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The Age of Wire and String Stories free read â 0 ½ In The Age of Wire and String hailed by Robert Coover as the most audacious literary debut in decades Ben Marcus welds together a new reality from the scrapheap of the past Dogs birds horses automobiles and the weather are some of the recycled elements in Marcus's first collectionHer are some of the recycled elements in Marcus's first collection part fiction part handbook as familiar objects take on markedly unfamiliar meanings Gradually this makeshift world in its defiance of the laws of ph. Art great Art tasks us to think beyond the narrow shutters we self impose upon ourselves via our accepted forms of reality Anything that pushes against these borders is too often disregarded for non conformity to our understanding of aesthetic beauty ualifications of form etc As a result certain instances of art defying the social convention fly by us unmolested by thought through the sheer determination of our own willful ignorance The great Art On vine dyingBut sometimes you just gotta call bullshit when you see itLook I’m not going to say that The Age of Wire and String is entirely without merit First of all I only play a critic on TV Secondly there are passages that really are very effectively evocative and uite lovely even when they’re disturbing there’s a passivity to the prose that renders them harmlessly so—like scarecrows Marcus clearly has a faculty for language beyond measure and his framework is rather original an anthropological cataloging of ethnographic detail regarding some animist American terror verse simultaneously imagined actual and near distant But here is where I uibble ‘cause uibble I mustWhen the book is ineffective—which is often that not—it’s just alphabet soup I love language experiments as much as the next beret wearer but sometimes Marcus is pulling it out of his ass and charging the reader to assign whatever subtextual symbolism they can to it Sure why not I like a good stroke of the ol' goatee now and then If you don’t find all that much below the surface the deficit is certainly with you not the work So when THE CLOTH EATERS are scarfing down bolts of linen and THOMPSON is pulling a JENNY when clearly a DAVE would be crushing food between its buttocks if you don’t see that it’s all meticulously crafted symbolism and commentary upon the American obsession with materials and possession then man where you been hanging out at The YA section Come on if you don’t dig it it’s because you don’t GET it There’s no other possible explanation Because that would y’know mean that plenary endorsement by the GR stroke o sphere would be wrong And that can never never happen Rounding up to 3 despite my better judgment due to some winning passages but to ward off the pitchfork and torch bearing Goodreader’s that trouble my dreams I can’t afford another castle to hide away from the villagers in I believe the term is 'cash poor'Shout out to Sofia for making sure I was properly armed with the correct assumptions before reading Otherwise I probably would have read the dang book upside down and backwards Remember folks never meet Art on its own terms—always act under assumptions

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Ysics and language finds a foundation in its own implausibility as Marcus produces new feelings and sensations both comic and disturbing in the definitive guide to an unpredictable yet exhilarating plane of existenc. The third generation of smoke builders wove bean sprouts into sky frameworks Though the annals of the dirt cobblers explain these actions as worship of Winston veterans of the Soup Wars still surviving in dusted light suspension tanks tell a different story The Winston worship story is only a husk covering the truth inscribed on the sides of seedling cattle These husks protect our swarm walls from the errant cable swings set in motion by cloud goblins When they make these attacks the goblins are said to be jennifering In truth the bean sprout frameworks provide an alibi for Joe to scratch his ass As long as the bubble blowers in the balloon baskets refrain from painting their daughters silver Joe will be able to scratch his ass and chew dream putty at the same time The chowder reservoirs remain safely hidden as long as the fat kids keep juggling Pete doesn't know this but then again he's goating the suspension bridge so Paul will be able to pick his nose before the tornado mafia publishes the seventeenth volume of its ecclesiastical history of the fried chicken architects We press a towel to the wall to hear the powder imps telling henrys to the salted angels Those manning the roast beef catapults are oblivious to this embedded as they are in the resonant striations The pastry fields are safe tonight as they crawl over disturbance walls natalied with bead smilers so of course the rustic negative lava spaces shield them from the flamingo angled flying uonset huts of the donkey council's nest of martini bugsI can keep going like this Where's my advanceI like experimental fiction and absurdist what have you as much as anyone but this particular experiment failed miserably I think Ben Marcus read Bruno Schulz and some of William S Burroughs' cut ups felt really excited and eager to write smoked an enormous joint then said to himself Fuck it I'll just do some Mad Libs Or maybe he just watched thisThe food references that I parodied are actually there though they begin to drop off about halfway through the book in favor of pseudo scientific treatises on aspects of the world Marcus is attempting to create This sort of thing can work In fact it's the kind of thing I probably tend to enjoy than a lot of people I like to aestheticize representations of data This can be done most easily with visual representations—tables graphs charts etc—but it can also be done with text in a non visual perhaps uasi synaesthetic way I get a kick out of reading scientific philosophical and technical papers and selectively ignoring content while focusing on the formal relations of their constituent parts as if they made up some kind of conceptual analogue of an abstract painting Obviously when the data is completely bogus this is even easier to do But Marcus doesn't even make a real attempt repeating nonsense and glossing nonsense in terms of nonsense doesn't count at giving even a vague sense of internal structural consistency to these stories so I wasn't even able to get anything like this out of them Granted this is a a pretty bizarre criterion on which to judge a writer's work but as I read the book I was looking for some way any way to bridge the gap between the author's undeniable stylistic skill and creative imagination and the impression that he was just dicking around and stringing together a bunc

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The Age of Wire and String StoriesIn The Age of Wire and String hailed by Robert Coover as the most audacious literary debut in decades Ben Marcus welds together a new reality from the scrapheap of the past Dogs birds horses automobiles and the weat. Regard the mushroom people their Vauxhalls are emblematic of an anti inflatory ecosystem To decode their literature commit the following procedure 1 Insert a zucchini into the Upper Ventilation Shaft taking time to scalp the rogue dripping insidious seedpeople 2 Suggest a mode of dance for the staplers Do not describe their weevils as disrespectful You risk criticism from the unholy arc of MJ Nicholls—a disgraceful cannibal among the pigeons 3 Caulk the skirting boards of the Shadek Temple for the arrival of Prince Edward Island the foremost performers of foul mouthed Scottish indie When the sky tilts upwards regard this review as a rather obvious parody and scoff at grade nine then torch the weak badgers their sides are green Fire a warning shot at the rich and overly educated author Mr “Ben Marcus” and perhaps comment on his producing a work of such slick literariness after his five million dollar private education at Brown etcetera Retract this comment as sour grapes or dour skates When all is over regardez vous the debut as sub Italo Calvino and dismiss it with a cavalier contempt then go looting for peachier literary treasures amid the salt