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reader ↠ On A Sunbeam 544 pages ☆ Tillie Walden ☆ An epic graphic novel about a girl who travels to the ends of the universe to find a long lost love from acclaimed author Tillie WaldenThroughout the deepest reaches of space a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken down structures painstakingly putting the past together R new friends she reveals her true purpose for joining their ship to track down her long lost loveAn inventive world a breathtaking love story and stunning art come together in this new work by award winning artist Tillie Walden From the author of Spinning which I loved This is a story set in space in what feels like the future Lots of imagination on display here with great new things I love the spaceship which looks like a flying fish I did have issue with this story To me the girls looked similar for the most part and I couldn't keep up who was who and what was going on It was fairly confusing for me and I'm not entirely sure what just happened Many things are never explained Who is Ell What is she wanted for What is the staircase I mean so many uestions never answered I suppose that is like life right I know there are Grace and Mia and it was a world full of girls there were no male characters There are flashbacks between Mia working a job in a spaceship and when she went to boarding school I thought the art was engaging; it drew you in and it was a feeling of otherworldlyness to it It was good but I couldn't distinguish this charactersThis is uniue and interesting and a good story I simply struggled to understand a bit

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An epic graphic novel about a girl who travels to the ends of the universe to find a long lost love from acclaimed author Tillie WaldenThroughout the deepest reaches of space a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken down structures Read here Preferably at 2am while curled up under blanket and contemplating existence I read that chapter you showed me About how I should think of all the circuits and wires like they're roads And that it's like one big map Every part is uniue but they're all connected I think I sorta get it Mia begins her adult life and gets a job in reconstruction with a small team which consist of two married women a niece of one of them and a non binary person But the story is not linear it also takes us 5 years back to Mia experiencing her first love So there're two stories Mia and her chosen family on the ship and Mia and Grace They interwind and finally merge together Every part is uniue but they're all connected This story made me feel things I didn't know I could feel I cried cried cried And I regret not one tear The art is simple but not lazy or boring This simplicity gives every detail much impact and keeps the focus on all the intense emotionsI love how the scarce usage of colours left me wondering about the meaning of each of them The story starts with only two and both of them are cold We get purple for present and blue for the past Progressively warmer hues are added It usually happens when Mia feels something when somebody leaves some impact I like to think that the present purple came from Mia's blue and the red she felt with Grace You know this edits ‘x song heard from the other room’ Somehow Mia’s emotions managed to capture the essence of it It’s like a distant song about longing heard from the room you’re not in any while you try to get on with your life Mia wants to get some closure And she's ready to work hard even if that's the only thing she ever gets She goes after Grace with no expectations other than saying goodbyeShe grows from an impulsive little girl into an amazing mature woman And she gains much than she thought she would insta | twitter | blog | booksirens | duolingo

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On A Sunbeam A WebcomicPainstakingly putting the past together As Mia the newest member gets to know her team the story flashes back to her pivotal year in boarding school where she fell in love with a mysterious new student When Mia grows close to he I still sueal with glee whenever I think about this book Honestly On A Sunbeam by the immensely talented Tillie Walden is such a balm for my soul and I’ve returned to it many times when I needed something to cheer me up Set in a non specific future one far enough in the future where human civilizations have come and gone across it’s galaxy leaving long lost secrets the book intertwines a present narrative of a building restoration crew with the school age past of its newest member Mia Having had a beautiful love story with her schoolmate Grace ripped from her Mia is adrift in life looking for a place to belong and a means to believe in herself This is a book where you will laugh cry and swell with love along with the characters Told through absolutely gorgeous artwork On a Sunbeam is an incredibly moving story about finding yourself and found families that come together in love and support for one another It's like the older you get the you forget that you can change thingsHaving struggled with feelings of underachievement despite a strong drive to do what she wants Mia finds solace in a shy new student Grace at her boarding school Right as it starts Grace is taken away and lost to Mia in the vastness of the universe In the present she has joined a crew that restores buildings often ancient ruins The first half of the book is an emotional buildup that covers love loss friendship and loyalty that presents a lot of mystery to be unveiled in the second action y half of the book Who and what is the Staircase why has El refrained from speaking for years why did Grace have to leave so abruptly The second half is less emotionally engaging yet lives up to the promise of the premise While the story alone is an engaging emotional roller coaster the artwork is what truly sends it soaring Tillie Walden is simply brilliant at her work Publishing her first graphic novel The End of Summer at the age of 19 she would go on to become one of the youngest recipients to the Eisner Award at 22 with her lovely autobiographical book Spinning On a Sunbeam winner of the Lost Angeles Times Book Prize and also nominated for an Eisner features breathtaking art in minimal color palettes from sprawling sci fi landscapes to her wonderfully expressive signature character designs There is something so incredibly freeing about this book and Walden has the perfect touch to bring about a whole slew of feelings It is particularly sensitive to the feelings of the reader as well as it’s characters handling gracefully ueer romances and non binary characters such as El El does not speak for the majority of the novel and this alludes to a tragedy that they must have faced in their past Each character in the found family respects one another for their differences and acknowledges how that helps them be a better team together Walden also sets up a bittersweet LGBT love story set in an ambiguous sci fi universe where men seem to not even be present at least not within the scope of the book While someone may likely make an argument how that minimizes LGBT struggles by erasing the violence and bigotry faced it was nice to enjoy a story for one where the struggles faced aren’t so front and center in the coming of age aspect and can be treated with the same sense of normalcy hetero love stories have been priveledged with forever There is a racial divide something that is a motif in the tragic love plots in nearly all of Walden’s work but the ambiguous utopian sense in this book works especially because no attention is drawn to it I was nearly finished with my first read before I even realized it I sort of love how there is no explanation two mothers just have daughters and we accept it and that's cool I was similarly charmed in the tv series She Ra where Bow has two fathers and 8 brothers and that's just how it is While the love story seems to drive much of the action at its heart On a Sunbeam is a story about accepting yourself and finding your place in the universe One of the final frames perfectly and wordlessly drives this point home in a single shot that will instantly start pumping the tears This is about finding strength in yourself learning to receive love as well as give it and trusting in those you love It's one to revisit if you ever need to remind yourself to love yourself or to just sit in awe at Walden's sheer genius and artistic glory This is such a gorgeous novel and I love to share it with others Do yourself a favor and check it out especially if you need a little soul soothing5 5