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eBook á The Indigo Notebook Hardcover ↠ An exciting new series from the acclaimed author of Red GlassZeeta's life with her free spirited mother Layla is anything but normal Every year Layla picks another country she wants to live in This summer they’re in Ecuador and Zeeta is determined to convince her mother to settle down Zeeta makes frSomething very dangerous Zeeta wonders whether she’ll ever get the chance to tell her mom how she really feels or to enjoy her deepening feelings for WendellPraise for Red Glass“A captivating read” School Library Journal StarredBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 10132009 Pages Reading Level Age 10 and Up I listened to the audio recording of The Indigo Notebook and I’m not uite sure how to review it My general impression is that I enjoyed it but as I sat down to review I realized I was calling out mostly things that troubled me I tried again and again but this is what I keep coming back to I’ll leave it to you to draw your own conclusionsI’ve always loved travel books and The Indigo Notebook has that exotic location charm in spades The setting of small Andean town Otovalo is described in lovely detail I particularly enjoyed hearing about all the native dishes that Zeeta and her mother Layla try To call them adventurous eaters would be an understatement For that reason I’m glad listened to the audio version since I have a tendency to skim excessive description In this book you won’t want to miss those lush setting detailsMain character Zeeta is the first troubling element She is not a fan of her mother’s world traveling lifestyle and longs for a “normal” life in the American suburbs Rather typically she doesn’t appreciate what she’s got ‘til it’s almost gone and then she’s unhappy when Layla begins to curb her free spirited ways though that’s what Zeeta’s been begging her to do I find this to be completely plausible for a self absorbed teen but it occasionally made her a grating narrator Further Zeeta sometimes seems to know her dream is a little too rose colored and many characters repeatedly convey the message that “what we think we really want may be the very last thing we need” This theme is so strong and so prevalent that the reader feels a little pounded by it All of that makes me wonder why Zeeta – an otherwise perceptive character – doesn’t pick up on it soonerWhen we meet Zeeta she is on a uest to help Wendell an indigenous boy adopted by American parents and raised in in the US find his birth parents Their slow developing friendship and romance were enjoyable though I was incredulous about the ease with which they stumbles upon clues to his parentage and come to just the right place so uickly in their search I suppose it would be unsatisfying to read about weeks of fruitless searching through boring archives and Wendell does have some mystical psychic powers So I’m sort of willing to just chalk that up to a combination of magical realism and plot necessity and move onOne thing I can’t get past is the portrayal of the local population I worry it was stereotypical In the Otovalo of the The Indigo Notebook most of the natives Zeeta meets are impoverished but satisfied with their lives and wise as to the ways of the heart and the soul I’ve never been to Ecuador and I cannot speak with any authority about the indigenous population there but it felt like a stereotype of the wise Native I understand Resau has spent time in this region has close relationships there and donates some of her royalties to non profits working with indigenous peoples I do not mean to cast any aspersions in making this comment but I can’t help but say that the portrayal of natives in this novel made me uncomfortableFinally actors can make or break an audio version of a novel and I’ve experienced both As with the story itself my review of The Indigo Notebook’s narrator Justine Eyre is mixed Eyre sounds too old for Zeeta and her reading is uite precise – almost affected She has no accent and many accents at once At first this troubled me but ultimately I decided that is the perfect voice for Zeeta who is from no where and everywhere all at once and who is mature beyond her years from handling the practical aspects of her mother’s wandering life I also really enjoyed the voice Eyre used for hippie dippie Layla But while she got that one spot on Eyre missed the mark with Wendell He ended up sounding like a dumb surfer dude than a sensitive thoughtful artsy troubled young manAll of this sounds like I didn’t enjoy this book but I did find The Indigo Notebook entertaining I am planning on reading or listening to the seuels I can’t uite put my finger on why I liked it or what I enjoyed as easily as I can on the elements that troubled me Maybe that’s reason enough to recommend it Read it for yourself to see whether you’re caught up by Zeeta’s travels despite the flaws

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An exciting new series from the acclaimed author of Red GlassZeeta's life with her free spirited mother Layla is anything but normal Every year Layla picks another country she wants to live in This summer they’re in Ecuador and Zeeta is determined to convince her mother to settle down Zeeta makes friends with vendors at What a sweet book It's a uick read but it's laced with the same feeling of wanderlust that made me love The Bean Trees There definitely are kids out there who are raised on the road like this kids who feel like they are responsible than their parents Although I've met people who could have been Zeeta I've never encountered a book written from this perspective let alone one written for young adults I get excited when books I read give voice to an overlooked population no matter how small especially when those books are aimed at teenagersThe characters are great Zeeta Zis a free spirited fifteen year old who has grown up running around the markets in countries all over the world Layla Zeeta's Rumi uoting midnight dancing essential oil wearing mother has always had visions of traveling the globe with her daughter and that's exactly what they do Layla picks a country teaches English there for about a year then gets restless So they pick up their lives and move on Although there are a lot of things Zeeta likes about her mother she wishes that Layla would give thought to the future and allow her to live a normal boring lifeThis year Layla and Zeeta have moved from Thailand to Ecuador Zeeta adjusts to her environment through writing She has filled many notebooks over the course of her travels and they are all color coordinated she sticks with one color notebook for each country She's been through most of the colors of the rainbow already so her year in Ecuador is the year of the indigo notebookSoon after arriving in Otavalo a market town a couple hours drive from uito Zeeta meets Wendell Wendell is a uichua boy who was adopted and raised in the US but has returned to Ecuador to search for his birth parents Zeeta agrees to translate for him and soon gets sucked into his uest While a great adventure and also a bit of a romance is developing for Wendell and Zeeta Layla is beginning to settle down with a clean cut American He's the normal magazine dad that Z has always dreamed of and now she and Layla have to figure out how he will fit into their livesThis book held especially strong appeal for me because I just returned from Ecuador a couple of months ago but I would have related to it anyway I think if Twilight had come out when I was in high school I would deliberately avoided it I avoided all of those books that most girls read The Indigo Notebook though is exactly the type of book I would have wanted to read There's a little bit of suspense and a little bit of romance but it's all woven into the adventure of living in another country It's balanced and a very pleasant read

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The Indigo NotebookThe town market and begs them to think of upstanding “normal” men to set up with Layla There Zeeta meets Wendell She learns that he was born nearby but adopted by an American family His one wish is to find his birth parents and Zeeta agrees to help him But when Wendell’s biological father turns out to be involved in It's been than a week since I've read this book but I do remember that I thought the writing was great It flowed beautifully and seemed effortlessly Resau can definitely write no doubt about itThe plot is Zeeta helping an American boy Wendell find his birth parents in Ecuador The other subplot is Zeeta's mother turning herself normal instead of being free spirited and irresponsible as she has always been Really I loved the story and Zeeta is very observant Wendell is nice though I don’t really like the name and Zeeta handles their relationship responsibly One thing that bothered me was one of the underlying messages For some reason people who don't do a lot of traveling to exotic places and try to learn the natives' spiritual ways are cows While Layla Zeeta's mother Zeeta and Wendell who are people who do do this are birds I understood it to an extent but it seemed so absolute Like either you are a bird or a cow based on these ualifications and really who wants to be considered a cow? In the book they are deemed boring and uninteresting But I'm rambling I’ll stop This is not the whole book and I enjoyed reading it anyways so if you aren’t bothered by this as I was than most definitely read it I hope to read of Resau's books but I don't understand why there is going to be a seuel to The Indigo Notebook There is enough finality in this one