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Ascend By Amanda HockiPrestes a tornar se Rainha Wendy enfrenta uma escolha impossível Para conseguir salvar o seu reino terá de se sacrificar a si própria Conseguirá ela escapar ao destino A vida de Wendy está prestes a mudar para sempre Dentro de alguns dias uando fizer 18 anos vai casar se com um homem ue não ama e tornar se rainha dos trylle E parece inevitável entr. For the first time Wendy is someone to whom you actually can give the kingdom and it doesn't feel like a baby being handed matches and canister of petrol Tove is still is the purest soul in this wholes series and he is just so lost in his sad life I really wish we had of their marriage or maybe just the two of them working together I really enjoy them on the page together even if I do not ship them The day after helping the survivors I hoped that they would move in their relationship It was something But no Don't get me wrong; I'm team Loki since the first book even though that he isn't there But I really want to see something between Tove and Wendy I ship them as BFFs When Wendy was honest with Finn I was so happy Shea told him the same thing I was thinking about him since the first bookReally glad that there was a minimum of Matt and Rhys Anyway the end was not written properly; there is so much to change The author missed an amazing opportunity on how to finish this series

review Ascend By Amanda Hocking

review Ascend By Amanda Hocking ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Prestes a tornar se Rainha Wendy enfrenta uma escolha impossível Para conseguir salvar o seu reino terá de se sacrificar a si própria Conseguirá ela escapar ao destino A vida de Wendy está prestes a mudar para sempre Dentro de alguns dias uando fAr em guerra contra o próprio pai o maléfico rei dos vittra Wendy enfrenta a mais difícil escolha da sua vida A única forma de salvar os trylle dos seus inimigos mortais é sacrificando se a si própria e entregar se como prémio ao pai Mas como poderá ela abandonar as pessoas ue ama mesmo uando essa é a única maneira de as salvar Como se tudo isto. Don't act on everything your heart says but make sure you listen to it Sometimes your heart is right Well where should I start This book This series cries with happy tearsOne of my biggest problems in reading a final book of the series is the separation anxiety that I always get With this book I found myself experiencing the same It's hard to let go of a series that basically makes you feel attached to the story the characters and its world Ascend is another one of those series enders that basically make you feel happy and sad at the same time because of its unforgettable closure I love how the series ended in a sweet and satisfying appeal So much had happened in this book Wendy's character became developed She became responsible strong and independent Same goes with the supporting characters especially Loki Tove Finn Willa and the rest of the gangWhat made this book a remarkable one was the unpredictability My oh my the romance's plot twist really surprised me I was like 'WOW am I really reading what I'm reading Because OMG MY SHIP IS SAILING SO BEAUTIFULLY and it's FOR REALI practically swooned I won't be mentioning who Wendy ended up with because it's a huge spoiler but OMG the romance really got me in my feels I don't think I've ever really felt like I had a home before Not until I met you What just stopped me from rating it a perfect 5 was the action scenes As a final book of the series the action should be intense and extremely boundless scenes that will wow you and give you goosebumps But in this book the action scenes were kind of lame and they were just basically heard from the characters and were not really seen I was expecting really mind blowing action scenes where supernatural powers are exhibited There was none But all in all this book made a really great ending emotion wise I love the romance the characters and the satisfaction I got after reading this Trylle trilogy is one of the loveliest YA fantasy series I've ever come acrossRating 4 Stars

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Não bastasse Loki o vittra ue ajudou Wendy a fugir do rei Oren vem pedir lhe asilo O seu súbito aparecimento faz despertar novamente a paixão ue os une A sua vida amorosa complica se ainda mais pois Finn o seu leal guarda costas não parece disposto a abrir mão dela Nunca tanto esteve em jogo e Wendy apaixonada por Finn e por Loki vai ter de se decid. review found at wwwawesomebooknutcomGREAT ending to a fabulous trilogy I was beyond happy about the whole thing Seriously I do have some nicks but nothing super seriousI loved seeing the development with Wendy and her mother I loved the regret development love that was revealed and shared between the twoI absolutely love the love triangle which is VERY odd for me to say I loved that the author was able to make me rage war with myself in who I liked better But in the end I am very happy with how that went downIt was cool to watch Wendy ‘ascend’ pun intended to the throne The meetings the trial and error I loved how everything wasn’t easy I can appreciate some realness in thatOne character I would like to know about is Tove What an awesome sweet character I loved him and I hope that maybe the author will do a novella or something with his characterOne thing I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with was the final climax fight scene There was SO MUCH built up and thennot so much action I was okay really with but it just lackeda little something I guessOverall I loved this book and the trilogy I finished all 3 books in three days It was so fun and I loved the idea of it Looking forward to reading from this authorSexual Content moderateViolence moderateLanguage moderateDrugsAlcohol mild