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Maureen Birnbaum kindle Å Barbarian Swordsperson Download ✓ George Alec Effinger Ø Maureen Birnbaum Barbarian Swordsperson is a 1993 anthology by George Alec Effinger with cover and interior illustrations by Ken Kelly They collect all of his stories about Maureen 'Muffy' Birnbaum a JVerses and later recounts the tales to her best friend 'Bitsy' Spiegelman Originally written on his own initiative the character proved popular enough for Effinger to gain several reuests from authors to have versions of their work visited by MuffyIn addition to satirizing and spoofing the vari Almost everyone loves these stories I'm afraid I don't Oh they are well written very clever and witty but they're not my cup of tea I like my fantasy straight up and taken seriously These have just too much tongue in cheek for me to really enjoy

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Ous stories they had a feminist undertone as Maureen dealt with the often sexist reactions of the inhabitants of the worlds she met struggled to find the Martian prince she had fallen in love with and contrasted her adventures with Bitsy a housewife with an increasingly unhappy marriage Wikiped And Hilarity Ensues6 of 6 people found the following review helpful Reflections in History's Mirror September 4 2012 This review is from Thinking in Time The Uses of History for Decision Makers Paperback Created for their single semester Harvard course for training political decision makers authors Neustadt and May's historiography focuses on a several recent American turning points and examines how historical precedent either did or could have persuaded those involved The book intrigues on multiple levels first as a comparison between similar events second as a profile of the personalities involved such as Kennedy LBJ Reagan and Carter third as a set of methods for outlining perspectives and finally even though the book is 26 years old and predates the collapse of the Soviet Union the subjects discussed such as health care social entitlements and military confrontation are still relevant today even so today in light of the 2012 election cycleAny methodology has the benefit of crystallizing the issues NM's approach advises the guarded use of analogy Having selected one of exemplars they suggest outlining the similarities and differences between them and the current situation Since our knowledge of events are incomplete categorize features as Known Unknown and Presumed Instead of describing the problem an approach that might bias the conclusion tell the story and tell it from the perspective of different actors In addition to asked the 5W's ask Alexander's uestion what new information might challenge the Presumed items and lead to a different course of action Additionally they recommend Placement creating a timeline of events in the lives of key players in order to understand their motivation The techniue is nicely summarized at the end of the bookThe case studies are marvelous and include LBJ's intense use of placement as a political tool allegedly saying I never feel really comfortable with a man unless I have his pecker in my pocket the wide range of historic parallels used by Kennedy's emergency cabinet during the Cuban missile crisis Truman's extensive knowledge of and ability to ability to apply history without which he is easily misread and the key insight into Reagan that he was influenced positively by the New Deal and had a deep and genuine admiration for FDR's approach to leadership Another good case was the debate and planning for the 1977 Swine Flu recent examples would be the preventative regime implemented to combat SARS or the awareness campaign and infrastructure created in reaction to AIDS which was strongly linked to the pandemic of 1918 which killed a half million Americans and had victims by the end of WWI than the war itself NM also unkinde to problems of the Carter presidency which they viewed as technically motivated and beyond the imagery of the 100 day post election honeymoon which resulted in an overly ambitious program that failed to pass did not employ historic analogy With his tendency to sermonize they likened Carter to a Baptist preacher surrounded by like mannered people who tended to assume the moral high ground rather than constructively engage with others an example being his treatment of German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Like FDR he engaged in fireside chats with the nation but whereas FDR was uplifting Carter's broadcasts were downbeat and depressing NM also focus on the failure of the SALT II disarmament talks and Carter's fractious relationship with leading Senator Henry Scoop Jackson but surprisingly neglect what was at least on first inspection his major success the Camp David AccordsI was especially intrigued by the rivalry between Francis Perkins US Secretary of Labour during the Depression and WW II and Mary Anderson Director of the Woman's bureau and subordinate to her The two came from different backgrounds but had similar feminist ideals yet Anderson made the tactical mistake of alienating Perkins by accusing her of betraying ideals which she was not rather than working within the framework of finding common goals The result allowed Anderson to keep her position but damaged her advancementThe last chapter is a paean to reading history and makes a number of excellent though ambitious recommendations The authors tend to favour accounts written by individuals close in time to events especially autobiographies ie Ulysses S Grant or wielding influence such as Churchill rather than recent historians who run the risk of layering too much hindsight based on outcomes The book informs entertains and elevates the level of discussion leading one to seek out similar approaches to historic interpretationA great read and highly recommended

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Maureen Birnbaum Barbarian SwordspersonMaureen Birnbaum Barbarian Swordsperson is a 1993 anthology by George Alec Effinger with cover and interior illustrations by Ken Kelly They collect all of his stories about Maureen 'Muffy' Birnbaum a Jewish American Princess who is magically teleported to various fantasy and science fiction uni In the title piece of this collection of cult fave stories prep school senior Maureen Muffy Birnbaum finds herself transported to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom unnamed but readily identifiable nonetheless and prevails against the natives armed only with her Heather ish attitude and sense of entitlement well a honking big sword she picks up along the way helps too Subseuent adventures take her to similarly copyright infringement skirting versions of Burroughs' Pellucidar Isaac Asimov's Nightfall HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and so on all of which she survives with her attitude and manicure intact Sure it's a one joke idea but it's a pretty funny joke all the same