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Free download Momo Author Michael Ende

Free download í Momo Author Michael Ende ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Eine gespenstische Gesellschaft grauer Herren ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen Zeit zu sparen Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit Als die Not am größten ist und die Welt ihLt steht still und Momo die struppige kleine Heldin der Geschichte kämpft ganz allein mit nichts als einer Blume in der Hand und einer Schildkröte unter dem Arm gegen das riesige Heer der grauen Herren. I read this book for the first time as a preteen but I left it unfinished because I didn't find it engaging or entertaining A few years later due to my LOVE for Michaels Endes's The Neverending Story I decided to give it another try and managed to finish it that timeIn the end I uite liked the story I found it very beautiful actually My problem with it is that it isn't a diverting read I found it boring in many occasions which it is a shame because the message that this story sends is very beautiful I don't think this book has the right pace for a story intended for kids or young people it is a miss in this area The essence is definitely there it is meaningful but the first time I tried to read it I was too young to have the patience to see it through and I think many young people must have found themselves in the same situation Again it is a pity because it could have been transcendental with just a little agility in its rhythm

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Eine gespenstische Gesellschaft grauer Herren ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen Zeit zu sparen Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit Als die Not am größten. Oh my you haven't read this book You poor dear I suspect that the reason why this book is not read in the United States is because the grey men are working very hard to keep it off the shelves It is moments not time that is precious

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Momo Author Michael EnIst und die Welt ihnen schon endgültig zu gehören scheint entschließt sich Meister Hora der geheimnisvolle Verwalter der Zeit zum Eingreifen Doch dazu braucht er die Hilfe eines Menschenkindes Die We. Dear friendsDo you have time to sit down for a moment and listen to a story It is a true one of great importance with a vital message for humankind It starts in a classroom where a teacher is about to wrap up for the day She has put a lot of time into the Timesaving Bank and wants to save some of it by rushing off to the underground to catch the next train That makes at least four minutes which she will not have to spend waiting Heaven forbid 4 minutes to put into the Timesaving BankJust when she is about to rush out already wearing her coat some of her mentor students come in There has been a conflict They want to tell her their different versions The teacher sighs sacrifices her valuable time out of a reluctant sense of duty and lets go of the next underground uite unwillingly What follows is a 40 minute conversation between five teenage boys all describing the development of the fight from their point of view Having been assigned to do unspecified online research in a class they find themselves bored and start to tease each other After a while it is not funny any someone gets hurt tries to pay back with a spiteful comment and the whole thing gets out of control This is not what the teacher hears first of course The last comment in class is the first that is reported He said But you did uncovering of the drama in backwards slow motionAfter 40 minutes of intensive listening and peeling the onion a solution is found apologies are accepted and all leave to go home One student gets into new trouble with his timesaving mother who had to wait for him and lost an entire 60 minute investment in the Timesaving Bank Peacekeeping is expensiveChange of scenes The teacher enters her own home late Her children hang out in the living room reading In order to vent the stress caused by the lost time the teacher now transformed into a mother retells the whole story again with all the strange tosses and turns before the truth is revealedHer eldest son looks up smiles and saysWhy don't you ask Momo mumThat uestion has a familiar ring to it It is a uote from a long ago favourite The mother confused looks at the title of the book the son is reading and sees the cover of Michael Ende's perfect fairytale The 14 year old is rereading the story that he had loved to listen to as a small child a story of such power that it gains strength every time you enter itA story of a child who teaches grown ups a lessonWhy don't you ask Momo mum My son is teaching me a lessonIn an amphitheatre outside a big city the girl Momo lives and assembles her friends She has a rare gift she can listen This gift helps people talk and solve problems come to terms with misunderstandings and find back to a friendly way with each others The city however is in danger Grey men have taken over encouraging people to save time They put new structures in place to make things faster and efficient But at the same time something is lost the appreciation of life lived for the moment Education is turned into mindless infotainment with standardised rulesAll the games were selected for them by supervisors and had to have some useful educational purpose The children learned these new games but unlearned something else in the process they forgot to be happy how to take pleasure in little things and last but not least how to dreamIn the grown up world hate and mistrust enter the stageAll the world's misfortunes stemmed from the countless untruths both deliberate and unintentional which people told because of haste or carelessnessWhat is to be done The little girl Momo sets out to save the world by reconuering timeIf you think this sounds like a boring philosophical read for children think again It is one of the most compellingly exciting stories imaginable capturing a teenage boy who already knew the plot so completely that he forgot time and place to finish it in one session yesterday It is so touching that he came down to breakfast today and said that he had actually cried addingAnd that has not happened in many years mum not since I read Good Night Mr Tom Maybe you should read it with your classI don't have time for thatMumWe don't have a copy in EnglishYes we do In the school library You bought it yourselfDid ISo my students will not do standardised peer collaboration games for mentor time from now on They will sit in a circle pretending it is an amphitheatre and they will listen to their teacher read MomoTime is life itself and life resides in the human heartAnd since we have plenty of time we will continue with The Neverending Story another masterpiece by the same author It will take a while but I can't think of time better invested What a waste of life to save time