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Free eBook ¿ ePub The Red Keep è A Story of Burgundy in 1165 õ naturaltreatment Ö In the country of Burgundy the Sauval brothers have begun to terrorize the surrounding lands in an attempt to bring the area under their control They raid the Red Keep in hope of gaining it for themsIn the country of Burgundy the Sauval brothers have begun to terrorize the surrounding lands in an attempt to bring the area under their control They raid the Red Keep in hope of 275 stars I think Don't me I'm conflicted PI don't know how to insert images into a GR review but as you read the following please picture that butterfly meme in your mind You know the one with the butterfly and the guy wearing glasses Lady Anne existsLady Anne is a total badass has a super compelling backstory and a strong story goal has been planning for years to win back the ancestral home which was stolen from her family commands her own private army of grizzled retainers who would literally die for her is easily The Coolest Person AroundAuthor is this Sidekick Material Me already frothing at the mouth dON'T YOU DO IT Don't you dare make her the sidekick She is the hero This is HER STORY This is HER HOME Didn't you read the title Author nah I'mma push her offscreen for the majority of the book and make her the inspiring influence for my all important male protagonist he has Potential I promise Me seethes this is why I don't trust straight men y'all Moving on to the serious part of the review The Red Keep was published in 1939 by historical fiction author Allen French I picked up a copy on Thriftbooks recently while searching for cheap new reading material This book in particular wasn't recommended to me; however Allen French WAS recommended to me as somebody who wrote good historical fiction adventures so I thought eh why not The Red Keep of the title is as hinted Lady Anne d'Arcy's ancestral estate Her family was slaughtered by robber barons when she was a young teenager Anne was forced to flee the Red Keep with her surviving warriors and take refuge in a neighboring castle But ever since Anne and her men have dreamed of making the Red Keep theirs once Pretty badass right You would think this alone would be enough to earn Anne the place of protagonist But because this is 1939 and because in 1939 it was practically unheard of for an adventure story to have a female lead the lion's share of the attention goes to a man The lucky guy's name is Conan He and Anne have grown up together as he's a suire in the same castle where she took shelter Conan is the POV character narrator for all but a few chapters while Anne fades offscreen for well over half the book Conan is definitively framed as the hero even resolving Anne's conflict with the robber barons by single combat Which he semi miraculously wins Because of course he does P Conan is slow to support Anne's efforts to win back her inheritance In fact he spends the first few chapters belittling her hopes and plans WHILE HAVING NO CONCRETE PLANS FOR HIS OWN FUTURE He starts off aimless and slightly witless his character arc makes him arrogant and slightly wooden and he has so little respect for Anne's training or planning that when she shows up highly experienced warriors in tow to aid him in the final battle his first thought is that she'll be in the way That she'll hold him back Look here y'all I'm not an idiot I am well aware that a battlefield or a castle siege is no place for someone unused to dangerous situations regardless of their gender I am all for guys protecting their girlfriends keeping an eye out for unnecessary risks refusing to allow them to compromise their personal safety for uestionable goals all that jazz But if your girlfriend has been TRAINING FOR THIS VERY MISSION SINCE SHE WAS THIRTEEN if she is every bit as comfortable in armor yes armor and on horseback as you are and if she's showing up to join the fight for HER OWN BLOODY CASTLE and bringing you reinforcements which YOU ACTUALLY DO NEED your first thought should not be geez I wish she hadn't come she's cramping my style For this reason when the author presents us with the happy ending of Anne being legally barred from claiming the Red Keep because she's a woman and the local duke is like here you go just marry Conan and he'll claim your castle for you problem solved I am Not Happy Bob #i'm not happy bob #ask me why i'm not happyOther gems which I did not appreciate Besides Anne all the women in positions in power in this book are evil They're specifically portrayed as evil because they control men and emasculate men No thanks I kid you not there's a line in one of Anne's rare POV flashes where Conan is being lowkey bossy and Anne thinks how much she likes for him to command her Me spits out drink uh no she flipping doesn't There's several passages where the author kind of inserts his own modern voice to tell us how Backward and Ignorant and Superstitious these medievals are It felt a little weird and overtly Protestant especially the passages where he's complaining about the Church ANTI SEMITISM This is where the book really shows its age and not in a good way The one Jewish character a young man named Isaac is shown as despicably weak cowardly and unmanly There's allllllllllllll this heavy handed rhetoric about Isaac not being a real man both on the part of the other characters and on the part of the narrator Until the climax when Isaac pleads for forgiveness from Conan by saying my race yes pretty sure those exact words were used My Race has never been taught how to fight or be brave we've been oppressed and our oppression HAS MADE US COWARDLY that exact sentiment I wish I was kidding but I want to atone for my cowardice and become a real warrior like you Me muffled swearing Don't Just don't Look guys the worst thing about this whole sideplot is that Allen French if you asked him would say he wasn't trying to be anti Semitic at all He would tell you he was being open minded and tolerant by actually discussing Christian Europe's oppressive treatment of the Jews and how those centuries of oppression have 'shaped' the 'flawed Jewish character' or whatever the flip But DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE The very assumption that Jewish people have inherent or learned character 'flaws' due to the horrific persecution they've experienced is blatantly racist And meanwhile the Holocaust Because yes This is 1939 And we can never escape that awful tragic context deeeeeeeeep breathThose issues aside I am glad I read this book for the sake of Anne's character alone Despite seeing her mostly through Conan's eyes despite Conan stealing so much of her well deserved spotlight Anne is still a strong heroine She has a fresh bracing manner and a singleness of purpose that I really admire She knows how to lead how to inspire confidence She rides to the beleaguered castle at the head of her men chain mail armor and all There's a great scene where somebody's trying to keep her from heading out to battle with the words Anne on your duty I order you to stay Anne's response Madam I follow my duty exit stage left head held highLike That's GOOD That's REALLY GOOD STUFF I just wish we had gotten approximately 100x of it and way less of the other #problematic #elements So yeah 275 stars and a whole boatload of conflicted feelings for 500 Alex

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Gaining it for themselves only to be thwarted by Sir Roger and young Conan Now they plot anew to steal the Keep from its rightful owner Lady Anne She with Conan and her loyal foll On occasion The Red Keep was very exciting but much of the time it dragged and just didn’t keep my attention I found my mind wandering often and had to remind myself to focus I don’t really recommend this book but I wouldn’t say not to read it either

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The Red Keep A Story of Burgundy in 1165Owers sets out to bring justice upon the evil brothers An action filled tale with the authentic flavor of the twelfth century by the author of The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow Welcome to a world of intrigue and danger heros and villians and on top of that realismOur heroine has just lost her father leaving her keep vulnerable to the attacks of her disgusting neighborsOur hero somehow gets himself embroiled in the mess being a younger son allows him to be a little adventurous Together they guard the castle against seige but they are sadly outnumbered And even if they can save her keep will the King allow a woman to be Lord of a keepSet in medeavil France this is a really good book well researched and written suitable for all ages