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FREE EPUB ↠ MOBI Henry and June ó From The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin ☆ ANAïS NIN Ú Deze roman is gebaseerd op de Parijse dagboeken van Anaïs Nin en beschrijft een belangrijk jaar in haar leven van eind 1931 tot eind 1932 In die tijd leert ze Henry Miller enDeze roman is gebaseerd op de Parijse dagboeken van Anaïs Nin en beschrijft een belangrijk jaar in haar leven van eind 1931 tot eind 1932 In die tijd leert ze Henry Miller en zijn vrouw June kennen Nin viel voor Henry’s proza en raakte geobsedeerd do How does one review published diaries According to literary merit Though Anais Nin is a beautiful insightful writer I feel strange talking about her writing style when discussing a section of her journal What I will talk about instead is the way that books often come into your life at a time when you need them It happened to me once with 1984 when I needed to crystalize exactly why writing was so important to me then again with Everything is Illuminated when I needed to be encouraged back into writing after I'd stopped for a long time I was inspired to walk into a bookstore and purchase Henry and June a week or two ago because I've been doing a lot of self examination recently and having heard a lot about Anais Nin I thought her journals would be the best thing to accompany me on the beginning of my journey Originally I'd wanted a full volume of her journals but everything was sold out so I ended up buying Henry and Juneand since I'd never read her before I thought it would be a good introductionI am so grateful that this book came into my life when it did All I knew about Nin before reading it had to do with the sex she had People love to sensationalize and so when one hears the name Anais Nin one automatically thinks sexual awakening deviance erotica What amazed me was how much we had in common outside of that the insecurities the way in which we see men and the world the positive and negative aspects of a Catholic upbringing and most importantly the ongoing battle between loving submission and intellectual assertiveness; how difficult it is to be a strong woman while still holding on to one's emotional vulnerability I learned so much from her insightsand while I won't be having three or four lovers any time soon heh I appreciate the spirit of adventure with which she tried to live her life It's something I hope to emulate in my own wayI cried wept as I read the last paragraph of Henry and June because it magically captured exactly where I am at this moment in my lifeLast night I wept I wept because the process by which I have become woman was painful I wept because I was no longer a child with a child's blind faith I wept because my eyes were opened to reality to Henry's selfishness June's love of power my insatiable creativity which must concern itself with others and cannot be sufficient to itself I wept because I could not believe any and I love to believe I can still love passionately without believing That means I love humanly I wept because from now on I will weep less I wept because I have lost my pain and I am not yet accustomed to its absenceHow did she know

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Oktober 1932 terugkeerde voelde Anaïs Nin zich verscheurd ‘Wat een ongelofelijk spel zijn wij drieën aan het spelen’ schreef ze ‘Wie is de demon Wie de leugenaar Wie het meest menselijk Wie de slimste Wie de sterkste Wie heeft het innigst lief Is Anais Nin a good writer Ought we take her seriously Apparently some do but the description on the back of the Penguin edition about sums up this book culled from the unexpurgated diaries of Ms Nin during the period in which writer Henry Miller and his wife June Masefield figure large on her horizon it is a compelling account of a woman's sexual and emotional awakening If you don't groan at that charmless phrase variations of which are so thoughtlessly used to describe any risue tome penned by a woman you may enjoy Henry and June here But what this really is this diary so obviously written with publication in mind so much of it is flowery daring and conflicted is a record of one person's unchecked narcissism the diary of a spoiled little rich girl and her self created problems No one comes off well in this the husband is the world's most oblivious cuckold the psychoanalyst a bit of a charlatan surprise who secretly lusts for some Nin the writer a would be volcano who's disappointingly a kitten at heart his wife surely a neurotic Fury who'll end up destroying everyone in the end alas but the narrator comes off worst of all She loves her husband Hugo that bland boob or wait she loves Miller who she's sure will be a great literary genius or no maybe she hates Miller and loves her analyst who can seemingly read her like a book play her like a violin or no it's June Miller's wife absent for most of the time in uestion but always present as the object of Nin's lesbian dreams who dominates all all Sigh Whom she loves depends on the week really but most assuredly she loves Anaïs and one's appreciation of the book depends on how much Anaïs one can stomach I made it to the end after a stretch but didn't feel very good about it

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Henry and June From The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs NinOr de schoonheid van June Maar algauw nadat June naar New York was vertrokken begon ze een stormachtige affaire met Henry die haar huwelijk en idyllisch bestaan in Louveciennes een voorstad van Parijs op het spel zette Ze ontdekte de passie Toen June in Anais Nin has been an idol of mine for a long time There are few women of literary stature which I find relatable As a young reader I cherished Judy Bloom As an adult woman I was thrilled to read Anais Nin Intelligent witty and sexually provocative I admire her supreme linguistic talent Her writing in whtever form always maintains a powerful poetic lexicon She made love most fervently when she held the pen in her hand This excerpt from her personal journal is so very intimate flux with sexuality but you feel her grace and delicate vulnerability Something deeply personal left for us readersI also admire Nin because she was an uninhibited sexual being long before it was socially acceptable Is it even acceptable today Sensuality is a secret power in my body someday it will show healthy and ample Wait a while Her thoughts and feelings are confident as she expresses herself an empowering embodiment of feminism even by today's standards Her confidence becomes emboldened with lovers Nin is the epitome of unbridled lust for life