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FREE MOBI Ä DOC Curtain Poirot’s Last Case Poirot’s Last Case â AGATHA CHRISTIE ☆ A year after their last meeting Hercule Poirot now emaciated crippled with arthritis and wheel chair bound sent for his old companion Captain Hastings Hastings had since become a widower and was uite Ived from Styles Court the place where they solved their first murder together The case seemed like fate and they readily accepted When the great detective branded an unknown person among the seemingly harmless guests at Styles as a ruthless Poirot's last novel and last case Things came full circle and Captain Hastings went to Styles where he had seen a Poirot's investigation for the first time Only now Poirot was crippled and lost use of his legs but the gray cells the gray cells still worked Hastings had no clue that Poirot was about to match his wits with a genius serial killer who could never be accused of his crimes by any court or even suspected sort of like Professor Moriarty if you will but their methods were very different Let me start with the things I did not like and even hated sometimes Hastings' I lowered since the first book and he was not exactly Einstein to begin with Poirot's constant gloating about the fact got on my nerves after all Hastings could not help being stupid and he had to be pitied not constantly being reminded about Personally oh my God mercifully he was not present in the large part of the series especially in the later books and I forgot about his low mental abilities Here I was for a rude reawakening to the fact Having said that his daughter was present in the action I regret to say she took her mental abilities from her father and I also suspect she was dropped on her head repeatedly when she was a toddler She was shown as a capable biologist but in ordinary situations she made her father look like a genius I am not talking here about the eccentricity and lack of attention of some talented people I am talking about stupidity in other words she was mentally challenged to put in into modern terms It did not help any that she behaved like a young rebellious teen and I have it on good authority that not all of them are that badThe villain was painfully obvious from relatively early in the book for any reader who satisfies the following two conditions First he or she or it needs to have an I slightly higher than Captain Hastings and much higher than his daughter Second a will to exercise the aforementioned gray cells just a little mind you So do not expect usual crazily complicated plot which is a trademark by the ueen of Mystery I did not like the way she treated Poirot I totally understand by the time of writing she was tired of the character and publishers and readers still demanded of his adventures Sure the guy had an ego of the size of a modern aircraft carrier but I like his conviction that murder is wrong and he always kept it and he never let his ego get in the way of it Lastly this book was written before the previous one of the series and it feels less modern than the letter this was a little jarring But here I am nitpicking So from what I wrote about one would think that the rating is 3 stars but I gave 4 There are three reasons My general respect for the whole series and the character of Poirot The villain who was very good and interesting and very villainous Also after all I said it is still a great farewell to the second greatest private detective of the literature

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A year after their last meeting Hercule Poirot now emaciated crippled with arthritis and wheel chair bound sent for his old companion Captain Hastings Hastings had since become a widower and was uite depressed Poirot showed him a letter rece Curtain Hercule Poirot Mysteries #42 Written about 1940 published 1975 Agatha ChristieAbstract The crime fighting careers of Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings have come full circle they are back once again in the rambling country house in which they solved their first murder together Both Poirot and Great Styles have seen better days but despite being crippled with arthritis there is nothing wrong with the great detective and his “little gray cells” However when Poirot brands one of the seemingly harmless guests a five time murderer some people have their doubts But Poirot alone knows he must prevent a sixth murder before the curtain falls Characters Hercule Poirot John Franklin Barbara Franklin Judith Hastings Stephen Nortonعنوانها «آخرین پرونده پوآرو»؛ «پرده»؛ «پوآرو از صحنه خارج میشود»؛ «مرگ به سبک پوارو»؛ «غروب استایلز»؛ نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش سال 1998میلادی و سال 2000میلادیعنوان پرده، نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم رویا سعیدی، نشر تهران، کتابهای کارآگاه وابسته به انتشارات هرمس، 1379، در 265ص، شابک 9789647100465؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20معنوان آخرین پرونده پوآرو، نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم ثریا قیصری، نشر تهران، راستی نو، 1377، در 256ص، شابک 9645611156؛عنوان پوآرو از صحنه خارج میشود، نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم بیژن خرسند، نشر تهران، انتشارات کتاب، 1360، در 216ص، شابک نداردعنوان مرگ به سبک پوارو، نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم سید رضا حسینی، نشر تهران، ل‍ک‌ل‍ک، 1372، در 256ص، شابکنداردعنوان غروب استایلز، نویسنده آگاتا کریستی؛ ترجمه بهرام افراسیابی، نشر تهران، راد، 1372، در 278ص، مصور، شابک نداردچکیده داستان «پوارو» در نامه ای، از دوست و همراه همیشگی خویش «هستینگز»، درخواست میکند، که در عمارت «استایلز»، به او ملحق شود، عمارتیکه، حالا به عنوان یک هتل، از آن استفاده میشود، «پوارو» که بیمار، و رنجور است، روی صندلی چرخدار مینشیند، و با قتلهایی مواجه است، که طی آن، قاتلین، همیشه به گناه خودشان اعتراف می‌کنند، و شخصی که مسبب اصلی قتلهاست، به شیوه ای مرموز، و شیطانی، نقش یک عامل را در جنایتها، ایفا میکند، ولی او هرگزی به دام نیفتاده است و ؛ تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 28091399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Curtain Poirot’s Last CaseSerial killer in five apparently unrelated murders Hastings began doubting Poirot’s once renowned 'little grey cells' But Poirot knew that he had to work uickly before the murderer struck again even if it meant putting his life on the lin Agatha Christie's swan song for her most famous character Hercule Poirot fittingly returns him and and his friend Arthur Hastings to the setting of her very first novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles Aside from the fact that it's Poirot's final case a rather unusual twist and the recurring Othello theme make this one of Christie's memorable works if rather melancholy It was interesting to find out that Christie originally wrote this novel during World War II possibly fearing that she might not survive the war and wanting to give Poirot an appropriate send off Then she put Curtain in a bank vault for over 30 years finally publishing it in 1975 It was her last published book before she died Au revoir Agatha and Hercule