it could hold leaving a screaming mess behindit's a departure from the broken glass tone and structure of Freshwater but shares its themes of sexual and gender identity and the idea of permeable borders between bodily states life and death etc however it is much straightforward than their debut; a coming of age type of story about friendship family first love courage and conviction like Freshwater there's an emphasis on otherness but here cast in a much positive light—whereas Freshwater was all about alienation and isolation here we have the the nigerwives a group of foreign born women married to nigerian men and raising their children in a country not their own these women turn their otherness into a bond—building a community out of what sets them apart and providing an extended chosen family for their children these children of the nigerwives—vivek and his friends—were so charmingly written their relationships sweet and light and fiercely loyal it's a bit like seanan mcguire's wayward children series sans magic—these mixed race sexually spectrummy supportive oddball kinds of kids most especially twin sisters olunne and somto reminding me of sumi and her confection ate ways Somto swiped a fingerful of icing from another and licked it You don't have to eat the whole thing she said She still hasn't learned how to put a normal amount of sugar in themI put the cupcake down and shook my head I can feel my teeth rotting alreadyOlunne leaned over and picked the sugar dragonfly off the cupcake popping it into her mouth That was how we found each other again in a blocked off room filled with yellowing light two bubblegum fairies there to drag me out of my cave carrying oversweet wands I don't know how deep I would have sunk if not for them I wish I'd told them often how much that mattered to methe novel alternates between first person POVs of vivek and his cousin osita with third person om narr chapters weaving between them and emezi balances the different voices and timelines well building tension by doling out hints and foreshadowing without letting it clutter up the narrative flow it's such smooth accomplished storytelling all tender hopes and palpable griefs and i am so ready for from them come to my blog

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F whose spirit and longings defy conventional expectations Raised by a privileged distant father and an understanding but overprotective mother Vivek suffers disorienting blackouts fugue states that disrupt all connection between self and surroundings As adolescence gives way to adulthood Vivek finds solace in friendships with the warm boisterous daughters of the Nigerwives foreign born women resettled in the area But Vivek’s closest bond is with Osita the worldly high spirited cousin whose teasing confidence masks a g ‘ It was the clearest terror and pleasure I had ever known’Have you ever wondered what it felt like finishing a novel before it was dubbed a “Classic” Upon turning the final page in Akwaeke Emezi’s The Death of Vivek Oji I had the feeling I was finishing something that deserves to be important for a long time and could likely be a modern Classic The follow up to their incredibly imaginative and important 2018 novel Freshwater which set such a high bar I didn’t think possible to clear and the wonderful 2019 YA novel Pet Emezi returns with a bittersweet and powerfully moving story set in their home of Nigeria and follows the lives of characters who for a variety of reasons don’t uite fit in Central to these lives is Vivek whose death casts a long shadow over the novel as Emezi deftly weaves past and a post death present to expertly tease tension and narrative reveals to absolute perfection With most of the story taking place in 1998 surrounding the death of dictator Sani Abacha Emezi entwines Nigerian social issues with their characters awakenings of identity in a novel so moving so exuisitely crafted it deserves to become a modern Classic‘ Osita wished much later that he'd told Vivek the truth then that he was so beautiful he made the air around him dull’Akwaeke Emezi has an undeniable gift for prose and storytelling Their language is so fluid and remarkable like the best of poetry and is endlessly inviting This is a book that can be dissected and give way to voluminous discourse while still being accessible and understood by any reader a trait the most lauded of popular American classics tend to share This is a book that is difficult to set down once opened and one that is brave and bold by pointedly addressing exactly what it sets out to say in the most beautiful ways possible The story rotates between a third person narrative to first person chapters from the perspective of Vivek and the cousin Osita while also moving back and forth across the timeline Emezi has a finely tuned instrument of storytelling here moving the narrative like a champion chess player positions their pieces on a board to construct the perfect checkmate Vivek’s death is not a spoiler it is on the cover and is mentioned in the opening line of the novel but the picture of it is incomplete and slowly washes into view towards a total completion by the end of the novel This is a very visual and visceral novel and it would be no surprise if readers recall moments like a scene from a film than words on a page The second chapter begins with the line ‘ If this story was a stack of photographs’ establishing the visual sense that will permeate this novel as well as foreshadowing the importance of photographs that will become a crux in the narrative Photographs it would seem are the Chekov’s gun of this storyReturning to the language and perfect prose for a moment it should be noted that this is not an American novel nor is it meant to be Emezi retains a strong inclusion of Igbo culture through the words and syntax in the character's speech Without hindering understanding this reminds readers that they are observers this is for them to watch and appreciate but as an outsider This is a good thing and it really works here There are obvious parallels that can be connected and a surging empathy to these characters but the distance reminds the reader that they can acceptembracesupport others as separate from themselves and stand in unity without being part of it It builds empathy by caring about something outside of yourself and not colonizing every narrative to be about you while still giving all the fulfilling experiences a reader has when finding themselves in a novel I found this to be one of the aspects I respected most in this novel the way it created a space for itself and established healthy boundaries for it while still welcoming the reader in ‘“ You’re safe” he murmured “It’s just me It’s just you and me”’I predict this will be a staple of book clubs for years to come particularly as it highlights very urgent and important themes of sexuality gender identity and the way resistance to progress is exponentially harmful Here in the United States the murder of trans folk is a major issue and 91% of those murdered are Black trans women This is the sort of violence normalized in society that the books speaks against The main story is inseparable from the historical and context in which it is set which reveals a lot through their juxtaposition Set in 1998 Vivek is brought home from University for unmentioned reasons likely related to a perceived mental health issue on the day that Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha died ‘ It’s a new day for Nigeria’ Chika Vivek’s father says ‘ A new dayfor all of us’ There is a striking parallel between Vivek’s feeling of freedom to embody their identity that grows with the acceptance of close friends and the hopes for freedom as Nigeria would hold their first democratic election after 16 years of military dictatorship In the peripheries of the novel are social issues such as violence against gay of ‘non masculine’ men riots occuring in the marketplace and as examined by a brief dispute between two side characters a tension between Nigerian Christians and Muslims particularly over a fear of Muslim refugees that have settled in the North The political landscape becomes a minefield for Emezi’s characters to navigate as they embrace who they are in an ever changing world The characters are all part of a community family unit the children of the Nigerwives women from outside Nigeria who have married Nigerian men Vivek’s own mother is from India for example Girls who are not fully Nigerian are made to cut their hair short in primary school and hair and hair length becomes a critical motif in this novel particularly for Vivek who has grown their hair down to their waist Emezi depicts a strong obdurate patriarchal society where men openly have affairs or have a second family in hopes of having a male heir Amidst these conditions the youth are growing into their own and adopting far inclusive and progressive lifestyles than their parents There is a stark contrast between the outdated beliefs of the parents that view any perceived aberration as a sign of failing mental health or demonic possession as evinced by a particularly horrific moment when Vivek’s aunt brings him to church to have him physically assaulted by the preacher in order to ‘drive the demon’s out of him’ and the youth who are far accepting Vivek is immediately embraced by the girls he grew up with in childhood and stays in their homes because his own family cannot accept his identity They were girlfriends yes but who could they even go and say that to And if you didn’t tell other people was it real or was it just something the two of you were telling yourselves The youth reject the established norm of heterosexuality as the only option and are uick to embrace fluidity of pronouns They see the way their parents way of thinking is not only erasing their identities but also causing them grief and existential pain If they cannot be accepted and would be cast aside like trash be it for their sexuality or simply for being a daughter in a patriarchy that emphasizes value on sons how can they come to terms with themselves and exist ‘ You’re keeping me in a cage’ Vivek shouts at their father an outcry specific to being kept indoors lest they bring shame upon the family but also a cry for their entire generation restricted by outdated principals Despite the violence and sadness that overtakes the narrative in an impending death you know if coming there is hope in the youth for a brighter humane future Th

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read epub á The Death of Vivek Oji Kindle Edition ☆ A dramatic and deeply moving novel of three generations coping with secrets violence and grief against a backdrop of political and social unrest They burned down the market on the day Vivek Oji diedOne afternoon in a town in southeastern Nigeria a mother opens her front door toUarded private life As their relationship deepens and Osita struggles to understand his friend's escalating crisis the mystery of Vivek’s behavior gives way to a heart stopping act of violence in a moment of transcendent freedom Propulsively readable teeming with vivid and unforgettable characters The Death of Vivek Oji is a story of family and friendship that challenges expectations at every turn It is a major step forward from a writer of rare insight into the porous barriers between body and identity spirit and self No spoilersIf I had read this book earlierI might have written a descriptive reviewthey have been done There is no reason to re invent the wheel when it doesn’t need reinventing So at this point I can only add my agreement to all the five star reviewsMany previous readers took the words right out of my mouthBrilliant beautiful devastating heart wrenching powerful exceptionalOne of the best books this yearby an extraordinary talented authorOne of the best written books I’ve read about coming of age identity sexuality including abuse adultery incest and bigamy;One of the most powerfully written books about losing a child; brutally murdered as a mother myselfI achedstill ache the thoughtI’d like to believe that all parents who lose a child recover not sure if it’s possible I’m personally friends with six woman who lost a childbut I do believe it’s possible for mothers fathers to compartmentalize have the grief memories sadness while ‘also’ enjoy their lives filled with love friendships passions hobbies a full array of joys This is the 3rd book I’ve read from Akwaeke Emezi I had one of the most ‘out of body’ experiences with Akwaeke’s debut ‘Freshwater’that I had ever had from ‘any’ book I’ll never forget it I can’t resist uoting what an NPR reviewer wrote about the comparisons between ‘Freshwater’ and ‘The Death of Vivek Oji’ I soooooo agree The expression fits my experience so profoundly ‘Freshwater’ is a tough book to look up from So is ‘The Death of Vivek Oji’ — but for completely different reasons The two novels are strikingly dissimilar Where ‘Freshwater’ is headlong ‘Vivek Oji’ is restrained Where ‘Freshwater’ roams between countries and regions ‘Vivek Oji’ remains firmly planted in southern Nigeria Where ‘Freshwater’ refuses traditional storytelling ‘Vivek Oji’ adopts the form—though never the spirit— of traditional crime fiction seeming to glory in the genre’s conventions before slyly subverting them” Vivek suffered can’t deny it both literally and figuratively physically and emotionally The reader acclimatesdesensitizes to the ‘death’ of Vivek he dies at the start of this bookand engages with the entire unfolding of his lifeAs we learn about Vivek’s tangled happinessa mood or a momentthe image of him is uite pleasurable And the closer I got to the end of the book the slower I read I just didn’t want it to endand I loved Vivek wholeheartedlyas his family and friends did Akwaeke Emezi’s writing is vivid and experiential The voices from each of her characters are ruthlessly powerfulAnother fantastic achievement from Akwaeke love her nameOne of my favorite female authors Each of her books are wonderfully fresh 5 strong stars from me