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The Falcon of SpartaTakes them One man Xenophon rallies the Greeks As he attempts to lead them to freedom across 1500 miles of hostile territory seething with adversaries 10000 men set off on the long way home. This stunning and amazing book by Conn Iggulden is about the exploits of the Athenian nobleman Xenophon with also a very main part for Prince Cyrus and important parts for Hephaestus King Artaxerxes and not to forget the Spartans Clearchus and ChrisophusAt the beginning of the book you'll find a couple of wonderful maps one of the Persian Empire and the other of the length of the March of Xenophon and the Ten ThousandThis book has been very well researched and documented with great care within the author's Historical Note which you can find at the end of the book and its there where you can take notice that a very important part is destined for Xenophon's historical book Anabasis because that's been used as the basis for this great bookStory telling is as ever of a top notch uality all the characters featuring in this story come superbly to life whether they are Greek or Persian and the atmosphere of the ancient world comes very much alive in a most convincing and gripping fashionIts all about the ancient world the GreekPersian wars but mainly this time about the Persian brother war between Prince Cyrus and King ArtaxerxesThe first part of the book is mainly about Prince Cyrus and his near death when his father King Darius II is dying but thanks to his mother he remains alive to live for another day but finally at the Battle of Cunaxa where he will fight with his Greek mercenaries and native Persian army against the army of his brother King Artaxerxes Prince Cyrus in the end will fall and its there where the Greek mercenaries are left alone and isolated on the battlefieldAfter Tissaphernes commits treachery against Clearchus and other Greek Generals by having them murdered for King Artaxerxes the second part of the book is about the escape of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand that will start after the Battle of Cunaxa and especially after that treachery and although they have hardly any food or water and enemies all the time at their heels he will take them with the help from Chrisophus and his Spartans in particular to the Sea and freedom and so on into Greek territoryVery much recommended because if you're into the Ancient World and you like the GreekPersian wars then this book is a must read to each and everyone of you and that's why I call it myself A Compelling Heroic Flight Epic Greek Deeds

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Summary º The Falcon of Sparta ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ In the Ancient World one army was feared above all others This is their storyWhen Cyrus brother to the Great King of Persia attempts to overthrow his reckless sibling he employs a Greek mercenary army of 10000 soldiers When this army becomes stranded as a reIn the Ancient World one army was feared above all others This is their storyWhen Cyrus brother to the Great King of Persia attempts to overthrow his reckless sibling he employs a Greek mer. 5 starsThis is available on UK today for 99 penceTruly fabulous I know very little about the ancient Greek and Persian conflicts but they were uite astounding and bloody This book is Iggulden's fine re telling of Xenophon The Persian ExpeditionIggulden notes For the details I could not fit in here I recommend The Persian Expedition particularly to any reader interested in how the Greeks thought and acted It deserves to have survived over two thousand years The Persian Expedition by Xenophon As usual with my reviews please first read the publisher’s blurbsummary of the book Thank you ARC courtesy NetGalleycom Thank youBeautiful prose again throughout from Iggulden I had read several of his Caesar books 10 15 years ago and was impressed He’s truly a master of prose and pacingThis is an extraordinary living history dramatised but based on Xenophones' actual witness of the events 120000 soldiers 12000 extraordinary Spartans march over 1000 miles into the desert to fight but many don't realise that the charismatic and strong leader Cyrus is really set to try to overthrow his brother King Artaxerxes II who tried to assassinate Cyrus earlier There is a completely for me surprising twist in the middle of the book and then the whole direction of the book changes Very well presented and matching true historyTruly a fabulous tale superbly told by IgguldenArtaxerxes II of PersiaFull size image HoplitesFull size image The March of the 10000Full size image The Spartan sword the KopisFull size image Spartan helmetFull size image Cyrus and XenophonFull size image

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Cenary army of 10000 soldiers When this army becomes stranded as a result of the unexpected death of Cyrus and then witnesses the treacherous murder of its entire officer corps despair over. I'm a long standing Conn Iggulden fan but this book didn't live up to his other works somehow Having said that if you like swords and violence it's definitely worth a read