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The Sun Also RisesThe uintessential novel of the Lost Generation The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post World War I generation the I was sitting on the patio of a bar in Key West Florida It was August it was hot The bar was on the beach where there was lots of sand and water In the water I saw dolphins and waves The dolphins jumped and the waves wavedMy glass was empty The waiter walked up to my table “More absinthe miss” He asked “No I better not burp” I put my hand over my glass “I read somewhere that it can cause hallucinations and nightmares Just some ice water please” I said He put and empty glass in front of me tipped his picture of water over my glass until it was full at that time he stopped pouring A man I did not know walked up to my table and said to the waiter “No one in Key West is to stop drinking alcohol while they are conscious you know the rules Manuel Don’t make me repeat myself; did you hear me Don’t make me repeat myself it’s annoying” Manuel rolled his eyes“I’ll drink to that” I said and held up my glass of ice water to the stranger then put it to my lips and drank It was cold I set it back down on the table “I just finished a book where everyone repeated themselvesdrove me to drink”“Sorry Mr Hemingway” said Manuel “she said she wanted ice water so that’s what I gave her” A cat ran by it was fast “Meow” it said It was orange “But you know the rules Manuel you know the rules” Repeated Mr Hemingway “I know the rules Mr Hemingway how could I not You tend to repeat yourself constantly it must be all the absinthe” muttered Manuel “What did you say Manuel” Asked Mr Hemingway “Nothing” said Manuel “Bring the lady some Champagne right away” said Mr Hemingway Manuel walked away towards the kitchen“Who are you” I asked the man I did not know “Hemingway you wouldn't happen to be related to the writer would you His book The Sun Also Rises was the book I was just referring to; I don’t remember ever being uite so bored On the bright side I think it did wonders for my blood pressure” I saidDressed in worn khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with one too many colors he stood there at my table and suinted at me sweat rolling down the sides of his face and into his gray beard It was hot He set his drink down on the table hard and pulled out a chair and sat down “May I sit” he asked as he put his dirty bare feet up on the table and tipped the chair back “Sure you’re already in the chair Besides I don’t think it will be long before you fall on your ass” I said I drank some water it was cold “Language I’m Ernest Hemingway the guy who wrote that boring book” he put his feet on the ground and the chair dropped down with a bang He put his right hand out to shake mine I stared at it for a while then took it “Stephanie Hey I don’t want to come across as insensitive but aren't you dead” I asked “Really I don’t feel deadat least I don’t think I am” Said not dead Ernest “Damn Absinthe lives up to it's reputation I said and smacked the left side of my head with my left hand My head was hard “Manuel Where’s that champagne I shouted in panic “So” Ernest picked up his drink and drank the whole thing in one gulp “I am one the greatest American writers if not the greatest everybody says so And you” he paused and pointed his finger at me using the same hand that still held the glass the melting ice clinked “you didn't like the Sun Also Rises” he asked and set his glass down “I know I heard the same thing that you were one of the greatest American writers so imagine my surprise when I didn't love it like the rest of the human race In fact I really didn't like it AT ALL Please don’t hurt me”Manuel walked back to the table caring the bottle of Champagne and two glasses He sat the glasses in front of us and went about the task of opening the bottle “Thank god your back Manuel I think I’m hallucinating I hope champagne helps things normalize” I said the bottle said “pop” “It won’t help because you are not hallucinating” He said and poured the Champagne he turned and walked off I picked up the glass and drank It was bubbly and cold“What else didn't you like about my book” Asked Ernest “I’m really not comfortable telling you to your face but alright” I said “I found all the characters to be aimless unlikable drunkards that didn't have any idea what to with their lives but travel about the world constantly drunkwhich doesn't sound all that bad on the surface but it was so not interesting” I said “They were so excruciatingly boring that I couldn't even care enough about them to remember who was who” I said “It felt like it would never end but when it did end the only thing that I liked about it was the fact that it was finally over No big payoff to make the boring book worth my time” I sighed and finished off my Champagne I poured myself and Ernest another glass“Wow Sorry you hated it I suppose you can’t please everyone” He said “I’ll buy you dinner to repay you for putting you through that” “That’s not necessary but I could eat I must bathe first” I said “Well sure it is hot after all” He said “Yes I must bathe you understand One cannot dine without bathing first so you will have to wait until I bathe”“I must bathe I must bathe I must Bathe” I said“Now you’re just making fun of me” he said“YupI will make you suffer the way you made me suffer” I smiled “Great I look forward to it” Said not dead Ernest We rose to our feet Ernest took my arm we steadied ourselves and stumbled off into the sunsetAlso reviewed on shelfinflicted

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Download The Sun Also Rises Doc ´ 247 pages ´ The uintessential novel of the Lost Generation The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post World War I generation the novel introduces two of HemingwayNovel introduces two of Hemingway's most unforgettable characters Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley The story follows the flamboyant Brett and the hapless Jake as they journey from the wild nightlife of 1920s Paris to the brutal bullfighting rings of Spain This may be my favorite book of all time At any rate it's definitely on the top ten list and by far my favorite Hemingway and I do love some Hemingway The first time I read this I loved Lady Brett Ashley Is she a bitch Sure but I don't think she ever intentionally sets out to hurt anyone And it might be argued that she has reason to be one her first true love dies in the war from dysentery not exactly the most noble of deaths and she's physically threatened by Lord Ashley forced to sleep on the floor beside him and his loaded gun and let's clarify thatno that's not a euphemism just in case you're a perv Then we have the one man who might make her happy Jake Barnes Poor poor Jake who doesn't have a gun let alone a loaded one yup that's a euphemism snicker away I think Brett is one of the most tragic figures in American literature Disillusioned by the war and how it irrevocably changed her life she tries to fill the void with alcohol and sex and destroys herself in the process However upon rereading the novel I realized how eclipsed Jake had been by Brett during my first reading I also realized how I had misinterpreted him during my first reading I thought Jake was as lost as the rest of the Lost Generation but I now believe that he is the only one who is not lost with the exception of Bill Gorton whose line The road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs may be my favorite in the book If there's anyone with reason to give up on life it's Jake Does he pine for Brett Yes Does he come to hate Cohn for his affair with Brett Affirmative Does he get over Brett and realize that even if properly euipped for a sexual relationship a relationship with her would end as tragically as all of her other conuests Abso damn lutely After all Brett is Circe according to Cohn and anyone lured into her bed will lose their manhood The success of the relationship between Brett and Jake hinges on the fact that Jake literally has nothing to lose in this respect Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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With a motley group of expatriates It is an age of moral bankruptcy spiritual dissolution unrealized love and vanishing illusions First published in 1926 The Sun Also Rises helped to establish Hemingway as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth centu I've read this book every year since 1991 and it is never the same book Like so many things in this world The Sun Also Rises improves with age and attentionSome readings I find myself in love with Lady Brett Ashley Then I am firmly in Jake Barnes' camp feeling his pain and wondering how he stays sane with all that happens around him Another time I can't help but feel that Robert Cohn is getting a shitty deal and find his behavior not only understandable but restrained Or I am with Mike and Bill and Romero on the periphery where the hurricane made by Brett and Jake and Robert destroys spirits or fun or nothing which is decidedly somethingAnd then I am against them all as though they were my sworn enemies or my family No matter what I feel while reading The Sun Also Rises it is Hemingway's richest novel for me I feel it was written for me And sometimes feel it was written by me I surely wish it wasHemingway's language his characterizations his love for all the people he writes about no matter how unsavory they may be his love of women and men his empathy with the pain people feel in life and love his touch with locale his integration of sport as metaphor and setting his getting everything just right with nothing out of place and nothing superfluous all of this makes The Sun Also Rises his most important novelIt is the Hemingway short story writ large It is the book he should be remembered for but isn't I often wonder why that is and the conclusion I come to is this The Sun Also Rises is too real too true too painful for the average reader to stomach And many who can are predisposed to hate HemingwayA terrible shame that so many miss something so achingly beautiful