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Neuroscientist and author Graziano has crafted a compelling fantasy based on a semi plausible “what if” Imaginative intelligent narrativeTwin ideas of forgiveness and mercy twist through this strange moving patiently wrought novel making for a trippy but charming read”– Publishers Weekly“An hilarious dark brittle take on post modern medicine love triangles the dense emptiness of contemporary life and the power of contemplative self discovery Part magic realism part science fiction part theater of the absurd and part over the top unrepentant spoof this novel packs into its few short pages than do most epic trilogies G. An experimental treatment cures a young man of AIDS and leaves him immortal which is fortunate because his wife and doctor both convinced that he is dead dump his body in the Atlantic and go off to resume their affair As it turns out an eternity at the bottom of the ocean with nothing but a weighted statue of Venus to talk to isn't such a bad fate Gives a man time to thinkI found Gaziano's novel The Divine Farce at the bookstore on a day I didn't feel like buying anything the horror but my library didn't have it and I had to try this one instead No regrets Nice little story and I hope one of many good works from Leapfrog Press Feels like it should be a Dalkey Archive title but that might just be because it reminded me of Jim Krusoe's novel Iceland Don't let that discourage you I believe I enjoyed this one slightly You missed out Dalkey folks

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The Love Song of MonkeyN the floor of the Atlantic a young man faces his own death and his wife’s infidelity The Love Song of Monkey is a meditation on the simple inexplicable and lasting power of love cast in the metaphor of a journey to the depths of the ocean floor Precise and beautifully crafted this modern fable is rich with humor and deep thoughtMichael S A Graziano professor of neuroscience at Princeton University is the author of the novella Hiding Places New England Review The Seclusion Zone 2007 fi nalist in the William Faulkner–William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition and The Intelligent Movement Machine 2008 Oxford University Pres. Indefatigable LoveTHE LOVE SONG OF MONKEY is a brief novel that is likely to be around for a long time if word of mouth from those who have had the pleasure of reading it encourages a potentially wide audience to join the bandwagon Author Michael SA Graziano happens to be a professor of Psychology at Princeton University and a composer of music and probably these adjuncts to his considerable talent in writing help make this unusual lyrical challenging exploration into the mysteries of the durability of love so successful This book glows Young Jonathan is dying from AIDS as his skittish skinny art director wife Kitty takes him to the offices of Dr Kack for a treatment that appears to be Jonathan's only hope for survival Dr Kack has invented the Kwark King a machine that realigns molecules in living creatures making them impermeable to outside invasion and hopefully to cure them of invading organisms To date Dr Kack has used his machine on cats and mice but the degree of pain the machine inflicts during treatment has proven intolerable to the subjects and they die or enter a death like catatonic state Jonathan agrees to be the first human subject for the odd machine sensing that his wife Kitty has connections with Dr Kack Jonathan proceeds with the treatment encased in a container that holds him stable for the entire perfusion of molecule changing energy at the end of the treatment the still alive but the catatonic Jonathan is thought dead by both Kack and Kitty and Jonathan's uite aware body is dumped in the sea anchored by an iron Venus sculpture And there he remains under the ocean for years able to remain alive because of the 'new' body and organ transformations the monkey man of an experiment that actually worked Part II of the novel focuses on Jonathan's life beneath the earth's surface a period of respite from the madness of civilization when he can put his life and his relationship with Kitty in perspective while observing the glories of life at the bottom of the sea Eventually he encounters a touch of civilization and finds a crevice in the ocean's floor that happens to be a volcano of sorts Jonathan is explosively cast aback into civilization where he is mistaken for a 'found object of art' and eventually sold to a museum In Part III Jonathan as art views the world now 55 years older and among the thing he view is the aged Kitty now comically Kitty Kack since she married the original Dr Kack The manner in which Jonathan encounters his life's love despite all the passage of time and the acts Kitty has performed reveals on of the tender elegies of lasting love in literature Graziano writes with conversational ease that shadows the profound meanings present on every page illuminated by a droll sense of humor and a magical realism type of style of writing that never leaves the reader unwillingly to believe this wonderfully implausible fable This is a joy of a book to read and one that deserves an audience of readers who love literature and life and still believe in love Grady Harp

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Free download The Love Song of Monkey 107 È Neuroscientist and author Graziano has crafted a compelling fantasy based on a semi plausible “what if” Imaginative intelligent narrativeTwin ideas of forgiveness and mercy twist through this strange moving patiently wrought novel making for a trippy but charming read”– Publishers Weekly“An hilarRaziano has fabricated the rare kind of tale that the reader can honestly say ends much too uickly Perfectly woven self enclosed multifaceted Kosinski’s Being There sprinkled with a strong dose of Frankenstein the kind of simplicity that speaks volumes” Michael Mirolla author of The Formal Logic of Emotion“An amalgam of fairy tale satire science fiction medical thriller and soap opera It is difficult to fathom that a novel so brief can be so epic in scope Inventive and deftly crafted The Love Song of Monkey is a tale no reader will soon forget” Eric Linder Yellow Umbrella Books Chatham MassachusettsIn a surreal exile o. A strange surreal page turnerThis is a fantastic novel and I mean that in the old fashioned sense that the events are fantastic And surreal and deeply human I read it in one fell swoop It runs Fast It's a little crazy and you can feel Graziano making it up as he goes along which is a great way to write a novel since you don't know how it's going to end If you're clever and naturally creative as Graziano is some beautiful effects can be achieved I once wrote a novel this way You start out at one place here Graziano who is a professor of psychology at Princeton starts with his protagonist dying of complications from AIDS He is being taken to the hospital by his anorexic wife He's in a lot of pain and scarcely cares whether he lives or dies And then you end up in another at the bottom of the ocean in a museum as a cat burglar called the Monkey man and all the while you sing The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by TS EliotI suspect that where Graziano thought he was going in the beginning is different from where he actually went I also suspect that he had intended a realistic narrative but found himself constrained And so he threw off the shackles and typed a tale incredibleGraziano's strength is first in the rapid paced narrative and then in the great freedom he gives his story Neither conventional reality nor scientific plausibility deters him from his fancy The narrative is lean like something from James M Cain or Cormac McCarthy but without the strict adherence to realism Graziano's story doesn't unfold as in a familiar tale or in something contrived to seduce the human psyche Instead the story evolves as something reacting to myth or to the dream time or to whim or fancy Taken in retrospect The Love Song of Monkey really a long short story seems to be about the human predicament as all literature must be A man has done something wrong and is paying the price He suffers and he learns from his suffering And then he triumphs over circumstance and becomes something than just human a kind of demigod perhaps Once he was vulnerable then he was almost untouchable Almost Love kept him tethered to the world no matter how far he roamed in the great depths of the sea of his mind And then he returned by happenstance to the world of humans and sought out the object of his love the object of all the years of meditation and found her beautiful than she had ever been And his love for her was unsullied and undiluted by the mundane events of this world A kind of eternal and ethereal love is what Graziano's muse longs for and is what he achieves in the endPeople hurt one another and do bad things to one another but in the end they forgive and indeed find in their wisdom that there was really nothing to forgive ever and in that state of mind they realize their love And they live happily ever after or they die in the state and in the grace of love which amounts to the same thingThus this is a love story a bit creepy like a Halloween flick or something from a tale about the undead As I intimated above I read it in less than an hour It is all told a strange page turner and one that resonates Dennis Littrell author of the mystery novel “Teddy and Teri”