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The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ An alternate cover edition exists hereThe tipping point is that magic moment when an idea trend or social behavior crosses a threshold tips and spreads like wildfire Just as a single sick person Ple who create the phenomenon of word of mouth He analyzes fashion trends smoking children's television direct mail and the early days of the American Revolution for clues about making ideas infectious and visits a religious commune a successful high tech company and one of the world's greatest salesmen to show how to start and sustain social epidemics. I wish there was another word I could use instead of sexy I mean it metaphorically obviously but I want to tell you about the thing that I find to be the most sexy thing imaginable – and I’ve realised that sexy isn’t really the word I should be using at all You realise of course I’m talking about intellectually stimulating or satisfying when I say sexy That is what I want to talk about – the thing that gives me my biggest intellectual buzzLook it isn’t any of the obvious things you might be thinking of – and all of those obvious things this book has in abundance Not that I actually read this book – I listened to it as an audio book and that is important to say because I don’t know if the book always has the afterword – and it is something in the afterword that I loved most about this otherwise merely wonderful book As you may have guessed we will be returning to this laterWhat I’m saying is that Gladwell is a sexy kind of guy anyway even before he did the best of all possible things in the afterword of this book He is what I like to call an interpreter I think he even refers to himself as this somewhere He straddles a number of worlds – psychology medicine marketing social theory economics – and he draws lines between those worlds in the way one might if one was to place a piece of plastic film over another piece of plastic film on an overhead projector so that what is written on both films of plastic merge to ‘complete the picture’ in beautifully interesting ways Now that is sexy – but it is only level one sexy I love watching relationships and patterns appear and I love a good story and Gladwell knows his stuff when it comes to patterns and he really knows how to tell a good story Don’t get me wrong there is nothing the matter with level one sexy – but it is intellectual foreplay and needs something to be truly satisfyingOne of the things this book is about is trends How do trends start What makes it fashionable for kids to start smoking Why do books by unknown authors suddenly become best sellers How is it that two people can do much the same thing and he gives a fascinating example from American History to explain this and yet have completely different in fact nearly opposite resultsOr why did Hush Puppies a brand of shoes that had virtually died suddenly become – in the lingo of the streets – uber cool Yes I know ‘don’t try being cool McCandless it really doesn’t suit’Essentially he talks about a small number of personality types that exist in the world that kick trends along and these types of people help make ‘the virus of the latest thing’ spread to us all Those types of people are communicators people who know essentially everyone mavens people who know essentially everything and salesmen Sometimes we think that if we want to spread an idea far and wide we should find a way to get it to as many people as possible – much like spam But when was the last time you bought something recommended to you from a piece of spam you received in your inbox See what I mean But I guess most of us know some car nut we go to when we are thinking of buying a car someone who reads all the car magazines and maybe even spends his it is always a boy weekends ‘test driving’ the latest models This is the sort of person who can not only tell you the difference between an overhead cam shaft and polyunsaturated margarine but also why the cam shaft is better than butter In case you have not uite worked it out yet I am not one of those mavensIn a world awash with ‘information’ – much of which is lies although it is probably best we call it by its polite name advertising – we are becoming ironically enough dependent on word of mouth information from sources we know we can trust Now isn’t that a wonderful thesis and a direct confirmation of what you probably already suspected but hadn’t put into words yet I guess this might be the second level of intellectual sexyThe next level towards intellectual nirvana is when someone says something totally unexpected that makes my brains resonate in a way that I know will have me thinking for weeks And he did that this morning as I was walking back from the beach by talking about collective memory This is penultimate in the scale of intellectual sexy – I knew when he said this that what he was saying was going to end up in my reviewThey did a test on people they put people through a series of remembering tasks – and they gave them these tests in pairs Some of the pairs were people who didn’t know each other from a bar of soap – and the others were people who were literally couples people in relationships And the result Well the people in the relationships did lots and lots better at remembering stuff than the people that the fickle hand of fate flung together Isn’t that fascinating Doesn’t that send a shiver down your spine But it gets better He then goes on to talk about why this might be the case – and essentially he claims that we use our partners as a memory extension slot for our own brains In a relationship there is a division of labour when it comes to remembering stuff – with one partner remembering the kids’ birthdays and the other remembering how to use the ice cream makerAnd now comes the bucket of ice water that made me stop on my walk and think “God now isn’t that really really interesting” Part of the reason people fall into a deep depression when they go through a divorce and I thought perhaps even die shortly after their ‘life partner’dies may not just be that their partner has metaphorically taken away a part of their heart but literally taken away a part of their brain It is that line from Laurie Anderson about when her father died how she felt like a library had burnt down I think from The Ugly One with Jewels just before Speak My Language but I could be wrongBut do you know what is the sexiest thing about this book And the reason why you should avoid a first edition and get an edition with the afterword It is that after he has built a pretty good case for something made a rather good comparison that he uses to sustain the last bit of the book after he has finished writing the book after it is printed and ‘done and dusted’ he thinks about it some and makes a couple of major revisions to some of his thinking in the afterword that goes in a later edition It is utterly clear to me that if he had the chance to write this book again he would do it differently Essentially the afterword is showing us how he would have made it different He is showing that no idea is ever finished with no idea can be finally put aside as a shining trophy only to gather dust and bird shit but ideas are only worthy of that name if they are alive and alive things change and grow or sometimes they sicken and dieAnd someone who does that that goes away and thinks about it even after it is done and finished with and then comes back and says “Actually I could have done that a bit better let me see if I can just say it this way” Now that is sexy – that is the best This book is not nearly as good as Outliers and I only read this book because I read that book But do you know what This book is good enough that if I’d read this book first I would have gone on read that book too

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Te This widely acclaimed bestseller in which Malcolm Gladwell explores and brilliantly illuminates the tipping point phenomenon is already changing the way people throughout the world think about selling products and disseminating ideasGladwell introduces us to the particular personality types who are natural pollinators of new ideas and trends the peo. Really good book It read like a bestseller uick read but had a lot of substance to stop and make you thinkthree Rules of the tipping point the law of the few the stickyness factor the power of contextLaw of the Few people who influence Connectors super connectors eg Paul Revere William Dawes had the same mission as Paul Revere the same night but we haven't heard of him bc Paul Revere was a super connector knew who to rouse Mavens A Maven is a person who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places This person likes to initiate discussions with consumers and respond to reuests They like to be helpers in the marketplace Salesmen people with the skills of persuasion Good at reading people entering into conversational harmony with them Facial gestures nods smiles frowns are key indicators Emotional Mimicry Studies showed Peter Jennings viewers voted Republican bc he unconsciously smiled while covering ReaganStickyness Factor Sesame street succeeded bc it learned to make TV sticky It did a TON of testing with focus groups of kids to increase stickyness how much kids remembered of each show They would cut scenes that didn't hold attention until each show was good Blues Clues did even testing and discovered that kids love repetition it plays the same show 5 times in a row and kids love it make the message personal to make it memorable The Power of Context Broken window theory NYC cleaned up its crime epidemic by cleaning off the graffiti from its subways Often to change human behavior you have to change the context the problem is presented in Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo proved that context matters law of 150 a person can't 'know' than 150 people so companies usually start to fail at that point Gore Tex breaks up a company into 2 once it hits 150 because they've found things work better that way

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The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big DifferenceAn alternate cover edition exists hereThe tipping point is that magic moment when an idea trend or social behavior crosses a threshold tips and spreads like wildfire Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend the popularity of a new product or a drop in the crime ra. Can I give this zero starsWhen I read this book back in 2006 I got really mad and wrote a scathing review of it on com Here it isI've been duped June 20 2006By Sarah California USA See all my reviewsThis book sucks Don't waste your hard earned money on it Let me save you a few bucks here Malcolm Gladwell is either a self aggrandizing ass who is too busy thinking he is the god of marketing to notice that a great majority of his arguments lack any kind of cohesion or credibility whatsoever or he is just so excited about his self proclaimed 'paradigmatic' keys to the essense of social epidemics that he conveniently forgets to include that much needed credible evidence to support his long winded theories resulting in a book fit to satiate the appetite of audiences hungry for pop pseudo science BS that will make them feel smart for reading it Basically all this book is is a compilation of anecdotal evidence that is supposed to prove the truth in his words Gladwell's arguments clearly violate some very important rules guiding intelligent thought correlation does not imply causation and the fact that two events happened on one occasion at the same time does not necessarily imply correlation and the idea that a theory is bankable because one instance of anecdotal evidence exists Umm okay that's like saying that I know a guy who won the lottery I don't but humor me so it must be a logically good place to invest my paychecks I don't have paychecks but please humor me I mean I'm a 21 year old college student and not even a GOOD college student at that and I could easily point out the flaws in his arguments not just a single argument but ALL of his arguments as soon as I read them I didn't even have to put the book down to think for a few minutes before I realized how absolutely pointless and downright ludicrous his 'insights' were All that aside his writing style is so patronizing and self congratulatory that I could hardly stand to read any than five pages at a time before my face got all scrunched up and I started uncontrollably muttering curse words under my breath It makes me sad that people read this book and consider it a revelation in modern psychological and scientific thinking not seeing it for what it is an apparently very successful thanks readers of America profit driven waste of time Gladwell made a ton of money off what probably only took him like 15 minutes to write and THAT is the only thing genius about this bookYeah I was kinda mad when I wrote that This book doesn't really do much in the way of illustrating how to market ideas rather it seems like a marketing tool itself Gladwell sure knows how to create a brand for himself complete with a legion of raving followers who can't think for themselves That scares me