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characters Faery in Shadow ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ fr Faery in Shadow Cherryh C J Livres Not Retrouvez Faery in Shadow et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Faery in Shadow by CJ Cherryh Goodreads Faery in Shadow book Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers Avoiding oSynonyms antonyms derivatives of FaeryinShadow analogical dictionary of FaeryinShadow English Faery in Shadow com Books Faery in Shadow on com FREE shipping on ualifying offers Faery in Shadow Title Faery in Shadow Title Faery in Shadow Title Record Author C J Cherryh Date Type NOVEL Webpages Wikipedia EN Language English User Rating This title has no votes VOTE Current Tags fantasy Add Tags Other Titles Translations; Year Language Title; ⓘ Translated by Jean Pierre Pugi French La citadelle noire Awards Place Year and Award Category; Locus Best. Dark and stormy nights an unsympathetic narrator and shifting realities all contributed to a hard slog Bulwer Lytton came to mind The resolution if it could be called that was insufficient reward for the effort

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Eason for this is that these days people just expect fantasies to be fluffy And part of it is that like many Cherryh books the ending of this one wasn't really meant to be The End but To Be Continued Faery in Shadow | Project Gutenberg Self Publishing Faery in Shadow | | Faery in Shadow | | | ||| | World Heritage Encyclopedia the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available and the most Faery in Shadow July edition | Open Library lignesAn edition of Faery in Shadow FaeryinShadow definition of FaeryinShadow Definitions of FaeryinShadow. Usually I like CJ Cherryh's books but I didn't care much for this one It was just too confusing My problems with the bookOn nearly every page Caith was damning someone or something when he could have just dealt with his problem and stopped blaming others for them Much of the backstory was presented in dreams which wouldn't have been a problem except that the dreamer always knew that the past in the dream wasn't his past and couldn't figure our if it was the Sight which would help him do something in the future Then there were all of the names I couldn't pronounce properly When I read I 'hear' the characters in my head and it drives me wild when I don't know how the person is 'saying' it In several of her books she includes a pronunciation guide for Gaelic words and I've read books by other authors who do the same unfortunately not this time Of course I know that Sidhe is pronounced SHe I even know many of the diphthongs and their sounds or if they are skipped altogether like the dh in Sidhe and the Si that's said SH like in Sean But I still haven't figured out how to say draiocht But that's just my own pet peeve and my own problemI struggled through this one but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else

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Faery in ShadowFr Faery in Shadow Cherryh C J Livres Not Retrouvez Faery in Shadow et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Faery in Shadow by CJ Cherryh Goodreads Faery in Shadow book Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers Avoiding other humans because of the curse placed on him Caithe mac Faery in Shadow Cherryh CJ Faery In Shadow didn't get much notice when it was originally published Cherryh says that her publisher thought it was too dark and depressing Many reviews and readers have said the same Part of the r. I’m a huge fan of C J Cherryh a prolific writer of many science fiction and fantasy novels series and stories She has the kind of vivid anthropological imagination that’s so crucial to world building in both genres When she writes science fiction I always get the sense that her aliens are really and truly alien not just humans with a few forehead wrinkles The non human races in her fantasy books are just as uniue and compelling Some of them she invents out of whole cloth but she’s also written several books inspired by Celtic mythology The Ealdwood Saga Faery in Shadow and “The Brothers” a short story that serves as the preuel to Faery in ShadowWhat I love about all these books is that they go back to the roots of Celtic mythology and strip away the Tolkienisms that most fantasy readers are used to I’m a Tolkien fan myself — I grew up reading him — but there’s a limit to how much Tolkien lite I can handle and I reached that limit decades ago Cherryh’s Celtic fantasy is told in epic language but it’s clean and spare not pompous The supernatural inhabitants of this world are what the ancient myths would be like if they were made flesh They are not simply a sexier version of modern humans They have godlike animal and human ualities in unpredictable measure and their motives are often left a complete mysteryOf all these books Faery in Shadow and “The Brothers” are my favorites because of the tight plots and because of the relationship between Caith mac Sliabhin and Dubhain Caith was fostered by outlaws but is the son of a chieftain and Dubhain is a pooka a shapeshifting water horse though he most often takes the form of a dark haired young man They’re thrown together by the machinations of Dubhain’s faery overlord Nuallan If you think this set up is perfect for romance you’d be right and there’s a massive amount of homoerotic tension between Caith and Dubhain Dubhain being essentially inhuman often torments Caith with a smile but is forced to obey him and freuently says he loves him Caith is a seriously depressed dude and full of anger towards the magical world He hates having Dubhain’s service forced on him but he also relies on him heavily Despite the strong tension and some tender moments between the two there’s no romance or sex at all in these books The overall tone is incredibly dark and grim In fact they’re as close to true faery noir as I’ve ever read and the dark side of humanity is shown just as much as the dark side of the supernaturalThe setting is pre Christian Scottish highlands There’s no attempt at location in a timeline and I can’t judge the historical accuracy but the feeling of this world is amazingly genuine The descriptions have a timeless mythic weight balanced perfectly with concrete sensory details I felt Caith’s frustration as he travels over the difficult terrain and the landscapes of this book are absolutely gorgeous I received a strong sense of a misty watery world visions of dark green over grey stone — a cold wind from a cold seaI highly recommend this book and it's one I've reread many times