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FREE DOWNLOAD » Hope Restrained The Estate #2 ↠ She was meant to be his assassinA forced player in a rivalry within The EstateYet her loyalty was to no person but herselfWhen Hope is taken captive by Xander BlackShe becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reignRaised within a rival crime network Hope Delacroix wanted nothing tO darkness in order to force information out of HopeAs Xander enslaves Hope to break her down completely he learns that in the two years since Joseph Carmichael’s death dissension still exists within The Estate“I find it ironic that your name is Hopeespecially considering that you have none” Xander Bla. Another Dark Depraved Installment In The Estate SeriesWhen Aaron assumed power as the leader of The Estate he began working toward the destruction of the criminal network that ruined the lives of so many His order to immediately cease the trafficking of innocents was one of his first edicts as the new leader However in this seedy criminal underworld loyalty does not exist and there are those who are unwilling to give up their darkest desires to dominate own and defile Hope arrives on the grounds of The Estate on a mission to rescue her sister who has been taken by a unit of The Estate in defiance of Aaron's order As an assassin Hope has used her inner darkness to her benefit becoming a legendary killer There's nothing she holds close to her heart except the sweet goodness embodied within her twin sister Honor To save her sister from a life of unspeakable horrors she must carry out a hit on Aaron a job she would never consider if not for her sister's life hanging in the balanceXander never imagined finding a woman as receptive to his dark tastes as Hope Assigned to break Aaron's would be assassin he revels in her pleasures pain Soon he has fallen for this lethal woman who invades his heart and mind When the reason for Hope's attack on Aaron is revealed Aaron and Xander must consider the possibility of betrayal by leaders within The Estate While Xander inherently believes that Hope is telling the truth Aaron and others are less sure When her information results in an empty handed search Xander makes a decision that may cost both him and Hope their livesRemaining true to the dark twisted vibe of earlier books in The Estate series 'Hope Restrained' is a book that will push your limits and make you uestion the goodness of mankind I cringed shuddered and at times had chills running up my spine Just when I thought all hope was lost I was reminded of the resilience and strength of the human spiritThis was another great addition to this dark series With rogue units within The Estate yet to be discovered I am curious to see where the next book will lead and how deep the betrayals run Jason's uestionable interest in Honor promises to be explored and I cannot wait to have my uestions regarding the true identity of her angel answered

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She was meant to be his assassinA forced player in a rivalry within The EstateYet her loyalty was to no person but herselfWhen Hope is taken captive by Xander BlackShe becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reignRaised within a rival crime network Hope Delacroix wanted nothing to do with The Estate. 45 Gritty and Gruesome StarsIn the second installment of The Estate series we're introduced to Hope Delacroix She's forced to do a job a rival crime network has something she holds dear and the only way she can get it back is to assassinate Aaron Carmichael the feared leader of the estateBut the mission goes wrong when Aaron's right hand man Xander captures her and is hell bent on finding out who sent her She's determined not to speak she hates everything about the estate helping them in any way is out of the uestion She's a strong warrior and gives Xander way than he expected but things change unexpectedly when Xander discovers her weakness and uses it against she finds herself wanting to give in to his seduction And when he finally finds out the reason she made an attempt on Aaron's life Hope's ideas and belief's about The Estate start start changing He was her tormentor and her protector her captivity and her freedom Okay so in the beginning I didn't really like Hope she's confident and strong She doesn't need a man to protect her which didn't work for me I like my heroines weak and helpless so the hero can come in and save the day yes I'm serious but Xander's gentle approach towards her got exactly the same result I wanted She gave into him her character stayed strong but when it came to Xander she became all woman Mind you she wasn't easy on Xander at first she gave his ego a good beating at first this I didn't like lol I hope the spark of rebellion never dies inside you I enjoy stripping you of your fight every time I light you up inside Xander is a charmer he's slick smooth and a little bit arrogant After he breaks through Hope's walls he has a deep need to protect her and to calm the darkness that makes her soul so restless I actually ended up really liking Xander no he was't my ideal alpha male but he's character did suit the role perfectly I guess it would have been ideal to have their roles reversed but they did compliment each other Final Thoughts The flow of events in Hope Restrained were exactly the same as in Madeleine Abducted with a slight twist It's rare that I like a strong female character I really have to stress this I think the only other strong female characters I've liked were the heroine in Killing Sarai by JA Redmerski and recently Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins This book has bucket loads of gore non con and a look into the mind of a female assassin who's been through hell and back and makes it out on top This book has a slow build up but an explosive conclusion ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Hope Restrained The Estate #2A fierce warrior Hope is given no choice but to kill Aaron Carmichael Caught in her attempt Hope is captured by Aaron’s top guard in an effort to discover who sent herEver loyal and protective Xander Black’s sole objective is to defend Aaron and Maddy Willing to do whatever is necessary Xander gives in t. 45 StarsMeet Hope Delacroix She has been hired to kill Aaron CarmichaelThat will take her to The Estate Hope has one reason only to do thisher sister Honor has been kidnapped by an organisation and the only way she will be set free is if Hope carries out their ordersXander Black captures her and tries to break her so she will tell him who sent herHope is not for breaking and that does something to Xander and brings something out of him But will the darkness still take over Hope won't give up without a fight she will not lose her sister to The Angel My thoughtsI really enjoyed this being the 3rd book in The Estate series As cruel as Xander was he didn't have the madness that still lingered in The EstateIt is a dark read and I think I found this maybe the darkest one of the series so far not really the content so much but the way its written and with so many darkercaptive stories out there its hard sometimes to find one that stands out from the restTo me Melissa Willis is slowly becoming the ueen of darkness and this shows how to write one Can't wait till Honor Bound comes out